Adele Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 59th GRAMMYs

Adele Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 59th GRAMMYs

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Adele Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 59th GRAMMYs

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20 Responses

  1. Ellie Gaba says:


  2. Punlio says:

    Beyonce was robbed, but at least Adele recognised it.

  3. zack raikhan says:

    Lady Gaga next year with JOANNE

  4. M ca says:

    Well deserved. She sells more than anyone. Her work is great.

  5. Lucianorro says:

    I’m glad she won, but as an Adele’s fan and as she said: Lemonade is
    monumental. I feel bad for Beyoncé because Lemonade is one of the best
    albums of history, the best of her career, it had too much of powerful
    messages, and that just ignoring the fact that the whole album is visual.
    It’s sad, but this things happen when you got two legends hand in hand,
    both of them with memorable albums. Congrats Adele, I love you, and i think
    this should be a tie, it would be the best

  6. okaynevin says:

    i love it when talented artists give other talented artists the credit they

  7. jboy ox says:

    The way she doesn’t let pride get in the way of praising another artist and
    saying that someone else deserved to win is admirable.

  8. Michael Kao says:

    Adele’s face when she won. She knew immediately they done Bey wrong af

  9. nj.joh says:

    Wow. Even Adele knew Beyoncé deserved it.

  10. Mohamed M says:

    I am pretty sure that NO artist on this entire planet would have the balls
    to do what Adele just did. Saying another nominee deserved it more than
    yourself in a major award show is a big sacrifice to oneself. this makes me
    love Adele even more.

  11. LeBeautiful says:

    I feel like Queen Bey should have gotten it as how Kendrick should have
    obtained it over Swift. But my utmost respect to Adele for recognizing Bey
    like a mother figure. #25

  12. Moheb Ahmadzai says:

    absolutely freaking ridiculous. beyonce is not god

  13. Madu Udeh says:

    Wheres the part where she breaks it in half
    Edit: Since this is getting a lot of likes, if you like comics read my
    brother’s comic called Red Origins on Webtoons

  14. angela ortiz says:

    I still can’t believe Beyoncé lost Album of the year yet again, despite how
    impactful and masterful Lemonade was and still is. But Adele was gracious
    enough to literally decline and break the award only to dedicate her speech
    to Beyonce. It was a beautiful night even though it goes to show that
    racism is still very much prevalent. Nothing but respect to all artists and

  15. Samuel Birku says:

    Alright I guess it’s time I finally check out this lemonade video album lol

  16. Ruth Vania Christine says:

    i dont really understand why people said “oh poor beyonce” etc for not
    winning the award, while all i see beyonce was definitely ‘winning’ the
    moment. adele is a great singer with incredible talent, and so is beyonce,
    that in my opinion they both deserve the award. but then adele actually won
    it and, the thing is, it’s like she shared that winning moment with
    beyonce, as she thought that it’s not her who deserves it. adele put the
    spotlight to beyonce, whom she refers as her inspiration and credits for
    her successful career. so, i just see that beyonce won the award too.

  17. Caleb Donovan says:

    Fuck the Grammys. Always have to go with the safest choice every goddamn
    time. But at least Adele called them out on it. She’s a real-ass bitch.

  18. OneMileyCyrusFanVlog says:

    The most beautiful part of this is that Beyoncé looked genuinely happy for
    Adele when they announced

  19. OneMileyCyrusFanVlog says:

    OMG Adele actually made BEYONCÉ cry! Fucking BEYONCÉ! We’re talking about
    someone who’s trained in containing her emotions! I don’t remember seeing
    Beyoncé shed a tear

  20. TJay Njiri says:

    Jay Z’s just like “Oh no not this shit again”

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