Adriana Cohen: 1st to “Spills the Beans” on the Cruz Sex Scandal LIVE on CNN! Trump 2016

Adriana Cohen: 1st to “Spills the Beans” on the Cruz Sex Scandal LIVE on CNN! Trump 2016

The amazing Trump supporter Adriana Cohen (@AdrianaCohen16) was the first to bring up the Cruz Sex Scandal that ALL of the mainstream media outlets were very tight-lipped about, despite it becoming a #1 worldwide trend on Twitter for almost an entire day.

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20 Responses

  1. samuel concha says:


  2. Mk Injustice says:

    Can’t we just keep the black guy

  3. John Kenobi says:

    Bitch please.

  4. Anthony Mays says:

    you know its to going to turn out to be true .

  5. Jimmy Papanikolau says:

    Remember Cruz’s wife turned retarded so she won’t testify in court!!!!
    Fucking crooks!!! ??Trump ??

  6. Erick Rodriguez says:

    Feel the Bern.

  7. George McMurray says:


  8. Dank Memes says:

    Vote for Pedro.

  9. Resonators Phresh says:

    Fuck trump 2016

  10. Michael Aiyedun says:

    I can’t believe that Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer

  11. btown239100 says:

    Worst presidential candidates ever reminds me of high school with back and
    forth drama.and u idiots support these dumbasses.sad state in America rite

  12. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says:

    TRUMP 2016

  13. Damn lopez says:

    Women.. The usual. What can you expect from them. All they think of is
    relation affairs

  14. Sledzeppelin says:

    A trump supporter being utterly classless? Shocking.

  15. Dr. REJACK says:

    Wtf trump look like a hot Cheeto

  16. CptDucky says:

    Trump look like a Tomato…

  17. Red Truth says:

    who would ever sleep with the zodiac killer? I am disgusted

  18. Ryan Wanless says:

    Ahhhhhah ahhhh ahhhh hahahhaaahaaa

  19. Frank131985 says:

    I probably hate Cruz more than anyone here. But, I really doubt that Cruz
    banged 5 women, hell I even doubt he bangs he own wife. However, this is
    real fun to watch Cruz and Trump go at each other using their wives too.
    Republican are rootless vatos lol

  20. Adam Shawn says:

    So this is making America great…