Aftonbuilt is a surprisingly well made Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Game that didn’t make it into the Fanverse!

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38 Responses

  1. Lonely Sandwich says:

    I’ve seen many people play this and I’m very excited to see mark play it

  2. Hadrian Smith says:

    Lixian’s editing is god tier. I couldn’t stop laughing when Mark was trying to make a new name for AftonBuilt and the actual name kept changing.

  3. Alex says:

    Mark: *having trouble*: “It’s a just a Demo!”
    Also Mark: “I’m not going to read the tutorial!”
    Mark: *having trouble*: “I don’t know what to do!”
    Also Mark: *Opens menu and not notices task list*

  4. Bubblebee says:

    i really hope the writers find a developer who’s willing to help complete the game cuz there’s truly so much potential with it

    • DeadPrank says:

      @hot gas stove! jesus

    • BUBBLEGUM846 says:

      @insane jokress They are legally allowed to complete it but they don’t have the funds and holding any kind of fundraiser would be illegal due to what happened with the fanverse stuff

    • Gabriel Piñeiro García says:

      @hot gas stove! Man that sucks, its true What they say about never meeting your heroes. Having you Chase around a dream and crushing It after years is so bad, the Game looked interesting too, if Only needing a bit of polish…

    • electrobob992 says:

      @Tiny Kit Actually it’s less that they don’t want it to be finished, more that they can’t due to a lack of funds. Which they originally got from the fanverse and scott paying them, but after declining them as part of the fanverse they lost that funding. But not before having them sign a non profit agreement which prevents them raising their own money. Only way they could get it finished would be if they could get people to work on it pro-bono. Aka for free.
      Or as mark mentioned, if they changed the characters and plot to make it unique enough to be it’s own universe.

    • akelai says:

      @Tiny Kit us fans wrote a lot of the story ourselves, why can’t they toss us a bone? 🙁

  5. Darksteel Heart says:

    The creators/devs of AftonBuilt should just adjust it and make their own thing for sure. This is really awesome.

    • creepy-kitty says:

      @Round Shades but that would take forever game development is pricey

    • Tetrafuse says:

      It sadly will never happen. The devs have abandoned the project and will probably never want to work on it again because all they will see is their crushed dream that they kept chasing for years oblivious that the game was never going to be accepted into the FNAF Fan Verse Program.

    • Gabriel Piñeiro García says:

      @ImagineWagons999 if they change the concept itself technically and by legal looohole is not the same game.

      Scrapping out the names of things from Fnaf or replace them with others. But man sucks to see a project discarded and crushed

    • Round Shades says:

      @DaMu , they can fund it a dollar at a time. Thus the Kickstarter

    • electrobob992 says:

      @ImagineWagons999 If I recall that agreement only applies if they continue to use assets of fnaf, and characters of that series. Ergo if they rebranded the game, locations, and animatronics. It would no longer be afton built.

  6. Vio Van Helsing says:

    Definitive proof that Mark will love any dog, even a terrifying scrapped mechanical one that’s been possessed by the enraged soul of a dead child.

  7. Freeziac says:

    I reallly enjoyed this game, both Mark’s and Matpat’s playthroughs showed the effort and care that went into it. The developers should definitely be proud!

    • Èvan Moreau says:

      You’re right. Even if the game got rejected, its really well made and its something to be proud of. I hope the developpers were not discouraged out of making more games.

    • creepy-kitty says:

      I don’t think the developers want to think about this game at all anymore tbh

  8. BarbarianLibrarian says:

    That opening cutscene was pretty good, considering it was just a storyboard. The pacing and music took it up a notch.

  9. Scarlett Caelin says:

    Mark: *Walks to the point where the bomb goes out of view*
    Also mark: *Blames the controls*

  10. MalachiteDragon1 says:

    *Do you want to take the tutorials for the tools*
    Mark: “Psssh naah”

    • Mara Juna says:

      TBH it feels like Mark just wants to be done with whatever game and it’s a chore to him lately… But skipping tutorials is sort of his thing yeah.

    • Wikloe says:

      Mark is a fan of the scientific method: Fuck around and find out, and that’s what makes it entertaining.

    • Turtlebacongaemz Mustard says:

      The Markiplier paradox 😔

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