AFC vs. NFC Pro Bowl Highlights | 2019 Pro Bowl

AFC vs. NFC Pro Bowl Highlights | 2019 Pro Bowl

The AFC take on the NFC during 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

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65 Responses

  1. Brandon Burr says:

    I literally fell asleep watching this game. It’s like they were playing two hand touch.

  2. Kirk Shadel says:

    It must be hard for the defensive players not to hit hard… Both sides are playing at about 50%

  3. Batfan 559 says:

    The probowl is such a joke

    • Louis Chen says:

      Wanna know what would be more of a joke? Season-ending injuries for star players in a Pro Bowl game because idiots want to see people tackle seriously

  4. Solid paradox says:

    In my opinion I think the pro bowl is just for fun and sense it means nothing then they can do whatever they want which is the thrill of the pro bowl

  5. jason11279 says:

    I used to enjoy this as a kid, but I think now we need something a little more entertaining than watching a bunch of grown men *pretend* to compete. How about we make things interesting: Have the worst team in the NFL each season play a game against the college football champions. Neither team would want to be embarrassed (for different reasons) so I bet they’d actually make an effort.

  6. Jayden Colon says:

    This is what the nfl will be in ten years

  7. Zack says:

    Jason Garret has the best players in the NFC and still couldn’t get more then 7 points.

  8. I am in the comments says:

    Everyone says to take the pro Bowl away because it’s pointless and nobody tries…. Smh, it’s supposed to be a fun game for all of the best players from each team to have fun at the end of the season. Tell me, that lateral play by the NFC just wasn’t fun to watch because if they were trying and playing for something they wouldn’t even have attempted it. All of the unusual plays like the ones where Zeke got the snap and fake punts and many deep pass plays only happened because it was all just for fun. I like watching it, because it’s different players from each team just having fun even though they missed the super Bowl. I definitely think they should always keep the pro bowl….

    • Dan Little says:

      Thank god someone has a brain. It started slow but at least watching the highlights it was fun watching them have fun in a game that gets taken very seriously. Watching all those interceptions was honestly funny and fun to watch cuz regular football is almost all offense nowadays. It’s for charity , it’s a game at the end of the day and they were playing some school yard bullshit having fun, laughing and smiling that whole game, even when they got burnt or tackled it was just a game at the end of the day

    • Me me Big weeb says:

      The problem is no one is trying on defense I like the concept of a pro bowl I like the fact that it all goes to charity but the fact that they don’t even make an effort on defense annoys me because I like defense more than offense

    • Arty Munoz says:

      I feel like they had more fun in the field day pre games than this crap

    • Pope On A Rope says:

      +J Foster if I wanted a comeback I’d would have taken it off your wife’s lips

  9. BiG JuiCe says:

    This game just proves how good NFL players can act!?

  10. rune sword says:

    When the NFC picked the ball and did the laterals and the commentator was making a big deal about it “welcome to the pro bowl 2019”. Cringiest thing i have ever seen.

  11. The god says:

    This looks like they didn’t even play

  12. Damon Banks says:

    This is almost worst than watching the saints get cheated!

  13. Jesus Soto says:

    This deserves all the dislikes in the world

  14. Hazem O'Neall says:

    I seen better competition in Varsity Football. Hell, even flag football with 10 year olds.

    They aren’t even trying.

  15. MrElculver2424 says:

    I totally get not wanting to get anyone hurt, therefore going super light on tackling, but if that’s the case, then there’s really no reason to have this game at all. It’s just silly and pointless.

  16. Cloudy Johnny says:

    It’s great to see different teams work together, no beef just appreciating the game of football ??

  17. ViBobby says:

    Why would anyone expect this to be some hard fought game? This game literally means nothing, there’s no sense in risking injury because you want a fun game. It’s an exhibition.

    • UR_AL_SHOOK_UP says:

      ViBobby hahahaha ya there is huge reason entertaining fans…without fans theres no money

    • A. Miles says:

      2 or 3 years ago they were hitting at about 75%. That game was watchable

    • Verloren says:

      Offense on defense and vice versa. Make things more interesting.

    • Zee Bee says:

      UR_AL_SHOOK_UP; It needs to be played in Hawaii. Orlando weather is sooo unpredictable this time of year. Dallas head coach Jason@*^ looked miserable in the sidelines while rain kept drip, dripping, and dripping on him. I can’t wait for the superbowl. another snoozer coming up!???Oh well at least it’s in an enclosed stadium and the commercials and halftime show might make it worth watching.

    • Verloren says:

      +Zee Bee Was Garrett clapping?

  18. EJ Trinidad says:

    Dudes went harder during the dodgeball event smh

  19. ImxFromxDc says:

    God I’m glad I didn’t turn my tv to this BS

  20. Brandon Burr says:

    It would have been flag football but their were no flags because you can’t even tackle

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