Air Conditioning Anywhere?

Air Conditioning Anywhere?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) — Today’s Mystery Video –
Evapolar (USA Link) –
Evapolar (International) –

This little thing is called the Evapolar. It’s a desktop air conditioner that you can place anywhere without a need to vent it like a traditional air conditioner. It’s not as powerful as a standard air conditioner, but it’s a cool solution if you need to create a microclimate.

From the manufacturer –

Evapolar emulates a similar natural air cooling process unlike most air conditioners that simply create a strong flow of cold dry air that may lead to catching a cold.

Evapolar captures large particles of dust from the airflow making it easier for you to breathe thus improving your productivity.

No need for installation – just plug it in and feel the sensation. All you need is a wall socket to immediately feel the cooling effects of this portable air conditioning unit. No screws, drills, or heavy lifting required.

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20 Responses

  1. SkiffPokémon Gamer says:

    Like for Jack’s reveal .

  2. ThirtyVirus says:

    What is this madness? Where does the heat go?

  3. HEADY1313 says:

    OMGGGGG I have multiple sclerosis or MS. I am very sensitive to heat if I
    get too hot my body literally starts to shut down and I can no longer move
    my limbs or speak… This would liberate me when I can’t handle the heat
    outside and want to go somewhere. Not everywhere has as cold as I need
    it…. I’m going to have to ask Santa for it LOL. Thank you so much for
    bringing this to our attention!

  4. Tramon Walker says:

    A little short story
    ? ?
    /? < ? ? / ? ? /? /? ? / ? ? /?
    ? /

    ? ☺
    /? /?
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    ? ?
    /| /?
    / /

    ? /?
    <| ? /? / ? /()__,✊? / _/\/ ? /\___,____? // // \ ? /\___,?_____? // // \ ? ☺ /| /(?) /'!' / *The End*??? Like for creativity? I copied someone else's comment

  5. Harsh Tiwari says:

    it’s a fucking mini cooler. it pretty common in india but we get it for
    less than $300

  6. Robert Briggs says:

    Are you fucking kidding me. $250 for a swamp cooler? Literally all that is,
    is a fan and a water pump. I’ve made those myself for under $20 before. By
    the way, they only work in dry climates. They perform extremely poorly if
    the humidity is already high.

  7. MrDangerboyy says:

    Lew is just a mysterious guy all around. We are as clueless as to whether
    his cameraman is real as to whether his giveaways are real.

  8. Logic1800 says:

    ?????????Subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe back with 36 accounts

  9. Haydon Brown says:

    I clicked on both links, and couldn’t find the Evapolar, im very interested
    in buying one, please help me Lou.

  10. FamBAMiLee says:

    Um, clicked the link in the description below…I did not see this anywhere
    on Hmm…Guess I’ll have to use the window unit again. 🙁

  11. Ray Kon says:

    stop reacting like its something unbelievably new alien invention. thats
    just a fucking air cooler. we have some giant room cooler one’s in india
    with 2 year warranty for just like $50. mood light my ass.

  12. TamezTech says:

    You’re that guy that fakes giveaways?

  13. Prince Kevin says:

    I just made a pin can write in 2 different colors i am selling it for 250
    dollars Lol

  14. Ryland Mattoon says:

    Who tf is Jack ?

  15. Echo Gaming says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll NEVER be hot

  16. Quentavius Francis says:

    what’s the music playing in the background. idc about no air conditioning

  17. Difeas says:

    It’s way too expensive imo

  18. GangsterGaming says:

    looks like it could be perfect for a dorm room.

  19. Dr Revolution says:

    whats the song its really nice

  20. Tyler Fay says:

    Wow. An air cooler fucking amazing