Afghanistan: Taliban now only 7 miles from Kabul

Afghanistan: Taliban now only 7 miles from Kabul

The first British troops have begun deploying to Afghanistan to assist in the evacuation of UK nationals who remain there.

About 600 troops are expected to take part in the operation, which will also help with the relocation of Afghans who face reprisals from the Taliban because they helped British forces.

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51 Responses

  1. Christian Foley says:

    Biden: “All going to plan, nothing to see here boys,”.

    • Daniel Pedoulias says:

      @prince of pain not trump – Obama

    • MR MAN says:


    • Fireteam Omega says:

      Maybe it’s always been the plan… People used make fun of the conspiracy theorists in the late 90s talking about geopolitics NWO agendas and destabilization of the middle east. I remember one general was blacklisted for speaking about it he said the plan went Iraq Syria Afghanistan and Iran needed to collapse for whatever greater agenda to happen. Doesn’t all seem too far fetched given the probability of where everything is now compared to then. People are more concerned about political rhetoric and division to care what happens behind the scenes. Another large proxy terror attack and people will scream for blood in Iran like clockwork.

    • Nicholas Martinez says:

      I agree with prince of pain didn’t trump the chump kill and got the general assassinated

  2. Milan Zdravkovic says:

    Airlift of Kabul in 10 years we will watch documentary on History chanel about it.

  3. Westbourne Park says:

    Did sky news just call the Afghan national army a formidable force? Hahaha

  4. Salim Juma says:

    “A drowning man cannot be saved until he is utterly exhausted and ceases to make the slightest effort to save himself”.
    Watchman Nee

  5. Random miscellaneous videos says:

    They said Kabul could fall within 90 days. Looks like they can take Kabul within 72 hours. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Mike5 says:

    EasyJet and RyanAir can only dream of landing that close

  7. The Trax says:

    If only the Afghan army had half the courage and spirit that that woman has.

  8. A Y says:

    It is interesting how the Pentagon was publicly estimating 90 days until Kabul was threatened, whereas the Russian government publicly estimated 2 weeks. So either the Pentagon is incompetent or lying. Reminds me of the Royal Navy incident in Crimea, where the Russian government’s version of events turned out to be true, and the British government blatantly lied about it, but then went back on themselves a few days later. It isn’t a good look when they can’t tell the truth to their own people.

    • boom 82 says:

      @Captain Europe shhhhh commie

    • Motto Baaj says:

      Good point but don’t stop there. Just how deep do the lies go. The country falls without a fight to a ‘brutal’ Taliban whos OMG worst atrocity is.. Wait for it.. To take over a radio station – o the horror. So just what is the reason our leaders do not want an Islamic govenment? Why are we always at war with Islam?

    • modernhiendai says:

      ​@LostVayne GP US did same things in Soviet–Afghan War. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • Brian B says:

      @Motto Baaj My Afghan friends say otherwise. Many atrocities happen behind the scenes. In the end they rule by terror. They despise the modern way of thinking. Taliban are armed goat farmers.

    • Usman G says:

      @LostVayne GP M16s, Humvees? Indian helicopters?

  9. Paul Ingram says:

    300,000 members of the Afghan armed services. Sure, the US/Uk shouldn’t have withdrawn when they did, but it is the Afghani army’s shortcomings that are to blame for this utter capitulation.

    • saif ali Ahmadi says:

      It’s 300,000 on paper so that the greedy commanders could get more money for ghost soldiers. It happened in every province. Most of them are not even fighting, the letting go of their front line and fleeing. The whole government is corrupt and sold. Now they will flee, the ones that have money, but the poor and innocent people will either die or endure hardship.

    • Filip Portman says:

      First of all, the blame is on US and for the most US alone for turning Afghanistan to this. And amusing to think that desert terrorists are more capable of Afghan army which are trained and equipped by the US army!

    • Floyd R. Turbo says:

      Here is the Afghan army training

  10. Painting with Billy says:

    Afghanistan isn’t called the graveyard of empires for nothing

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