Adele – When We Were Young (Live on SNL)

Adele – When We Were Young (Live on SNL)

‘When We Were Young’ is taken from the new album, 25.
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20 Responses

  1. Chiquita Torres says:

    On repeat

  2. Aaron Lai says:

    As good as hello if not better

  3. tulips07 says:

    Oh my Gosh! You’re a True Queen Adele!!! Slay!

  4. Farah Yaasmeen says:

    Isn’t that Amanda Brown from the Voice singing backup?

  5. Taylor Bell says:

    there are tears…falling from…my eyes

  6. Kyoung Lee says:

    you dont give opinion here. you just appreciate the music. We do not allow
    any opinions here cause its meaningless

  7. Omeed Vakili says:

    25 isn’t Adele’s best album though it is decent, not was I was expecting as
    a COMEBACK!… I just wish she would have made her come back more raw,
    upbeat & powerful than somber & melancholic. She should have stuck to the
    blue-grass, raspy, slay type, powerhouse, music with drums, clapping, &
    sass (i.e. like rolling in the deep, rumor has it, etc.) – classic &
    timeless soul vibe of 21. I didn’t feel that as much here which was
    disappointing. I think she played it safe with the mellow production…her
    voice is often overpowering a lot of the music in many of her songs. The
    music could have complemented her voice & the power of her lyricism. There
    also wasn’t an equal balance of positive, upbeat, songs along with her sad
    ones. “Sweet devotion” & “all my love” was prob the only positive songs on
    the album. Seemed like an average music production for an extraordinary
    artist, didn’t meet up to the standard adele deserves! She over thought the
    process & let her nerves get the best of her. She should have taken a risk
    & stuck with musical style… HELL WITH FOLLOWING NEW MODERN DAY GENRE’S &
    HONESTY & SHEER TALENT! I just find her music blends in too much with a lot
    of the pop shit already out there, doesn’t sound unique or stand out. ONLY
    HER VOICE DOES! The tunes sounded too familiar to neutral at best. Not sure
    if I totally liked the taylor swift vibe production she had going on with
    “all my love” it was too preppy & not mature or fit to your voice or style
    as a classy woman & it’d follow the platform 21 set…she should have
    continued that trend.

    I’m just being RAW & honest. I love you nonetheless, I just hope you don’t
    let big names & your management team run the show of your production. Be
    sure to go back to your roots music wise & listen to your heart; be
    aggressive & challenge yourself! There will always be a demand for your
    music adele due your talent just don’t hinder your musical style to appeal
    to the masses. We will always love you!

    8/10 on the album (mediocre, won’t stand the test of time!)
    4.5-5/10 on the production
    11/10 on the voice

  8. qewagdhah says:

    Such a shame that Amanda Brown is still a backup singer.

  9. Johnattan Abarca Miranda says:

    muy emocionado por su voz



  11. Babou Yako says:

    Omg this voice is just.. Wow

  12. Andréia Silva Fachardo says:

    Adele, você é uma rainha! <3

  13. Pauline Lorentz says:

    Quand je reçois la notification q’Adele publie une vidéo je fonce sur
    youtube j’arrête tout ce que je fais et j’écoute… Elle est juste PARFAITE

  14. Ana Maria da Silva Marques says:


  15. squeeza mama says:

    You go girl!

  16. Polyana Maria says:

    Oh my God

  17. pakman54321 says:

    one of her best live performances in a while her pre vocal surgery voice is
    coming back

  18. Morena Vitale says:

    orgasm ?

  19. AirGrenade says:

    Am I the only one who realized that Amanda Brown from The Voice US Season 3
    was one of the backup singers in this vid?

  20. MŁØK AL ĞÁHĚM says:

    Nice? from Iraq I love your sings good luck?