Air Segura VS Rain Man | YMH Original

Air Segura VS Rain Man | YMH Original

What started as an off-handed comment by Tom Segura on 2 Bears, 1 Cave with guest Joe Rogan, turned into a local news story in Erie, PA. When Tom heard local weatherman David Wolter make a joke about him during his forecast – it started a FEUD! David was swarmed on social media by YMH fans, and responded by challenging Tom to a game of basketball. Tom accepted and put some exciting stakes on the game. Will Erie, PA finally have something cool to brag about? Watch to find out!

Donate to the Pompe Warrior Foundation HERE:

Produced by: Joshua Zollo

Executive Producers: Ryan P. Hall and Nadav Itzkowitz

Edited by: Eduardo Gamba

Director of Photography: Chad Wallin

Camera Operators: Shaun Nix and Tyler Pena

Sound Recordist: CJ Roberts

Sound Mixer: Chad Wallin

Boom Operator: Amanda Avery

Special Thanks to Tony English, Paul Brasil, 3rd and Lamar, Austin Sports Center, Enny, Niana Pallatt, Heather Mills and Katelyn Sadd

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28 Responses

  1. Sam Green says:

    Some people were born wearing jeans high and tight & some have to earn them.

    David, you have earned your jeans.

    So much to say about the production of this video. But all I’ll add is Tim… You’re a gentleman for still donating. #HumbleInVictory

  2. CHipZz says:

    Y’all gotta have David on for an episode of the podcast now. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship 😂

  3. Amanda Burns says:

    This was so fun to watch! Wish it was longer! But awesome for Tom to still make a donation to both charities and even more awesome to see Mommies in the comments making donations to David’s charity of choice! Wish I could, but I’m a fat poor 😔 Thanks YMH for the wholesome content! ♥️👖♥️

  4. Rhuda Brayner says:

    Tom is like a completely different human now, truly inspiring

  5. Kyle Bamford says:

    This arc was so much fun to follow and I’m almost sad it’s over. Great game between Tommy and David! Dave is a great sport being thrown into the storm like this also ❤

  6. Kelly Nino says:

    Zolo asking that first question just set the tone for the whole video. Literally laughed so hard. Great job jeans. You had us all sweating for a bit.

  7. Mark Tenenbaum says:

    Big time respect for David after this. He’s officially a Mommy in my book

  8. Mohamad Jeha says:

    David drinking the tiny water bottle absolutely killed me

  9. alyssa smith says:

    The apology made me SO happy. Good on you main mommies!! And David, welcome to your mom’s house. Love you mommy thanks

  10. Tim Morrell says:

    This is wholesome as hell , much love to both of them

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