Adele Eats Spotted Dick, Cockles & 10 Other British Dishes | British Vogue

Adele Eats Spotted Dick, Cockles & 10 Other British Dishes | British Vogue

She may live in LA these days, but Tottenham girl Adele still feels right at home in a greasy spoon. Vogue’s November cover star braved the ultimate British taste test, tucking into traditional dishes from cockles to spotted dick – all while wearing a blindfold. Watch the video to see how many the superstar can correctly identify, and learn how she takes her PG Tips.

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Adele Eats Spotted Dick, Cockles & 10 Other British Dishes | British Vogue

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48 Responses

  1. Moonlight Guidance says:

    They really tried with the title! But they ain’t wrong! Loved this! 🤣

  2. grxmos says:

    Y’all better enjoy this era because she’ll go on a break for 5 years again after this 😂

  3. Trish Eden says:

    She has the most gorgeous eyes I can’t even comprehend it…

  4. gagauta321 says:

    “my ideal meal, my death row meal, my last meal would be a mc chicken nugget with a big mac and then fries, that’s my 3 course” you gotta love adele :)))

  5. MrHenry84 says:

    “Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag, I have Heinz ketchup” – Oh Adele, how I adore you 😉

    • Danica Djukic says:

      Why are we idolising a cold- callous , celeb : when we should be putting emphasis onto ourselves , families good caring ❤ friends & ‘ God! All these celebs are are attention- seekers &;they creat this illusion that one should go out & buy a overly priced & expensive concert ticket 4 what nothing . I am certainly not going to any of these concerts 4 what to promote their get rich – quick- scheme- scam 4what! Never !

    • Tina says:

      @Danica Djukic we just came here for a laugh

    • Danica Djukic says:

      @Tina: OH: Why is that you came here for a laugh ; I wonder 🤔 How about 4 something more like l 💘 & to reflect on memories and much more !

    • dr. phylisphical says:

      @Danica Djukic do you even know who she is she doesnt preach poping guns or none of that you bot.

    • fai ali says:

      @your perfect pepperoni you’re so weird

  6. indiracool55 says:

    Adele’s fandom is basically the coolest. They support the MC Smook Katholik music video because it’s Adele‘s favorite.

  7. Bailee says:

    I love how excited she got over the Full English Breakfast. “BACON!!” She’s a real one 🤣

  8. Jiah Y says:

    She has the cheekiest sense of humour and such a vibrant personality that I almost forget she is THE ADELE. Adele with the powerhouse voice and the deep and meaningful songs. She just seems like she could be your bubbly best friend or chatty next door neighbour. It’s so endearing, I love it. So glad she’s back🤍

  9. esml says:

    She is so wholesome, you simply cannot dislike her. I love how she’s a living legend yet she fangirls on Beyoncé all the time. Didn’t expect her to mention her here.

    • Kofi Appiah says:

      @David Jones
      Well that’s the person’s opinion since Adele is known for her vocals and nothing else..
      The others you mentioned are great vocalists in their own right. It’s a matter of choice and preference..
      To that person she is the greatest vocalist, to you she is not, big deal
      Why belittle someone’s opinion ? it’s not like it was an outlandish take, or a comment about a no hoper..

    • Lynda Okeke-Okoli says:

      @Reeben22 love how you instantly correlate “ghetto” with blackness, absolutely fabulous 😒

    • David Jones says:

      @Kofi Appiah that’s false, stop pretending like everything is subjective, you don’t pick out the best of anything, thats not your place unless you are being factual, were your opinion comes in is when you talk about your favourite singer. Adele is not the best vocalist, she is known for her iconic ballads, not her voice and usually people for some reason mistake slow songs for vocals, beyonce not only has a much higher range but also more control, technique and resonance

    • David Jones says:

      @Countess Rain your profile picture says it all

  10. Daniel Tran says:

    The set looks so classy and she’s stunning, everything is aesthetic. But she’s so hilarious I can’t help laughing. 😂

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