Ajax 1-1 Juventus: Champions League Recap with Goals and Highlights

Ajax 1-1 Juventus: Champions League Recap with Goals and Highlights

Cristiano Ronaldo gave Juventus the lead but Ajax’s young side fought back to keep the Champions League quarter-final balanced.

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94 Responses

  1. joshua akotia says:

    Even ajax played better than united

    • Hall Of The Vardy says:

      +Apex Soccer 96 Hold on. I hope you are trolling because you are really looking stupid right now. Barcelona won fair and square, and VAR was necessary because of a stupid ref mistake. I dont know what the fuck you are talking about. That goal was a goal.
      Second of all, chasing PSV? Ajax is in first place STUPID. You of all people should know that Manchester United doesnt even deserve to be in the quarterfinals.

    • Hall Of The Vardy says:

      +Apex Soccer 96 also, I never said that Ajax is the best team ever, or that they’ll beat Juventus. All I was trying to say is that the person who commented how “even ajax” performed better than Man United is a dumb insult, because ajax SHOULD be doing better than United. Hope that clears the misunderstanding

    • NBAYB23 says:

      I’m not going to lie Man U is trash.

    • ST III says:

      NBAYB23 just like your mother.

    • Abtin K says:

      They are better team than United

  2. DRAXLER M says:

    Ajax is not to be played with

    • SSJ Cruz7 says:

      if they win somehow, which hope not, pretty sure a team like barca will take em down easily

    • Kyle Sekenski says:

      SSJ Cruz7

      Yeah, sadly… But isn’t it fun to think about at least? What if there actually WAS parity in European football and it wasn’t just the same handful of clubs winning the Champions League every season?

      Wouldn’t that be compelling and exciting?

    • NBAYB23 says:

      SSJ Cruz7 That’s what they said about Bayern. Gotta give it to the kids they have heart. Style of play is certainly fun to watch. If juve gets knocked out Ajax is definitely a team I’ll be rooting for.

    • silloweet says:

      Juventus have great attacking play, but Allegri is an idiot

    • EPL Best league in the world says:


  3. joshua akotia says:

    Ajax reall gangsters coming out of half time n scoring within one minute lol

  4. Ryon Fagon says:

    125 champions league goals that’s absolutely it was on this same day 12 years ago he Ronaldo scores his first ucl goal what a great player ?

    • Kronix Abu says:

      X Banter Ronaldo has more free kick goals than Messi. Think about that.

    • armando cervantes says:

      Yung cash register A.K.A Lil Broomstick Look at Ronaldo at Man U and say he can’t dribble .Considering how ignorant and blind you are with Messi cock in your mouth you will still say he can’t and also look at his fk and for passing he isn’t the greatest or as good as Messi but not bad enough for you to say he can’t pass.I wish these fan boys would stop posting such stupidity and just watch the 2 best players of our era play

    • Junior R says:

      Yung cash register A.K.A Lil Broomstick Ronaldo has 40+ goals in the champions league just from the quarter finals games semifinals and finals, Messi has 16, Ronaldo has 5 champions league, 3 in a row. Barcelona has only 5 lmao ? you think dribbles win a game you imbecile? Goals win games and Ronaldo makes them in the most important matches RONALDO> Messi

    • Urban Jimidar says:

      Guys don’t argue next time just scroll up and look at the first ignorant reply and just curse at him or her thank you they both are great players

    • silloweet says:

      Ignorant kids, this conversation isn’t about Messi vs Ronaldo. It was just someone saying they prefer Messi

  5. Kid G says:

    i really wanted ajax to win this home game, but sadly they missed chances to score. still played good tho ?

  6. Muhtashim Khan says:

    What a talented young side!

    • Cy The Grate says:

      “Young” and it shows… hugs aren’t defense. Couldn’t hug Douglas Costa tho… I’m sure that went down in a Juve notebook somewhere.

    • ashraf ibrahim says:

      Too bad most of them are getting sold by next season…

    • Matt Cruse says:

      A team that s going to suffer the same fate as Monaco. Very sad ! If they could keep those young lads for few years, they could probably end up as one of the giants in the world. Right now they re better than madrid and that s not joke.

  7. Oooo Yeaaa says:

    At least this game was way more entertaining than the Barca game

    • Nick Genin007 says:

      Barca weren’t at there best, but United didn’t get a single shot

    • silloweet says:

      +stay inspired That’s why he ripped through the United defense

    • K. Benzema Is God says:

      Yeah it’s always fun watching ronaldo poach tap ins and act like hes the greatest ever, while messi is out there delivering assists and scoring free kicks and wondergoals. Little boys like rapenaldo, men like messi.

    • Oooo Yeaaa says:

      FT9chango5 is not good to talk before it happens bro we not even close to the final hopefully they can make it

    • Alex Cruz says:

      Oooo Yeaaa Watching paint dry was more interesting. Ajax is fun as hell to watch rn.

  8. Haider al says:

    Honestly ajax where a better team and had a lot more chances

  9. Papi Chulo says:

    As a Juventus fan I have to admit Ajax outplayed us today! Juventus needs to step their game or else we are out !

    • ademircb says:

      I don’t think this Ajax team will go to Turin to park the bus like Atletico did. They will impose their will with ball possession and eventually score.

    • john saang says:

      Ricardo Carvalho nah Madrid were actually pretty good in 2nd leg, they just didn’t have the courage to finish those chances. It’s a horrible Madrid season

    • Tomas Ramirez says:

      Do you come from Real Madrid ???

    • Ever Mondragon says:

      Ricardo Carvalho they did beat Ajax I’m their own stadium. Something juventus couldn’t do.

    • TrackDanny says:

      Tbh that’s what everybody said last round against Atleti so I wouldn’t give up hope yet lol Ronaldo is Ronaldo

  10. Willy Nino says:

    Dahm Ajax could’ve beat Juve and Dahm Ajax are playing so good I’m impressed

  11. superman4ever1986 says:

    ajax definitely brought it today. Juventus has to step up to win it.

  12. Angel Bhusal says:

    I thought it was going to be easy for Juve, but no.

    • Premi says:

      Are you kidding? Have you seen that Press and what they did to Real Madrid?They basically ran real off the pitch. They’ll likely murder Juve on the second half if Allegri doesn’t do something.

  13. Elijah Hale says:

    This looked like a way more interesting game than Man United And Barca

  14. Soccer! says:

    I have to admit, I was one of the first people to criticize Juventus for going into the season with Szczesny as the main goalkeeper, as I didn’t rate him. However, he has been amazing this campaign and so far has fully proven me wrong. I am glad to see him doing so well, though.

  15. the c.f.a. says:

    Lol at the two guys at 2:50 giving Ronaldo the middle finger after he scored

  16. The Truth says:

    It’s going to be sad seeing all the Ajax players be sold and then Ajax will be bad again

  17. Fredo Benji says:

    What’s going on with juventus not starting dybala and costa ? ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • 38 YOUNGMONEY says:

      YesNelle he’s playing out of position

    • Vizion GX says:

      +YesNelle yea because a long shot equalizer wasent enough ronaldo had to go nani and it’s enjoyable to see ronaldo fanboys acting like juve was the better side this match because it’s laughable if Ajax finished off their chances this match would’ve ended up being a 4-1 match their shooting wasn’t that great this match but it’s just a fact Ajax were the better side

    • Roman Fischer says:

      Both are coming off of injuries. Mandzukic and Bernardeschi have been playing consistently well. Costa hasn’t played a game in a few months

    • mohannad aljabri says:

      You need to watch more games Bro. .. dybala isn’t as good and Costa always comes 2nd when defence is tired. Allegri is not stupid

    • Young Man says:

      +Wellington who needs two stars when you have 1 superstar?

  18. Omer Abouzeid says:

    Ziyech has to work on his finishing but overall amazing performance from him and the rest of the team!

  19. Raúl says:

    bruh that solo run from Costa was amazing. if only he could of made that

  20. Martin Lujan says:

    I think Moise Kean should’ve played to help Juve pick up the pace again.

    • Erick Gill says:

      +Salty Pirates Apparantley he started training again a week ago. Point is, if Juve want any chance of advancing, they need to bring up the pace. You could clearly see how Costa’s pace was tearing up the left flank when he came in

    • Salty Pirates says:

      Erick Gill Yep I hate the way we play so passive, against ATM in 2nd leg we pushed up on every ball played and attacked a lot, Costa only needs his side and he will play fast skilled football

    • Erick Gill says:

      +Salty Pirates Ajax atm are the most heavy pressing team in the Champions League along with Liverpool. The only difference is Liverpool time their pressing while Ajax press all game with 5 leaving a whole lot of space at the back. That could be key for you guys tbh

    • Salty Pirates says:

      Erick Gill Yep, I hope Allegri plays Dybala over bentacur or Khedira over bentacur, I hope Kean gets playing time because he is a very good young player but I’ve witness us fail for so long to try and win it all, one day I hope to witness an uefa champions league final win

    • Erick Gill says:

      +Salty Pirates Khedira over Betancur? You sure? I think Can can offer more than Khedira tbh. Besides, that game would be too fast paced for Khedira to keep up

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