Air Pistol Vs Candle Challenge – The Slow Mo Guys

Air Pistol Vs Candle Challenge – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan are always up for a challenge. Today, they use the most inaccurate air pistol to put out a flame from about… 3 metres away. Pretty hardcore.
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Thanks to:
Destin from Smarter Every Day for lending us the camera –
Air Pistol Vs Candle Challenge – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. Sam Schineller says:

    Hey random person scrolling through the comments, Have a great day!

  2. hi hi says:

    heeyy before I get drowned by the comments the 1% of people that see
    this….. hi ??

  3. Milo Cunningham says:

    Gavin have you ever damaged one of the camera’s

  4. Kez says:

    gav and dan, thank you so much for producing such entertaining, beautiful
    slowmo films. It’s so inspiring to watch coming from a filmmaker/youtuber
    like myself.

  5. MrNobody says:

    .22 plinkster needed to be there…. you guys….

  6. Telic says:

    Hey Slow Mo Guys 😀 I’d love to supply you guys with some of my slow chill
    music for your vids if you’d like <3

  7. DG Lifestyle says:

    your camera records at one million frames per second, yet you guys never
    shoot slower than 28500 fps

  8. Paco says:


  9. Candi Soda says:

    Here’s a challenge 🙂

    Can you do a slomo of two guns pointed at each other (or at a slight angle)
    and watch in slomo the two bullets colliding to each other?

  10. The Dark Craft Rises says:

    i am early let me think of a joke

    Read More

  11. Brandon Rauls says:

    Why does it sound like a jet engine is in the video?

  12. JoshGembo94 says:

    Seemed like a perfect advert for John Wick 2.

  13. Paul Baker says:

    dan standing downrange from that pellet gun with no eye protection is a
    little ballsy

  14. David Ryder says:

    As a kid I remember being fascinated with a photo of a bullet coming
    straight at the camera. My dad explained how it was done w/o putting a hole
    through the lens, film and camera body. Nice work guys. How about you guys
    set up a vertical mirror and have a gun and camera each at 45 degrees from
    the mirror surface … then you can shoot the bullet coming straight at the
    camera w/o it actually doing so. It smashes the mirror of course.

  15. Jason Miller says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Gav looks like Obi Wan Kenobi with that
    beard? haha

  16. Warped Perception says:

    Should we participate in this challenge? How long is Destin lending you his
    camera for ?

  17. Nathan Trone says:

    That was great guys. Love it. More challenges. Come on people, come up with
    some good one! I say clay birdie shooting?

  18. Endermender110 says:

    wait what’s with the random pillow at 5:33?

  19. polarwhip 223 says:

    Hit at 4:33

  20. «brody.b» says:

    I guess you could say this video was….

    Pretty lit.
    I’ll leave now