AEW Double Or Nothing: What Went Down

AEW Double Or Nothing: What Went Down

History is made at the MGM Grand!

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  1. shaunbir klair says:

    I haven’t watched WWE regularly in like 5 years but I hope this AEW things competes with WWE so that they both bring out their best product like the WCW days

    • Lunarsight says:

      +Silver James I think they did very well with this PPV. The quality of the matches was very good, and the audience response made it feel like something special. However, I don’t think you can judge whether they will be a success or not off a single PPV. I’m interested in how their television product develops. Can they avoid the pitfalls of the WWE and keep things interesting on a weekly basis?

    • Dr. Phil says:

      Joe Leek Why is everyone saying aew can beat wwe then?

    • Dr. Phil says:

      Johnathan Do and wwe doesnt do that so now aew is which makes aew win.

    • FlappieBN says:

      shaunbir klair until wwe throws money their way

    • Block City Clutch says:

      cricket yea he lost me there lmao

  2. MAsterr Serch says:

    “And for the final time, Dean Ambrose leaving WWE is a work”… hows that foot taste, Adam???

  3. Patrick aka Canrugger says:

    Can we appreciate Dustin pulling out a senton

  4. Patrick aka Canrugger says:

    Also MJF is what EC3 should be

  5. cripplermaximus says:

    Hey Cris Cyborg! … Anyway, back to wrestling. LOL. jeez

  6. Caleb Rivas says:

    Holy shit. Cris Cyborg a minute into the video ?

  7. FF18Cloud says:

    Damn, when Cris cyborg is seen at your show showing the love,

    Dats wassup

    • Ethan Quirk says:

      Kristian179 Ronda ran from her for fucking years, what are you talking about? The reason she said she wouldnt do wwe is because wwe would book her to lose against Ronda and if they ever met in a ring it would turn into a shoot real quick

    • T-Sizzle54 says:

      @adam boonstra well she’s a guy so…

    • Jason Voorheese says:

      +T-Sizzle54 more guy than you?

    • Chris Ortiz says:

      +C M I think it’s a guy fighting girls.. Trans I guess

    • Chris Ortiz says:

      +Lvl 1 Togepi weren’t they born a man though.. If so wouldn’t impress me as naturally stronger huge advantage

  8. Benjamin Kelln says:

    From jobbing to Elias earlier this year to throwing off one of the best wrestlers off a stage. I think Moxley made the right choice.

    • Zion lords says:

      WWE and AEW are working together secretly point blank. Way to much weird stuff going on alot of wwe people appearing in aew also AEW came out of no were fast. Dean Ambrose wwe Departure was fake and vince sent him to aew because when he was leaving wwe had a storyline wrapped around his departure which was really weird and never done before. I think something is going on behind the scenes that the fans do not know about. Also current WWE stars are being aloud to mention AEW on their social medias which is also weird. I believe more WWE people will end up in aew and vince is involved with the Kahns also cody is involved as well.

    • Lunarsight says:

      +Zion lords It is an interesting conspiracy theory, and I had actually given it some thought. If WWE wanted to do a legitimate invasion angle, the only way to do it properly would be to have a genuine outside group to invade. So I could see Vince going to Jericho and asking him to break ties with WWE and go elsewhere. It sounds good on paper, no doubt – I don’t have enough compelling evidence yet to believe it to be true, though.

    • Roxy Cotton says:

      Yeah Kenny omega > the whole wwe roster

    • Ghastly_Grinner says:

      +It’s Raid_ Bitchez $6m jesus thats a bit much

    • Mike Madsen says:

      +It’s Raid_ Bitchez yea they were desperate for Ambrose…wwe can do with out

  9. Mohamad Rizal says:

    I see moxley like in Combat Zone Wrestling

  10. JMW 708 says:

    CODY vs DUSTIN…. good God!!! He might have gone a little deep with the blade. But, damn! He has done so much in his career for us (fans), he didn’t have to go that far. Thank you Dustin!

    • BlkLantern Smith says:

      +Chuck Shoes nah pal, check his IG you’ll see the pics of his head, you can see the cane imprint Respectfully. Just seen it a hr ago

    • Chuck Shoes says:

      +BlkLantern Smith you can also see him blade if ya know you watched the show. But it’s still real to you God damn it.

    • BlkLantern Smith says:

      +Chuck Shoes ??????

    • Chuck Shoes says:

      +BlkLantern Smith Yes then Brandi handed him the blade Dustin rolled from his back to stomach, then Earl came out of the ring and told Brandi to leave, the camera pans down to Dustin where he is checking for blood there is none, camera pans away as the camera man is not supposed to catch blading, then ddp comes out takes brandi to the back, as we pick up on Dustin now with his head under the ring curtain, a few seconds more and he comes out and the blood starts to flow over a full minute after being hit by said cane.

      But you know all of this if you watched the show. Kayfab pal.

    • BlkLantern Smith says:

      +Chuck ShoesRespectfully thank you & that s why wrestling is great.

  11. Verum Sorex says:

    To be honest, I’m just disappointed R-Truth didn’t turn up and just go “sorry, wrong show”.

  12. KIrk Gifford says:

    This company is going to be huge, this was one of the best ppvs I’ve seen in years.

    Wwe definitely has something to fear.


    • The Retarded Kitty says:

      +xxrealityxx72 and the matches were shit,and the lack of character was disgusting, there was a motherfucker wearing a panda mask

    • Epixkid 112 says:

      Joey Macaroni ok with the Commentary imma stop you right there

    • The Crispy Flake says:

      +Roy Wallace One slightly above average indy show that took 6 months to make and you’re praising it as an actual threat? Lol. Pathetic.
      “Half decent” I didn’t realize the hate boner was that strong. Good to know.

    • Roy Wallace says:

      +The Crispy Flake You’re the one praising a show with about10% decent content. A whole year of 5 hours a week content and there were only two decent storylines. Becky’s and Kofi’s. That sucks bro.

    • Kevin Epstein says:


  13. Brough Siff of Las Tejas says:

    Omg best ppv of the last decade, I laughed I cried I yelled I clapped I loved every second. Thank you AEW! Thank you!!!!!!

    • The Retarded Kitty says:

      +marko montanari exactly

    • laserred87 says:

      +The Retarded Kitty the booking in money in the bank was terrible are you crazy

    • laserred87 says:

      +The Retarded Kitty it’s there first show with no TV show aired yet and no build they did a fantastic job of giving us as much story as they could.. wwe sucks at story telling in there matches except for like 5 people

    • Hakim Raheem says:

      +Shadow Ninja I can’t even remember who the Japanese women were in the 6 woman tag match ????..

    • Vin Star says:

      +The Retarded Kitty how in tf was mitb any good?? ?

  14. Raghavan N says:

    Ambrose back as Jon Moxley was the Highlight of the Show.

    • Mike Madsen says:

      Atleast there was some kind of high light in this disappointing show

    • Eduardo Hernandez says:

      Raghavan N amazing until we see him week in and week out and figure out again what ana average wrestler he is

    • DrAxe Dharme says:

      +Eduardo Hernandez
      Why? He’s not going to be restricted like the WWE did him.
      Who knows, it could be something of a step up for him.

    • kieran pearson says:

      +Mike Madsen Lmao found the butthurt wwe fanboy. This ppv was really good.

    • Andre Conner says:

      +Eduardo Hernandez Nah WWE watered him down and restricted his move sets now we can see what he is really capable of he is a hardcore type of wrestler at heart and he can finally unleash his true twisted side .

  15. Kyle Benson says:

    Y2J set up the Moxley appearance perfectly. Thought there was ZERO chance of him showing up at that point, surprised the hell outta me.

    • mrjwood631 says:

      That is what I like about AEW so far they surprised us with some things.

    • Chris Ortiz says:

      Not surprised at all..

    • The Retarded Kitty says:

      Ok your such a liar, he was so clearly stalling, who gives a promo at the end of the match that is the main event instead of just closing the show, as soon as I said Jon mox? He appeared a second after

    • The Retarded Kitty says:

      +Chris Ortiz exactly, I saw it coming from a mile away, Jericho was stalling so much

    • Silenthitman44 says:

      Not surprised at all, knew he was coming just wasn’t sure when , but when jerico started pausing it became obvious

  16. Jon Paullin says:

    Hikaru Shida is an absolute treasure! This show rocked and God bless Cody and the Young Bucks for what they have done here

  17. robert lett jr says:

    I can’t wait until AEW comes on TNT.

  18. souvik sarkar says:

    Please ask simon to do Ups and Downs for this.
    Eagerly waiting

  19. vikingjedi says:

    AEW needs to push MJF big time. This dude has superstar written all over him.

  20. digimortgel says:

    Brett Hart loved MJF, I have never seen anyone grin so much during the entire, also shout out to JR totally legendary effort!!!

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