AFC Ajax 1-2 Real Madrid: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

AFC Ajax 1-2 Real Madrid: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Marco Asensio scored a late winner for Real Madrid as the defending champions overcame Ajax 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 tie in Amsterdam.

Karim Benzema opened the scoring after a brilliant run from Vinicius Jr, but Ajax responded with a counter-attack finished off by Hakim Ziyech.

Real Madrid have the advantage going into the second leg at the Bernabeu.

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103 Responses

  1. Connor Smith says:

    Real Madrid and the refs better love story than twilight smh

  2. arsenal fan17 says:

    Real Madrid don’t need Ronaldo but they sure do need the referee

  3. ad3572 says:

    Vinicius played an amazing game and he is still 18

  4. Jonathan Arroyo says:

    They need to investigate Real Madrid. This is getting absurd

  5. Fernando Garcia says:

    Ajax impressed me in this match, they absolutely deserved to get the win but they weren’t taking their chances. Unlucky with the ref decisions but nice match

  6. Sihan Xiong says:

    The man, the myth, the LEGEND!!! 

    It’s Mr. Paid “UEFA” Ref for REAL once again, an absolutely phenomenal performance. He single-handedly gave REAL the win in an important match.

  7. Balaji Raj says:

    Not convinced with Real Madrid win. Real Madrid nearly pissed themselves playing with Ajax. Should have been Ajax win. They really played well with some striker mistakes. They could easily score 4.

    • Wise Window says:

      Well… no

    • Ry Wintergreen says:

      BocoFan14 “annoyingly” what’s annoying is loser fanboys like you that have absolutely no respect for a royal club like Real or Barca. I know it’s your great fantasy to see Madrid fail everywhere, and you pissed your pants laughing at moscow, eibar, sociedad, I suggest you go change, and get a pair ready for when you piss yourself crying at Real Madrid not suffering anymore.

    • Druchk says:

      +BocoFan14 City couldnt beat LYon you retard thinks they could beat Madrid 8 nil?

    • Medina Jr says:

      +Druchk Easily with the form they’re in

    • Esteban Gutierrez says:

      I’ve heard that so many times these past few years and look what happened , real Madrid never gives up , theres levels to this and they are still on top

  8. Andrew Rodgers says:

    Ajax’s shot off the post: Should have been penalty on Ramos (No VAR)
    Ajax’s goal: VAR used -> Decision incorrect, not only was the player not involved in play, HE WASN’T EVEN OFFSIDE
    Real’s second goal: Clear foul in build up, no VAR used

    ReAl MaDrId AnD BaRcElOnA nEvEr ChEaT tHeIr WaY tO vIcToRy


      you must be stupid. Or you probably watch the MLS too much the foul on the shoulder??? it’s a contact sport he didn’t sling the guy get over bitch. And the guy was offside and obstructing countrois in the middle of the play idiot and if Madrid cheated Ajax’s goal wouldn’t have counted idiot and foul in the build up neither of them were in the play ? the ball was already in the box neither of them wouldve done anything stop crying bitch boy

    • Christian De leon says:

      I’ll admit it fam I’m actually a real fan of Barça’s. I can actually admit when we cheat In La Liga this Season we gotten help from the refs a few times. In the past few season like I mean I still cry about that PSG comeback that was full of shit. The thing is that this season is much better in La Liga only a few times like rarely especially last match the ref was legit perfect it needed as a 0-0 draw in the Copa Del Rey we have not done anything wrong so far. We have lost twice already in the Copa Del Rey, but nothing fishy at all like go look at the replays if you want. Then in the Champions so Far it’s been perfect as well nothing fishy at all.
      All I hope is that we can win the Champions League this season without any BS or Controversy.

    • Christian De leon says:

      Andrew Rodgers Also even if the Real Fans don’t say it they definitely cheat. The Handball from Marcelo in the Semifinal vs Bayern. Ramos fucking up Salah, and elbowing Karuis in the face and ruining his entire career.
      Even now it happens but there just like we’re champions we never chat Lmao

    • Phani Patury says:

      Want some bengay …lol….

    • Layun 27 says:

      +Daniel De leon the penalty against Sevila in the Copa De Rey?! When Var should’ve been used but of course it was a clear penalty right?

  9. Luis Mercad says:

    I can’t make up my mind on that disallowed goal. I’m pretty sure cortouis moved toward the offside player. Btw did you see ramos kick talifico in the same play

    • melvin chungis says:

      Haider Mehdi even if there’s a foul as u claim, it doesn’t interfere with the play. And all the ref can do in such an instance is come back later after the play and then card or warn the involved if it so warranted. Those are the rules. Many are watching football without having a mastery of the rules.

    • Chris B says:

      Real Madrid fouled Ajax players several times with the Referee not even batting an eye. Ajax scores and the referee decides to pull out a VAR review, would he have done the same for Madrid? He didn’t start calling fouls until late 2nd half. Total BS. Ajax played better. They lost heart by late 2nd half.

    • melvin chungis says:

      Chris B Another eye baiting statement impregnated with ignorance. Clearly u have no idea on the application of the VAR, which its application has been clearly spelled out for all teams involved. Suggestion…u might want to go read about it instead of telling the world not only that u haven’t a clue, but also lazy to read.

      From your statements, I can bet u have no clue that just because there VAR is there, not all incidents on the field is reviewed irrespective of the teams involved. Smh!

    • Haider Mehdi says:

      melvin chungis oh cool if that’s the case then I have no problem with the second goal either. I agree that VAR is not to blame for the controversy, but referees need to be more aware of what happens on the field and be consistent with their calls because there was too much inconsistency during this match.

    • Chris B says:

      +melvin chungis it is quite obvious from all the comments here that there was a boatload of inconsistency and this has always existed when it involves Real Madrid. I know exactly how VAR is applied and When it should be applied. My problem is with the ref, not the VAR system or when it should’ve been implemented. Never said VAR should have been used against Madrid for on the pitch fouls, or it should have NOT been used on Ajax’s discounted goal. I’m talking about the Ref’s slight bias. There were many Obvious fouls that came from the Madrid side. Your attempt to be football saavy has only made you appear pretentious and blind to different perceptions on the game. To preach to me like you know the game so well, I’ve watched them play live in Bernabeu. I like Real Madrid but I am also a fan of Fair play as well when two good teams that I favor clash, and something wasn’t right in this game. Plain and simple.

  10. Luciano Arebalo says:

    There was that wasn’t shown in these highlights when Ajax were in a prime opportunity to score and were in the open but the ref wrongfully called the play offside smh

    • Silver King says:

      Shot up. Ajax Player blocked courtois from getting the ball.

    • Jesus Fernandez says:

      Silver King from a Madrid fan point of view. If the Ajax player was blocking courtois then the second goal from Asensio shouldn’t have counted. Clearly Lucas Vazquez pushed Frankie de jong right in front of the referee.

    • DAVE GOLIAT says:

      Jesus Fernandez you could argue that both of them were tugging each other and that de jong was in his way

    • Oliver Milbauer says:

      I think he is talking about the time where tadic was called for offside when he was in his own half

    • Silver King says:

      Jesus Fernandez Vasquez did push him but either way he wasn’t even close to getting the ball. When carvajal pushed Ajax attacker outside the box. That is the only thing i’d say was unfair.

  11. Catalina Salcedo says:

    Hooray! I knew that Karim and Asensio were stepping up their A game thanks to Vinicius Jr’s assistance on the pitch because he wants to show the outside world that he is a big brave Galactico on the pitch also la decimotercera deserves our protection as long as we Madridistas continue our long adventure by fighting for the future until the very end. #HalaMadridYNadaMas

    • Pranav says:

      you guys have a bright future w viniscius

    • F1 Dxnk Fxnq says:

      Catalina Salcedo We’re going for four in a row, but with Ronaldo…

    • HIIIPOWER 000 says:

      Catalina Salcedo asensio who that guy scored a tap in what game he’s shit he was hyped up cause he’s a mardid player and benzema was always good he was just scarficed himself to feed Ronaldo now Ronaldo is gone he’s a the main man and Vinicius is another level that guy is ur mmabpe give him 1 year he gets his shooting and finishing on point and u have someone who even better than mmabpe he’s dribbling is mental he goes past anyone with ease and u didn’t deserve the game u cheated fuck Madrid

    • Ry Wintergreen says:

      HIIIPOWER 000 lmao hyped up because Madrid player? He was hyped up for his screamers against Barca and other big teams, people are hated just for wearing the Madrid shirt, look at vinicius! Kid is full of love and humility, but I see the same level of hate that Ronaldo had when he was there.

    • Hem Sharma says:

      You should thank VAR.

  12. Magdiel Ramirez says:

    Y’all wanted VAR well there it is

    • Alejandro Huerta says:

      Ari Dudwick you forgot the second yellow for Ziyech celebrating his goal into the crowd. Learn football rules man the player clearly obstructs Courtois and is offside they show the lines for people like you…how is that a made up excuse?

    • Stacey Fonseca says:

      Go learn the rules

    • David acosta says:

      FredoCorrleone we can make that case because it’s their major competition beside the World Cup so if they wanted a fair game like they always claiming FIFA would it had fix this shit!! a long time ago. There’s more then plenty evidence that UEFA favors the big & rich clubs.

    • Ari Dudwick says:

      +Alejandro Huerta lol, yay, another person that just wants to insult. Listen kid, in the real world, if you want anyone to take what you say seriously, don’t start off by insulting or saying something that is clearly an opinionated statement. Second, you’re right, they do show lines for offsides. He was not offside ?? look back at it, the far defender on the right kept both players onside. Third, it wasn’t proper obstruction because cortois never made an effort to go for the ball. He walked up to the attacking player, put his hands up, and stood their and watched as the ball flew past him. If he actually tried to jump and was visibly blocked completely by the attacker, that would be obstruction. But the fact is, cortois didn’t try to go for the ball. Also, if you look back at the replay, cortois moved up to the attacker and was on top of the attacker who had no possible chance of getting out of the way since the defender was holding him and cortois was right on top of him. If anything, cortois obstructed the attacker, lol.

    • Ari Dudwick says:

      +Alejandro Huerta also, it’s not a second yellow unless he physically goes into the crowed. Before challenging someone and saying stuff like learn your rules, maybe you should make sure that you have got it 100% correct. He never went into the crowed, he was at the edge of the stadium and the fans grabbed him and hugged him from outside the stands. That’s not a violation.

  13. BUBB RUBB says:

    Gotta give it ti the ref, he singlehandedly won the game for RM.

  14. Aaron Bae says:

    (V.A.R., a.k.a., video assist Real Madrid.)
    1. Ramos was clearly grabbing Tadić’s shoulder before Tadić fell over and took the shoot that hit the goal-post. That should’ve been a penalty, yet no V.A.R.
    2. Tadić was already standing at that spot and wasn’t involved in Tagliafico’s header. Courtois ran straight at Tadić, can’t say Tadić was ‘obstructing’ Courtois in an off-side position.
    3. Vázquez clearly fouled on de Jong before Asensio scored for Real Madrid. He literally grabbed de Jong and shoved him to the floor right in front of the referee.

    It’s incredible how Real Madrid get the luckiest calls every single time. You can argue that those calls are technically ‘right’, but the opposing team never get the same calls for them. The referee’s decision is never equitable in a Real Madrid match. I bet you that had Benzema been in a slightly off-side position body-blocking Onana, the referee would not have consulted V.A.R. and given the free-kick to Ajax.

    It’s true that Ajax should’ve done a better job. Tadić should’ve scored there (when Ramos grabbed his shoulder) and Ziyech shouldn’t have missed that open sitter that Courtois saved.

  15. juan 23 says:

    First ever var review used in FAVOR of real madrid. How strange??

  16. mROMANce221 says:

    If Real Madrid wants to win champions league again they need Navas not Courtois.. Im a Barça fan but Navas is way better, faster, smarter and can read plays better. He doesn’t make minor mistakes like Courtois does.

    • XTRON :V says:

      +ecshady14 wow you’re so fucking stupid that u even think Karius is better than Navas so u might as well say that as well.

    • Edgar Gallo says:

      mROMANce221 but something that Navas can’t do properly is give passes like he could have Ramos, Carvajal or varane and he will get nervous and give the pass wrong and sometimes that it crucial

    • Stacey Fonseca says:

      You haven’t watched Navas play then. Navas makes some awful mistakes

    • Sebastian Mendez says:

      XTRON :V Yeah but I guess conceding four is worse then five lol. So according to you 5<4

    • Anthony Purilla says:

      +ecshady14 last time I remember Navas has 3 champion league titles and de Gea has 0

  17. Alex Kim says:

    Benzema’s goal was CLEANNN

  18. Jilshie says:

    Disappointed with the result. Ajax deserved victory, but if you don’t take your chances, Real Madrid will punish you.

  19. youtube person says:

    1:15 when you realize how much better navas is

  20. Messi King says:

    Did you the sound of Benzema Rocket Gol. Blast

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