Ahsoka | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

Ahsoka | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

Warrior. Outcast. Rebel. Jedi.
#Ahsoka arrives August 2023 on @DisneyPlus.

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52 Responses

  1. Steven Serna says:

    Every Rebels fan who stuck with the show or gave it a chance just unlocked ultimate satisfaction 😂

  2. ShockTea says:

    I really hope they blow us away with the combat choreography

    • Vasqu3z says:

      haha keep waiting forever bro

    • ArliSongbird says:

      ​@Ukusinda You know that’s why her mantrals are shorter, because it was too heavy, yet they had an actress walk around in AoTC as shaak’ti with full lekku and montrals.

      Also what is with all of the rebels cast looking nothing like either the animated show or their live-action posters, I don’t mean the actors or body/face cause its live-action (although Bo Katan looks spot on.) But the outfits, Heras doesn’t look like her finale/squadrons outfit. Etc

    • Tactical Brick Animations says:

      not gonna happen

    • NDE108 says:

      After watching John Wick 4… I have low expectations for their choreography

  3. Luca Clifford says:

    God I hope Thrawn is well written, I’m gonna be rooting for him more than anyone else.

    • Just Stop. says:

      It won’t be. This is Disney. He’ll be ruined just like every other character they touch. Odds are he won’t even look like he’s suppose to and be cast as a female.

    • StepininjaPlayz Σ says:

      Hell yes. Thrawn is genuinely my favourite star Wars character.

    • Rishi says:

      Disney will give us a pozzed version of Thrawn played by Jonathon Majors.

    • Derpman Average Gamer says:

      @King Panda God of Taste they only really nerfed him by giving him idiotic officers. i imagine now he’d be very much a threat.

    • Luca Clifford says:

      @GumbyLooknMF I basically want Comic Thrawn, a good but ruthless man with good reasons for choosing the side he did while still being a genius, Rebels definetally nerfed the hell out of him and kinda just made him a slightly sinister but smart villain rather than the nuanced and ruthless genius he is in the comics.

  4. Lauren Turner says:

    Nice to see Rebels coming to life! And let’s hope if Thrawn is back, he’s not alone.

    • JohnnyNoPockets the 4K'n, Triple A'n Cat says:

      Of course he’s not alone. What’s wrong with y’all? They’re picking up where rebels left off. How do people not know this??

    • MDestroyerX says:

      I think that sith at the end was vitiate in valkorion form

    • Sif3r says:

      @Jym Lawlor lol, I was wondering what you were talking about 😂

    • Jym Lawlor says:

      ​@Caden Sturm omg. I replied to the wrong person. Muhahaaa.. I learned something. May you BOTH have something wonderful happen. Inadvertently I was picking sides. Peace

    • Jym Lawlor says:

      ​@Sif3r excellent defusing. Taking the time to stop this misunderstanding has renewed my faith in mankind during all this other kaos. It truly is the little things. Thank you. I hope something wonderful happens today for you.

  5. Serendipity says:

    Man honestly, mad respect to Rosario Dawson, a couple of years ago nobody believed that Ahsoka could be translated to a live action character.

  6. packertai1 says:

    Oh my gosh! Sabine, Hera and Ashoka in one show let’s go! Beyond excited right now! ❤😆

  7. Dutch The Hooligan says:

    Guess it’s time to re-watch Rebels, and I’m not complaining! Woooo heck yeah this looks guuud

  8. Lev Mirov says:

    As someone who loved Rebels I cannot believe the crew of the Ghost are back for live action. As someone who grew up on the Thrawn audiobooks, I’m thrilled this material is being remixed for the next generation of Star Wars fans.

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    For a teaser trailer, I didn’t expect it to show off this much. I’m beyond excited to finally have the ghost crew back together. Saw Zeb in The Mandalorian, and here we get to see Sabine, Hera, Chopper, Thrawn, and I’m sure we will see Ezra.

  10. Daniel Manoukian says:

    This trailer is everything I hoped it would be and more. Hearing Ahsoka refer to Thrawn as ‘heir to the Empire’ gave me chills, and seeing all these characters in live-action is just too awesome.

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