Age of Wonders 1 Review | 800×600® Edition™

Age of Wonders 1 Review | 800×600® Edition™

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31 Responses

  1. SsethTzeentach says:

    Go to and find
    out how you can get 3 months of
    ExpressVPN free!

    • Certifiably Mediocre™ says:

      Holy shit that ad read is so good. Could you just upload that separate video to the second channel? You have outdone yourself.

    • MechanicalMonk says:

      Friendly reminder that when y comes to privacy, hosted VPNs are a scam. If you truly care, host your own dns (pihole), use an encrypted external dns (e.g. cloudflare) and take care about what sites you visit and what services you use (reject Google, Amazon, etc).

      Treat everything Sseth or any other YouTuber says about express vpn with the same doubt that you’d use for literally any other ad.

    • Rocket Propelled Mexican says:

      ExpressVPN and NordVPN are both glowie ops

    • Schproemftell says:

      I wonder if you have played the original Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate from 1997 ?

    • KnoxEmDown says:

      @Not Turner Yup, and the vast majority of his audience has eaten it up hook line and sinker. Advertising seems to work best when the target audience has an unhealthy parasocial relationship with the advertiser.

  2. Draph Enjoyer says:

    I’m certain this man is responsible for 90% of GoG’s yearly revenue

  3. LegacyCrono says:

    Seeth is a mad man, he got them to make a special AoW bundle just for him AND he also made available a fix for a game glitch. Truly an ascended being.

  4. Affan Alam says:

    Congrats Sseth you’ve now become one of the few youtubers whose sponsored segments I don’t skip.

  5. the_miracle_aligner says:

    Ahh yes! Time to obsess over a game for months on end and never even play it, Great review as always Sseth, always a glorious day when you upload.

  6. János Endreffy (Endrosz) says:

    Before Age of Wonders was released, some music tracks were shared on the developer’s website. The music of this game is so great, it made me shiver with anticipation. It was one of my most anticipated games of all time, and it did not disappoint when it was released!

  7. fatchildcookie says:

    Playing AoW 2 as a kid and then returning over a decade later to AoW 3 was one of the best gaming experiences I ever had
    Absolute banger of a franchise

    • Dallarian says:

      Personally I hated AoW 3, it was most boring game for me, with many issues and faulty mechanics.
      I loved how they build on all AoW 3 features and fixed many mechanics when doing Planetfall, so while based on game worst for me, AoW:P turned out to be my second favourite, just behind beloved AoW1.

    • qwertz ü says:

      @koolunit thx

    • fatchildcookie says:

      @ElderChicken Played it a bit, not as much as I would like to, but I think it’s nice. I like what they added, but feel like the overarched “story” of Planetfall doesn’t really have that strong narrative points AoW 3 and esp AoW 2 had. AoW 2 had a really personal story that resonated really well with the mastering of all spheres etc.

      Planetfall feels like a Warhammer parody made for AoW fans, and I’m here for it, but would definitely like to see a bit more of the “edgy serious storyline” atmosphere that the predecessors tried to establish. I’m a narrative/story/worldbuilding nerd, so note that this is only my personal preference

      Also note that I didn’t play any Planetfall DLCs yet

    • koolunit says:

      @qwertz ü If I may offer an answer: there are a great many unit packs at Steam, and the community made Shadow Realm expansion is an one of the best modding collabs/community driven packs I have ever seen. Adds the entire Shadow Realm back into the game!

    • sad pee says:

      im having the opposite experience starting from 3 and going back to shadow magic and 2. they still hold up

  8. Christ00v says:

    I remember playing age of wonders: shadow magic and having to stop because the AI can essentially ‘detect lethal’ on your faction leader during battles and not matter how esoteric the methods would manage to snipe my leader causing a game over.
    I got too salty, but this video makes me want to try it again. Another great video Sseth!

  9. Rinrin Fran says:

    This is unironically better than a lot modern games we have today.

    • Karsh says:

      I’ve slowly (really slowly it seems) begun to realize that ~90% of the time the less well-looking a game is, the better its gameplay actually is.
      …And sadly enough, not nearly enough other people have realized that, which often causes those better-and-ugly games to not really sell particularly well these days, ultimately causing them to either be abandoned in development or at least not get any sequel or any new games afterwards from the studio which made them.

      I still love you, Runers.

    • J Sands says:

      games were good before 2007

  10. RustyRed says:

    The expansion to the sequel to this game, Age of Wonders II: Shadow Magic, is a absolute masterpiece and i really hope Sseth would do a video of it one day.

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