Adults And Elders React To The Day They Were Born

Adults And Elders React To The Day They Were Born

What happened the day Elders and Adults were born? Original links below.
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Adults and Elders react to what was happening in the world the day they were born. Watch to see their reactions.

Content Featured:
Artie Shaw : Begin the Beguine

You Can’t Take It with You 1938 Official Trailer (Won Oscar/ Best Picture)

Bryan Adams – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?

Casper (1995) Official Trailer – Bill Pullman, Christina Ricci Movie HD

Buck Privates

Chattanooga Choo Choo – Glenn Miller

Monica – The First Night (Video Version 2)

Vampires (1998) – Theatrical Trailer #1

New York Times

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Adults And Elders React To The Day They Were Born

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33 Responses

  1. matilda teodora says:

    this is my favourite type of videos, please do more ❤❤????

  2. Jeremiah Harper says:

    Vera is the most precious human

  3. R X N I N says:

    “i didnt buy many houses when i was a zygote” hahahahaha

  4. Kathi F says:

    “ I didn’t buy many houses when I was a zygote”???

  5. iAvrilFan1 says:

    omg, I had no idea she was born in Yugoslavia, awww, I wish we knew more about the history of Reactors

  6. Me Me says:

    I feel like Vera has lots of stories!!! You should make a video about her, because I feel like she has very touching and inspirational stories!! What was her motive for immigrating to USA?

  7. Sophia Salazar says:

    “I didn’t buy many houses when I was a zygote”

  8. Dru says:

    “Didn’t buy many houses when i was a zygote”?

  9. Folder says:

    “We were just not doing right in 1998.” Ha, and you currently are now? pft

  10. ClutchCS says:

    The sudetenland was not in Yugoslavia, it was in Czechoslovakia.

  11. Laskeo says:

    The Sudetenland was in Czechoslovakia not Yugoslavia

  12. Nevaeh McIntyre says:

    What did they use to find this stuff????

  13. Daddy Duncan says:

    “I didn’t buy many houses when I was a zygote”

  14. Taurus 11342 says:

    7:11 “I didn’t buy many houses as a zygote” ??

  15. Harry Dibbs says:

    I would like to hear Vera’s story. I know it isnt really a react, but Id love it if you could give her the chance to tell us about her youth.

  16. TAHEPICDUCK123 says:

    “I was expecting like murder or something cool like that” ?

  17. Maddie Likes Food says:

    “well i didn’t buy many houses as a zygote”

  18. Koala Fang says:

    LMAO, “Whatever, I didn’t buy many houses when i was a zygote”

  19. Phillip P Massey says:

    it would help if we knew the year they were born

  20. Elrich Gomes says:

    “i didn’t buy many houses when I was a zygote” gold

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