After 40 Years, Ed’s Golden Nugget Is DRIVING And Back On The Road!!

After 40 Years, Ed’s Golden Nugget Is DRIVING And Back On The Road!!

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Ed’s Golden Nugget is on the road and driving!!! It’s been a long time coming and we’re closing in real soon on giving this ride back to him!
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17 Responses

  1. WvlfDarkfire says:

    Drive it. Fix it. Drive it. Fix it. THE FINAL STAGE IS HERE! Soon enough it’ll be back in Ed’s hands. Glad you guys are taking the time to tune it and fix all the little problems. It’ll be a great ride for Ed thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication. Bravo 👏

  2. 509FUN says:

    As someone who recently lost his last grandmother in life, I really hope Ed will have many years to come to enjoy all of this. Just hope it’s soon so he can start enjoying it and not reminiscing on memories of it. Make new memories of it with him!

  3. SuperPaigesPad says:

    Better that the rear end locks up on you than on Ed. Great work, guys! This whole series makes me happy. 🙂

    • The Insane Shecklador says:

      I remember them having to do some sort of unexpected parts swapping when working on the diffs. Was it the rear one that they had to modify using parts from the front? I can’t remember which one they had go mess with.

    • mrnine324 says:

      Very true! Also good it wasn’t the front diff that locked up while driving.

  4. Jimmy Jenkins says:

    The GN looks and sounds great. The rear end…better to have happened before it goes home to Ed. Awesome job! Thanks to you and your crew!

  5. Big Sexy Muthashutyomouth says:

    The FabRats team deserves a great big 👏 👍 for their hard work. They are the ones that really made this project possible!!!!

  6. TowMan127 says:

    Glad to see the nugget on the road and running. First test drive is where you’ll find things that need to be fixed or adjusted. Sucks that the rear end locked up but you’ll get it taken care of. Glad nothing bad happened when it locked up. The rear on my 90’ GMC jimmy locked up on the highway while doing 70 and that was SCARY!!!! I had to put it in 4×4 to break it so I can get off the road. You guys got this!!! Can’t wait to see the nugget with the bike and trailer all together. Keep up the great work guys! God bless!

  7. Gramps1975 says:

    You guys rock for taking on this project and turning it into something that is just spectacular…Ed is gonna absolutley love the entire package returned to him.

  8. The Truck Farmer says:

    Congrats to everyone involved who made the project come to fruition! You’ve all got something to be proud of!

  9. James Warren says:

    Well at least you’re on the downhill stretch was going good there for a while, but you’ll get it all worked out can’t wait to see everything together and when Ed lays his eyes on it all for the first time!👍🏼🤩💪🏼

  10. frenchcannuck says:

    The golden nugget is finally ready for a road test. What an amazing restoration. Sounds like the pinion bearings may have overheated due the pinion working angle. It appeared to be quite a bit in the previous videos. Could you rotate the differential.

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