Adele Gets Candid with Ellen

Adele Gets Candid with Ellen

The singer discussed everything, from her talked-about Grammy performance to her family’s first trip to Disneyland.

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20 Responses

  1. zeyma1998 says:

    Omg I love Adele she’s so great and so funny!

  2. Philip Dunne says:

    Adele is the most real celebrity in the history of the universe, I love

  3. MrHavocboss says:

    I would smash

  4. Danny Winner says:

    Queen of MUsic

  5. How to sculpt says:

    Beautiful singer !

  6. Timothy Kandow says:

    Who agrees with me that I never thought that Adele had a sense of humor?!
    She actually has a potential to be a comedian!

  7. Rachel True says:

    Adele is so happy! Love her ❤️

  8. Rebecca Moore says:

    Adele is audacious!

  9. Jahan Zaib Khan says:

    Comment your nationality, if u r not an American and love Ellen.
    I’m from Pakistan.

  10. Chi Hà says:

    i want appear to ellen’s show too!!

  11. Lissa Lima says:

    she is so amazing and love her simplicity

  12. Zara Ali says:

    British accent is just soooo sexy ??????

  13. Marta LondParis says:

    I love this lady ❤️

  14. Itsme Anonn says:

    Loveee themm

  15. BeautybyLanaaa says:

    but so does ellen haha

  16. Jose Macasero says:

    Good thing Adele still has her British humor. HAHAHAHA.

  17. Tin Nguyen says:

    Hello it’s me

  18. Goddess Ally Brooke says:

    Legends only!

  19. Kairichi says:

    Adele, love her!!

  20. Damaris Serna says:

    “We’re on great terms” yes king bieber and queen adele