Adele – Hello (Mormon Missionary Parody)

Adele – Hello (Mormon Missionary Parody)

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Written, Directed, Produced by Marcus Joseph
Co-Written, Produced by Korey Smith
Cinematography, editing, & music production by Marcus Joseph

Lead Vocals/Elder Berry: Parker Cressman

Elder Pete: Conner Hein

*To contact Marcus Joseph for business only, email marcusjosephbusiness(at)*

Marcus Joseph and Korey Smith are both current BYU students. Marcus Joseph is a music video director/music producer from Northern Virginia.
Korey Smith is a Hurdler on the BYU track team from Roseburg Oregon currently majoring in urban planning. Korey hosts live events & parties in Provo, Utah.



LDS Smile:

***The missionaries in this video were not real current missionaries. However, both Parker Cressman and Conner Hein did serve full time missions.

***This video is not an official church video and is not affiliated with the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.***

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20 Responses

  1. Jace Horlacher says:

    as a former missionary fire the LDS Church, this video is spot on! thanks
    Elders, keep up the great work.

  2. ronburnham says:

    Well done!

  3. Mark Pritchett (Mormon Prepper) says:

    Leaves #BookOfMormonOnBroadway musical in the dust with their cursings,
    blasphemy of the Church.

  4. Chester598 says:

    Son unos genios !! :’D
    Saludos desde Argentina !!

  5. Brett Steele says:

    Thanks for doing this! Now I can explain to my non-Utah friends what a zoob

  6. Anthony Marc says:

    Two things I hate… Adele and Mormon parodies. Yet you sing better than
    Adele and it wasn’t a parody at all. I’ve beaten the same sidewalks and
    knocked a hundred thousand doors myself and this is just soooooooo true. It
    isn’t a parody if it is true. 🙂 Great work guys!

  7. Gene Black says:

    Normally I’m only half interested in “Parodies” at best, because they’re
    all humor, and often not even decent humor, but this was pretty good – and
    there’s a lot more to it than humor. “Hello from the other side” is pretty
    interesting in this context.

  8. Bruno Sousa says:

    Hahahaha super funny! Just remember my mission! Boston Massachusetts!

  9. jshuag says:

    This was amusing. Even though there is a goof at 4:00. Look at the picture
    on the wall on the right. It is a temple. And at 4:05 there is a family
    proclamation on the left wall next to the fire place. Then they hand the
    couple a Book of Mormon. Don’t they already have one? If not, – This family
    is Golden and ready for the Gospel !!!!!

  10. KINGGavin1959 says:

    so funny!!!!!

  11. Tamra Burton says:

    Fabulous job! And those soaring vocals – such incredible tone and control.
    Truly a pleasure to listen to. Love it!

  12. sandibeek says:

    That was awesome! I love Elder Pete with his perma-grin!

  13. LOUISE STOWELL says:

    Shared it on Facebook….Great video…wonderful message and fantastic

  14. Mayizzybell says:

    This was so funny , it made me cry , I loved it , thanks for making this
    video . I loved the part were they got invited into the house , there big

  15. dr34m3r2k says:

    mormon muppets. stop harassing people. keep your imaginary beliefs to

  16. kusaichan says:

    why is my anus hairy?

  17. Tozo Zozo says:

    This could have been an actual ad for the Mormon missionary. I would gladly
    come to the dark side, if i get a piece of that pie :D

  18. Adam Beus says:

    dang… when I first saw this video yesterday there was 900 views, now
    there’s 192,000…

  19. Nisruoc says:

    Jesus > Joseph smith

  20. daasboot81 says:

    If you tell them no enough times they will send in the sisters.