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Don’t believe everything you read.

Shawn and Andrew East
750 N San Vicente Blvd.,
East Tower, 11th Floor,
Los Angles, CA 90069

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53 Responses

  1. Sandra D. says:

    Always so excited when you uploaded an new video
    Love you 😘

  2. Fernanda Gockert says:

    oh new video of Shawn means a happy me =) :* Thanks shawn you are such an inspiration for me and always funny and kind =) Hope to meet you some day

  3. Slime Loverz says:


  4. u9_up says:

    You’re pretty either way but……it looks better darker

  5. Joann & The Man says:

    Shawn you’re beautiful either way, blonde or brunette!❤ But hey, maybe go brunette for Andrew😉

  6. Jay Fielden says:

    Shawn needs to download an ad blocker lol!!

  7. Anita Lanz says:

    On the quiz, you entered that Shawn was a ‘male’. 😂

  8. MiaAbarca018 says:

    2:25 who else noticed Shawn with trump on the 2nd or 3rd picture on the top left

    • Poli tux says:

      He has been a garbage human since the 1980’s. No excuse other than greed to go on that show.

    • One two many words says:

      Poli tux someone seems to be lacking a logical mindset and seems to only follow the crowd and cant think for themselves

    • CrazyNikel says:

      Rofl butt hurt uneducated liberals inbound. Its so sad they won’t even bother looking into the picture.

    • Quantum Witcher says:

      One two many words lmao. Yeah its the masses with the issues….not trump himseld(sarcasm). Only people with a logical mindest would be against trump to begin with. He is a plague. You dont need a crowd to think for yourself to get to that.

    • Quantum Witcher says:

      CrazyNikel actually if you want to talk about uneducated you could look into trumps overall voters. And thats a fact.

  9. Amanda Batstone says:

    Do balayage!! It’s both dark and light

  10. Pepe says:

    0:50 They already googled themselves… EXPOSED

    • chouter21 says:

      @Becky Hall – Even if they didn’t fake the miscarriage, they still monetized their stupid video which just shows how shallow they are.

    • Becky Hall says:

      @politux Did you even watch the video? Andrew is clearly a caring husband. Even if its trending nobody is forcing you watch the videos.

    • Becky Hall says:

      @chouter21 Think what you want, they don’t seem shallow to me and clearly to their thousands of followers. People like to know that other people are going through the same things they are and its about supporting each other during hard times. If you hate them why watch their videos? Keep your hatred to yourself.

    • chouter21 says:

      Becky – they love the attention. The thumbnail in their miscarriage video was staged and that bothers me and lot of people. How about you find yourself someone else to obsess over.

  11. Shawn Johnson East says:

    Dark hair or light hair?!

  12. GoodGoingGuy TV says:

    How is this trending with 16k views like this is such a nothing video

  13. Becca Lang says:

    You two are great and I’m really rooting for you however I wasn’t the biggest fan of Andrew being so superficial when it came to your photos. Saying things like “not for me” or “not my preference”, here’s a friendly reminder that women shouldn’t change the way the look for a man, it’s all about loving yourself first and not making decisions based on what other people think, especially your partner 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. Isaiah Valdez says:

    Hey look! A giant meat sack and his wife. Hooray

  15. Treeteradactyl vexxed says:

    Narcissism is their talent.

  16. Alec Hougdahl says:

    Cringe worthy

  17. chouter21 says:

    Why does she always say they’re married at the beginning? it’s annoying because we know that from her last name.

  18. chouter21 says:

    Why do this when they’ve obviously googled themselves before

  19. Trnttsr Edits says:

    Why is this trending?

  20. Brownsare beast says:

    What is this channel why is it trending

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