Adult Swim – The History of a Television Empire

Adult Swim – The History of a Television Empire

A look at the network that gave great artists a place to explore.

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20 Responses

  1. Hatchet Gaming says:

    93,000 view :D

  2. sheldon lac says:

    Fuck Netflix

  3. Franklin Gervacio says:

    Please keep making videos! It’s beyond words what you’re doing!

  4. Edgardo L (Ego) says:

    What about Robot Chicken? That show gain popularity through AS

  5. Daniel Haynes says:

    This is a fantastic video. +1 Sub for you sir.

  6. J Mouch says:

    Ahhh my childhood!!! The Feels are over 9000!!!!

  7. Sawyer Spainhoward says:

    Loved this video, something about it made me happy lol

  8. KriegsMeister27 says:

    Shut up, i’m not crying. Your crying,
    God, i wish i could afford cable again

  9. Somniferous Almond says:

    Just me Moltar.
    Out of lines.
    Hanging out.

  10. mexicanmanjohn says:

    Home movies is still one of favorite shows of all time

  11. Michael Little says:

    Great video!

  12. TropicDistress says:

    Half life 3 confirmed?

  13. Hashtag HG says:

    honestly, I kinda grew up watching adult swim. I started watching when i
    was like 5 even though i was too young at the time. looking back now, i can
    really appreciate the uniqueness of their content. the big shocker for me
    that I learned from the video is that steve blum is the toonami guy. I
    fanboyed so hard when i found out. I can also thank Adult swim for branch
    out to anime. Because of that, I watch a lot of it now. I’m 16 and i can
    say that adult swim influenced me. it kept me from doing dumb sh*t lol.
    Adult Swim, best cultural network.

  14. ViiRevzIAm says:

    Flylo is my shit

  15. Lizard Ladder says:

    Incredible work. Fire beats and slick editing. Subbed son.

  16. evan atkinson says:

    whats the song at the end???

  17. Guts says:

    this is awesome. I never really thought about it but without adult swim I
    never would’ve gotten into anime

  18. Yele Olaniyi says:

    Reddit sent me here….I was 22 when I first discovered Adult Swim… I’m
    35 now and I still get nostalgic watching Adult Skwim… It helped develop
    me into the functioning adult I am today…Grest Job.. Married 1st kid on
    the way… Aqua Team and Family Guy are one of the best things ever
    created… God Bless… God speed… Adult Swim and Cartoon Network

  19. Anachry A says:

    Ha ha.. dangly parts.

  20. Noah Callahan says:

    I remember at my house we didn’t have cartoon network, but every time my
    brother and I stayed at our grandparents home we’d stay up to watch Dragon
    Ball Z on Toonami, and then if we could stay awake we would watch some
    nasty, but great, humor on AdultSwim even though we didn’t understand half
    of what the jokes were about. Adult Swim really shaped our childhood.