Adjusting to Life Amid Coronavirus | The View

Adjusting to Life Amid Coronavirus | The View

With the CDC currently limiting gatherings to 50 people or less, and schools, bars and restaurants closing around the country, “The View” co-hosts weigh in on how the public is responding to the pandemic.

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92 Responses

  1. Saniah Prater says:

    Is that Sara I spy🕵🏽‍♀️🕵🏽‍♀️I MISSED HER ON THE VIEW

  2. O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 says:


  3. Sue MisoSoup says:

    Where are all those people who said the FLU kills more people??!! 🙄Disappointed that this wasn’t taken seriously earlier when all the facts were there in December.

    • Cheryl Garnica says:

      @Rainey Wright those stats are wrong…most ppl who have died are the elderly over 70 years old with pre-existing conditions. Please get your facts straight before adding to the Medias unnecessary Frenzy.

    • Moris Blackborn says:

      @Sue MisoSoup I will see you in three months when this turns into another democratic ploy to dethrone the president. You people are so foolish. You never learn.

    • Moris Blackborn says:

      @Sue MisoSoup Italy has something strange going on. This virus is all over the globe. And nobody is dying anywhere near the numbers that are dying in Italy. As far as I am concerned, they have other problems. Because that ain’t happening anywhere else.

    • Señor Guapo says:

      Sue MisoSoup although you’re completely correct, we gotta stop being negative, in every possible way. What’s done is done. We have to be nice to each other, shits gonna get rough an it helps to see positive energy.

    • TahitianTreatSkeetJuice says:

      The flu does kill more people. In 4 months, over 15k in the US alone. And over 30 million infected. The death rate of Coronavirus is no where near as bad as the seasonal flu. Because many haven’t been tested, u have no idea who was ill nor who was healed via Coronavirus , so the numbers are all over the place. But to act like Coronavirus is as bad as a flu, like a bird flu, is dumb af for u to believe. Especially when u don’t have the numbers to back up your beliefs

  4. Star Cherry says:

    Hoarding valuable resources?
    Rich politicians have been doing that since millennium

    • Bobby Brown says:


    • Faith Ray says:


    • P. Adamson says:

      Really? How do you know?

    • M C Jennings says:

      I beg to differ because I’m not rich by any means. However, there are basic essentials that we will always need and use for lifetime, so I purchase these items whenever on sale, some items are cheaper to buy in bulk , for me it’s not hoarding it’s being practical, if an emergency arises I don’t have to worry about using household funds for several months because I’m stocked ok, but the same applies for condiments, staples and food, I always buy when on sale and whenever I want or need something it’s their. I use airtight mason jars or plastic seal containers. And it also allows me to fix care packages for the less fortunates without hurting my budget. I just prioritize my priorities

    • Ramitta C says:

      @M C Jennings I do the exact same thing.

  5. Shayur Ramsunder says:

    Having Sara on the show feels really good

  6. Mary Walsh says:

    This society is all about me and their showing this.

  7. Keaton Safar says:

    Even when I agree with what Meghan is saying her tone stresses me out! Take a breath

  8. Goodlies says:

    It’s sad because some of us genuinely cant afford to stay off work when the government hasn’t announced it

    • M H says:

      Even if the government announces it it doesn’t mean you get paid by your employer. Unless you government job.

    • Sista Scrap says:

      I’ve received several emails from retailers and restaurants that have announced they are closing their stores and allowing their employees to be home with their families. AND those workers will still get paid. Gotta tell you when this is over, I’m going to support those stores even more.

    • josef mengele says:

      you haven’t worked in months, what choo talkin bout Willis?

    • Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo says:

      Goodlies i hope your government help because this is serious!what is happening in Italy is just crazy!my daughter is having her classes online and she can’t even go out!am not in America we in India and the government is really trying to help!!

    • Lisa R says:

      Society 20+ years ago:

      “Lisa! You are such a gold digger. Why do you flirt with business owners? Him having a lot of employees and building commercial low and no-rise buildings for a living can’t buy love. You are shallow. You are everything that’s wrong with women. Wouldn’t you rather have a hot Guy [Shannon’s tone was funny when she said that. I still laugh!]?You aren’t strong and independent. You are pathetic. Get your own job. Etc etc ad nauseum broke record”. …FOR DECADES

      me: “I want my children to have a successful father and for me to have a good life. And I do have a job cleaning tables in a Korean market. Isn’t that awesome? NO! I CAN’T EVEN AFFORD TO HAVE KIDS!”

      Decades later:

      Society: “waaaa. I can’t afford anything. Must vote socialist. Can’t afford medical care. Can’t afford college. CAN’T AFFORD TO SAFE MY LIFE FROM A VIRUS”

      Me: “Hmmm. I love this 80 acre ranch. I love Texas. Time to feed the horses and the pig. Hi Buster! Tasty treats! Hmmm. Better tend to the garden. Oh. They are growing beautifully! No way we’ll eat all these. I’ll share it with Debra’s family. I’ll leave some by their mailbox. Frank! Frank! Wake up. Time for your conference call with the architects. I’ll get coffee started. Time for yoga. Frank! Call the hunters. We got hogs again. They are a smelly virus 😷. Maybe I need to see a shrink to deal with my tendency to rub my lifestyle in the faces of people who called me gold digger names. I hope they survive the other virus. I love society and forgive them”

  9. díana r. says:

    all this hoarding is making it hard for people like mothers and the elderly, who already either for lack of time or money have it hard to shop. And children and our elders are the most at risk, they’re the first that should be protected to contain the spread from everyone else.

  10. Rose Sanderson says:

    Is Sunny paying her workers at the restaurant while they are closed?

  11. Labyrinth Worm says:

    Doesn’t matter what race you are because the Virus doesn’t discriminate!

  12. Cameron Andrews says:

    I work at Target and people are getting attitudes and even cussing us out because we’re out of toilet paper and water (as well as many other things).

  13. IMHTP says:

    Meghan has been going at Tang’s neck a lot lately. Was she holding back for election season?😂🤔

  14. REBEL LOGIC says:

    I know it’s so sad seeing people act like this but u wanna hear a nice story? Last night there was a really bad car accident at around 1 am right by our house and it was beautiful to see at least 6/7 people other than my husband and I running out to help them.. there were people screaming and crying and nobody cared about the virus .. we all got together and helped. It made me feel better about humanity seeing all of us come together in a time of horror and need 💛

    • The Ropes of Renovation says:

      That is so awesome!

    • MauiGirl 888 says:

      💙💚💜❤️💕👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 th!

    • Estefanía C says:

      Thank you. I needed that story. Gives me a little hope

    • Brenda Drumm says:

      God bless u xxxx

    • Janet Burrus says:

      You know, I like to look for the Postive in everything. If and when they call for Marshal Law the Beauty in All of this is; Spending time with your Family, Standing Still, and Slowing down. Which I think is soooooo badly needed. People will finally Stop Rushing through life and start Focusing on what’s Really important. Oh, and P.S. Home Cook Meals. No fast or junk food.😊😊😊😊

  15. Renee Diaz says:

    megan just spoke facts ive never agreed more with her

  16. Ulysses Grant says:

    This is the beginning of the warnings that shows like THE WALKING DEAD, tries to show us. Humanities behavior during a crisis is real.

  17. Willy Wallie says:

    Im glad they pointed everything out, everyone needs to calm down, and quit yelling at retail employees, all we need to do is protect ourselves, we need to be in this together.

  18. dcoleman4444 says:

    People hoarding supplies is a typical reaction to how some people react in fear and only think about themselves.

  19. Chloe Randolph says:

    Yall, no audience Meghan is the best Meghan. Lol I’ve been in sync with her the past few episodes.

  20. OnaJae says:

    One of those rare moments when I completely agree with Meghan McCain.

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