Airdropping (real) Plane Tickets to Strangers ✈️

Airdropping (real) Plane Tickets to Strangers ✈️

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33 Responses

  1. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    You should keep her on the channel to take others to travel with. Her energy is so great!

  2. Adrienne Owens says:

    Holly is my spirit animal!!! She quit a job because she didn’t want to talk in front of people, it made her uncomfortable. But yet she approached random strangers and went on a trip with them without even knowing them. You’re stronger than you think Holly!!!

  3. Win Reacts says:

    I can say this for the rest of us, BRING Holly in as a official member of Yes Theory! She is the hidden gem to the all boys group that Yes Theory needs!
    Her energy is unmatched!

  4. Maria Hooker- says:

    Here’s a idea guys, have ever thought about taking a random person from each of your home countries and travelling somewhere with them as one big group? Idk it seems like something that would be a fun experience for them and u

  5. Aaron Spencer says:

    Holly should become a new official member of Yes Theory. She’s got the perfect mindset to fit right in

  6. Senne De Roo says:

    From all the years of watching this channel, i think i never smiled this much during a stranger video as with this one. You could tell she enjoyed every single second of this trip, starting from just meeting you all, she’s absolutely amazing! Great video guys!

  7. hunterboy 61705 says:

    Wow I don’t think the boys could’ve picked a better person for this trip holly is awesome!!

    • RickyGames says:

      Wooow amazing @Holly Roome best random stranger ever!!!!

    • YUKILELE says:


    • Snug Life says:

      She reminds me of the girl they hopped on a helicopter in L.A. and went to hang out with wolves, drove a Ferrari, etc. They could be sisters😊.
      On a side note, I really appreciate Yes Theory for putting positivity to all that watch in this crazy, negative, world we’re living in😢. The insane division rammed down our throats is so disheartening and counterproductive regardless of religion, political ideologies, sexual orientation, race, etc. if you’re reading this, I wish you a wonderful journey on this adventure we call life😊👍

  8. Angie Baptiste says:

    The serendipity of Holly being the person to go on the trip is absolutely mind blowing ,astounding ,and just so freaking perfect. Love this!

  9. Alexia B. says:

    She’s a literal sunshine! Her energy is just amazing and I can relate to her, being anxious but she still took the chance to say YES to strangers.

  10. Stefan says:

    You just found yourself the perfect female crew member! Her energy is awesome. Total fit for you. Don’t let her go ❣️

    • Omkar says:

      I had the same thought she has to join them now

    • Jaden Moreno says:

      @Abass Ba isn’t that the whole purpose of this channel

    • Stefan says:

      @Abass Ba Yeah, but she faced her fears in this video passionately and isn’t that what yes theory is all about ?

    • Kris M says:

      @Abass Bathat was for a job where you are approaching people trying to sell them something which I assume she wasn’t passionate about. Being on Yes Theory crew would be different I would imagine.

    • Abass Ba says:

      remember, she said she isnt good with strangers or doing things in public and engaging in yes theory activities does include that

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