AG Barr faces Senate in contentious Mueller report hearing

AG Barr faces Senate in contentious Mueller report hearing

William Barr’s first of two hearings on the Mueller report have him facing the Senate Judiciary, chaired by Republican Lindsey Graham. Barr’s interactions with Senate Democrats will likely set the stage for his grilling in front of the Democrat-led House Judiciary on Thursday.

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49 Responses

  1. Benjamin Martin says:

    From what I’ve heard, NOT 1 Democrat and only 2 Republican Senators actually looked at the full unredacted Mueller report. The Dems have been begging for it, and wont even look at it even tho they have the ability. This is all horse hockey.

    • clinton thurman says:

      Benjamin Martin what exactly are you winning?

    • Benjamin Martin says:

      +clinton thurman Barr is the boss. You think it’s his job to do that? Read what the US Attorney General’s job description is. Quit showing your ignorance on social media.

    • LeRoy Boxley says:

      Because the Democrats are assholes and want to cause mischief and mayhem for the sake of it.

    • Rob R says:

      Dirty lawmakers, dirty cops. Barr and the rest of us have our work cut out for us. Thank God for Barr, Trump and the rest.

    • Rob R says:

      Here we are taking endless resources away for thought policing all the while ignoring actual, hard evidence of obstruction, collusion, and espiinage: Clinton, FBI, Clinton and FBI respectively.

  2. petey Y says:

    A few great men.

  3. Randy Moore says:

    The democrats were just doing their usual communist agitating when they were demanding the whole, unredacted Mueller report. They knew good and well there wasn’t anything in there that would make Trump look bad. To any reasonable person it could only make Mueller and the democrats look bad.

  4. iDinDuNuffin says:

    This is so terrifying the lengths these people are still going to cover up the illegal spying and unmasking…. what happens if this continues in 2020? Sedition is what this is.

    • Bonnie R says:

      Well, there are laws against sedition. Anyone who commits that crime should be deported and I mean everyone! never to EVER return again!

    • Mr. Blonde says:

      It’s a legitimate, approved investigation. Drop the Hannity talking points, already. Barr soiled the bed. Deal with it, sweetheart.

    • JerseySlayer says:

      And i shouldn’t _seem familiar_ dipshit.

    • Chris Metcalf says:

      Wait till Barr is asking the questions lol.

    • JerseySlayer says:

      +Mr. Blonde Its an important investigation that is simultaneously a partisan attack. Both truths are important. Everything since the report was released is _only one of those two truths._ The media in this country wants clicks, ratings, and every major news network since the Twin Towers fell has been on a mad, polarizing quest. They don’t care about the fabric of our society. They can all burn in hell. _All of them, including yours truly._

  5. Bobby Blatts says:


  6. Registered Democrat says:

    Waste of tax money ?

    • Lawrence Miera says:

      Well said! quite shameful really.And these are the bastards that want free education??? Who the Fuck’s going to pay for that? And will I get my money back for paying for my education? Dumb motherfuckers!

  7. BiteMyShinyMetal4ss says:

    Barr always reminds me of John Goodman.

  8. JerseySlayer says:

    They should get Cathy Newman to do these hearings.
    Newman: “So you’re saying….”
    Barr: I’m saying…
    Newman: “So you’re saying….”

    • legit low talker says:

      JerseySlayer so what your saying is…. the lobsters colluded with RUSSSSHHHIIIAAAAAAAA LOL

  9. Pieter Booysen says:

    It is astonishing that some of these lunatics are in Congress

    • Agnostic Atheist says:

      Agreed, Lindsey and the other Republicans are not only lunatics but enemies of the People of the United States. They, like Trump and Barr, will be held accountable for their actions.

    • Eric Williamson says:

      The Hawaiian lady illustrated how stupid and ignorant people are

    • Dubious! says:

      +Agnostic Atheist

      Is that when you open your gulags, comrade?

    • Marco Polo1 says:

      The dems and rinos are disgusting.
      Vote them all out in 2020.
      TRUMP 2020, RED WAVE 2020

    • Agnostic Atheist says:

      +Dubious! you’re mistaken, I am not the one who fell for Russian propaganda and voted in moron who is undermining the Representative Democracy of the US.

      No wonder Trump said he ‘loves the uneducated’ – you morons on the right prove why daily.

  10. David Davidson says:

    Thanks so much for your coverage of this extremely important issue Fox News Channel! Job well done.

  11. Jack Calatayud says:

    Are career corrupt politicians haven’t done anything for the American people or the country in the last three decades.
    This is why we need term limits in Washington DC I’ve had enough of these Traders!


    I’m sick of hearing about RUSSIANS. The enemies of the United States are within our gates

  13. michael ratcliffe says:

    This will all be chronicled history it’s amazing that the Dems would put themselves on display as the stupid petty politicians they are.
    What an embarrassment.
    Sessions allowed this mess to fester what a coward.

  14. Alan Biederman says:

    These are the people berating Barr? Hirono should follow her previous advice and “just shut up”. Blumenthal lied about his military service and Kamala Harris always looks like she needs to take an Exlax.

  15. Theron Mclauchlan says:

    This government doesn’t work for the people anymore they have been bought by special interest and as Americans we need to watch these horse and pony shows closely and really need to think about what we are agreeing to by having these people in charge.

  16. Think Naught says:

    These hearings have no purpose other than to present politicians a platform where they can say whatever they want, where no one can interrupt their diatribe; whether it’s true or false, and not even ask the interviewee a question related to their BS.
    This kind of Televised party political meaningless performance really serves no purpose other than to invent pathetically week talking points for CNN, NBC, FOX etc.

  17. coal cash says:

    Hahaha omg I’m cracking up are the Dems smoking crack a day in court for what

  18. coal cash says:

    We can never ever ever ever let a Democrat run this country ever again or it’s gonna be directly into the ground tombstones for liberty

  19. Trump2020 says:

    You guys wanna hear a joke?

    Joe Biden.

  20. baker6speed says:

    I had to fast forward Booker , I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about lol , he didn’t know either . Ole Spartacus lol . And some people want this idiot to run for President . Omg help us

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