adidas Originals x Kanye West | YEEZY SEASON 1

adidas Originals x Kanye West | YEEZY SEASON 1

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Kanye West and adidas Originals will unveil a bold new proposition: YEEZY SEASON 1, a collection of apparel and footwear that cherishes universality and timelessness. Described by West as the world’s first “solutions-based” clothing line, the individual pieces define a style that matches the relentless pace of contemporary lives.

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20 Responses

  1. grande lelo says:

    That song…

  2. Julez Rulez says:

    Some of the looks are dope and the rest are plain and have been done for
    decades. The new boots aren’t all that. The Boosts are still the best

  3. Xavi R says:

    Kanye, adidas, I will buy some of them clothes. Good Job

  4. hatrackzoo says:

    why does he pronounce adidas so weirdly? like aDEEdas?

  5. r4hul101 says:

    9:22 Errr, maybe that jacket is a slight tad on the baggy side.

    Sorry Kanye. Stick to music. 

  6. NikoPrimitif says:

    soo fresh.. Yeezy x Adidas

  7. Daron Thomas says:

    I will probably never buy anything from adidas ever again. That was some
    top tier retarded shit right there. Ok so we have a black guy that makes
    music that now makes “solution based” clothing. What the hell does that
    mean, by solution does he mean wearing panty hose suits? Sorry for being
    the unhip guy but anytime I see words like yeezy I automatically assume
    your a moron. 

  8. stizzlord says:

    You people sound like assholes. I guarantee 90% of those clothes were made
    strictly for this fashion show and will not be mass produced for the
    general public. This is nothing more than a visual peice to get people
    talking so a shit ton of Yeezy’s fly off the shelf. Im not sure whats
    worse…hipster artfarts saying “you just dont get it” or the hypebeast
    fools that are going to pay $350 for a peice of cloth attached to a rubber
    sole. I respect Kanye’s vision, but c’mon!

  9. Chris Sheppard says:

    Kanye should design fashion for post apocalyptic movies or some shit .. 

  10. LoserlyCool says:

    Here for Sia

  11. MinasPraSempre says:

    Mad props to Adidas for believing in Kanye West and giving him the respect
    he deserves! This will definitely bring Adidas and Kanye West to new levels
    and help elevate the culture as a whole!

  12. Night Scape says:

    This is so Gassed.

  13. stizzlord says:

    Dont get me wrong, as far as visuals go this shit is top notch, i really
    dig the way it was presented…but if this wasnt affiliated with Kanye West
    itd just be some high fashion bullshit you brokeboys cant afford and
    wouldnt know about until ASAP Rocky rapped about it. Hahah hypebeaasstttt.
    How does Kanye act like he can solve all of the worlds problems through
    fashion? Id say materialism is one of the worst problems we got going on
    today, so hes off to a bad start. This guy screams textbook narcissism. 

  14. rockwithsex says:

    I came here for the sinjin and the cashmere :)

  15. Just a guy u dont know ;) says:

    A man who says “I’m an artist” is not an artist.

  16. chulofelipe says:

    What a bunch of crap. I can’t believe anyone will buy this shit. They are
    only going to make fools of themselves.

  17. Yasinman says:

    I like the new song, don’t really like that guys part though. Kanye is an
    amazing artist, but holy shit he is very off putting with the way he acts
    and the things he does. And this fashion sux dick man. I see the clothing
    line flopping, but the shoes doing alright.

  18. Soapy Buttcheeks says:

    my adidas!!!

  19. Ja Ra Ma El Bey says:

    I’m sitting here looking at ppl where clothes….wow..

  20. acedakid25 says:

    In all honesty…I dont find it very impressive. I like the fact he switch
    the whole concept of a typical fashion show but having the models move like
    they are some type of sheep doesnt really get the whole “free expression
    and creativity” thing that yeezy talks about so much across much. Kanye is
    very creative and I appreciate his music and his fashion (sometimes) but
    this show was depressingly bad.