Air Traffic Control – SNL

Air Traffic Control – SNL

A Scottish air traffic controller (James McAvoy) with a heavy accent tries to guide a plane to a safe landing.

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60 Responses

  1. MichaelBarberaMusic says:

    Anyone else up late binge watching SNL YouTube or just me?

  2. A G says:

    I always have to put on subtitles when I watch something with a Scottish accent..I have tried but don’t understand a thing….but it is so sexy though!

  3. Logan Strom says:

    My uncle is from Scotland. This is exactly what talking to him on the phone is like.

  4. H N. says:

    Thank God Kylie is not board.
    James McAvoy ??? made my morning.
    From the Netherlands ?

  5. N'J J W says:

    Can someone translate the script ??

  6. Coaster Labs says:

    I don’t know why they don’t understand. I understood what they said… BROON!

    • Matthew W says:

      I don’t really get the joke.

    • Shannon Clarke says:

      I’m from Northern Ireland so I actually understood it haha

    • Phil Douglas says:

      Look at the old fart who claims to know about bacteria but doesn’t even know where bacteria comes from.
      It’s like meeting someone who claims to know about the Packers but doesn’t even know they’re from Green Bay. Claims to know about Prozac but doesn’t know it came from Eli-Lily executives bribing FDA officials to make it legal for human consumption.

    • NelC says:

      +Phil Douglas You’re insane. Even worse, you can’t even visualise the size of your car’s fuel tank compared to the amount of drugs the most drugged-out hippy could consume daily. Do you know how much a gallon is? You come out with crap like that, and expect anyone to believe you worked in the oil industry? What as, a receptionist?

    • NelC says:

      +Phil Douglas Look at the blow-hard conspiracist magical-thinker who can’t tell a gallon from a fluid-ounce.

  7. E.H. says:

    I came here for the “shutdown” joke but I’m glad this skit turned out the way it did. I’m pretty stoned so it was magnificent 🙂

  8. Drew Peterson says:

    lmao I love how Kenan doesn’t have to do much but he’s still absolutely hilarious

  9. Tobe Doss says:

    I knew watching Outlander would come on handy at some point in my life!

  10. Maria Basulto says:

    James Mcavoy did an amazing job. When did he become so dang hot?

  11. John ross says:

    I’m from Glasgow in Scotland and I’m in tears at this ?????

    • Holly B says:

      I’m American who has talked to a friend in Scotland and I’m in tears! ??????

    • Nexus says:

      John ross I lived and worked in Glasgow. My favourite seconds city in the uk, pretty much would be my first but loyalty and all.

      I managed well with the accents, though did get nearly daily headaches ?. One guys accent was so thick that even other Scots couldn’t understand him lol. I can remember sitting in a senior committee meeting, he was worked up, and appealing for me to back him. I understood the first two minutes, then no, uh uh just his mouth moving with sounds ?. Nobody else understood either, we all cracked up. He did get what he wanted eventually, a great big Jock with a big heart ??

      I’m a bit Scots too, love Glasgow, love Scotland ???????❤️

    • John ross says:

      Nexus nae bother mate ??

    • Rachel Gallacher says:

      Im the same ???

  12. FlyingOverTr0ut says:

    I could watch another ten minutes of James McAvoy shouting piloting instructions in Scottish.

  13. Derek Miller says:

    Sounds perfectly clear to me…mind you I am Scottish…

  14. Hummer O says:

    ???. I moved to Scotland in 2014 and this was me for 2 months!

  15. Trolligarch says:

    Fun fact: The Welsh language was invented by smashing your head onto a keyboard.

    Source: Am British

  16. clevelandcbi says:

    “Your accent is very thick. Is it possible to not have it???” ???
    EDIT: Thanks for the likes. 207 now. This particular line killed me cuz the pilot’s face reminded me of my late dad whenever he was connected to customer service. He was hard of hearing already and would get SOOO frustrated with the supposed “friendly neighbor operator.” ??? He covered the phone once and said, “This lady’s name is NOT on any keychain I’ve ever seen. No way that’s a Denver accent.” Was never mean to anyone, but would ask if everyone was avoiding that blizzard or hurricane or whatever just to hear the crazy replies to such an unexpected question.

  17. mickeyhynes says:

    Very funny. Although all air traffic control for the UK is controlled by NATS in Swanwick, Hampshire, so you’ll probably be dealing with a slightly depressed sounding English person.

    • Bradley Burns says:

      Don’t forget Shanwick which are the Irish controllers working the flights as they come off the NAT tracks. I do fine with Shanwick, great with London, even do okay with Scottish Control. But a female controller in the Islands? Forget about it Copying a clearance in Kingston is next to impossible…St. Maarten isn’t much better. Come to think of it, the French controllers in Brest are tough to understand too.

    • Scarlett Fox says:

      +James Walker clearly you aren’t Scottish. Also, you don’t understand the difference between “British” and “English”

    • James Walker says:

      Scarlett Fox no, I’m not scots,, and I’m not English either. Most days I pass for sounding Canadian. 😀

    • James Horn says:

      +Mr. Meerkat I have to say that of all versions of Scottish accent, the Glaswegian is the most immpenetrable. I gather other Scots have trouble understanding them.

    • NelC says:

      +Bradley Burns You missed the most important detail: how to pronounce “Shanwick”.

  18. Mia7189 says:

    An SNL writer posted on Twitter last night that James worked with them on this skit by rewriting his lines, telling the writers that ‘everyone in Scotland will understand me, but no one in the US will’. Good work, James. ?

  19. 일린 says:

    Just aim for water! ???????

  20. ASMRShortbread says:

    I’m Scottish but I live in England; this is reminiscent of my colleagues’ struggles every day. Bless them.

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