Ajax 2-3 Tottenham (3-3 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Ajax 2-3 Tottenham (3-3 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Tottenham set up a Champions League final against Liverpool with an astonishing comeback, capped by a 96th-minute Lucas Moura winner against Ajax.

Moura’s goal—the third in his hat-trick—made it 3-2 on the night to Spurs and 3-3 on aggregate, with Spurs triumphing on away goals.

It looked a distant possibility for Spurs at the interval, with the team 2-0 down on the night thanks to goals from Matthijs de Ligt and Hakim Ziyech.

But that as before an extraordinary second half in Amsterdam which will go down in Champions League folklore.

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80 Responses

  1. Yuqii says:

    An absolute brilliant game for Tottenham. Good luck in the final!
    Sincerely, Bayern Fan

  2. genshin16 says:

    The Ajax kickoff strategy after Moura’s hat-trick better be in the next FIFA game.

  3. Scroghan18 says:

    A Liverpool spurs final??? Possible Chelsea arsenal final?? Man united fans big mad

  4. prodescobar says:

    The fact that PSG sold him because they wanted to make room for bigger players, now he is in a final of a UCL after scoring a hat trick ??

    • SurferHawa says:

      I always liked Lucas when he played at PSG. I am SO GLAD he left that camp and joined a team that embraced him.

  5. Lexicon Lex says:

    Llorete won all the airballs + Rose ran like a mad dog + Son drew lot of Ajax players to him + Dele great passes = Super Moura

    • Edgar Fernandez says:

      Kakashi Hatake total agree

    • joeyheppard says:

      rose played superbly

    • Andre Moraes says:

      I wonder why the English really sck at country level they’re just trash playing for the national team never won a Euro or made another final after the one from 1966!? But at club level perform pretty good not always win but they’re there disputing finals

    • Brendon Weinhardt says:

      As a spurs fan, I usually don’t like Llorente because he is slow and doesn’t help the high press, but he changed the game today. Danny Rose gave this game his all and effected the play often. Dele had a few moments, but was often a passenger or just moving a bit slower than usual. Son wasn’t at his best, but him not at his best still is pretty good and requires attention. Let’s not forget Lloris over both legs making some amazing saves. Cheers to Ajax for playing some of the most beautiful football I have ever seen. COME ON YOU SPURS!!

    • SB A says:

      thing is son didnt play well in terms of scoring but the overall offense played better in the second leg because of the fact that son opens up the field because you simply cannot ignore his threat. just compare the offense in both games. son made an impact

  6. Ray J says:

    Wooww crazzzy game! 2 rows of action pack, drama and thriller. Winner – futbol and fans. #championsleague

  7. I Hate You says:

    “How to blow a 3-0 lead” featuring Ajax and Barcelona
    Directed by Tottenham and Liverpool

  8. Joshua Park says:

    It will be perfect for De Jong to go to Barcelona……..
    Ha already mastered how to blow a 3-0 lead ?

    • kingfreezy says:

      Comic Melody and who’s your team exactly ?

    • Scan Original says:

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) its the worst barca in years and theyre still beating madrid 5-1 xD

    • Carlos Medina says:

      That makes me happy for some reason ?

    • Daniel Calvo says:

      Kyle Chambers lol you wish. Barca own Madrid. Worry about the summer window first then talk.

    • Andre Moraes says:

      There’s a incognita in world football why the English playing at the Euros ND WC never win got eliminated in the first rounds for the last 50 years but at club level have outstanding performances

  9. Javier Reza says:

    Everyone: Barca vs Ajax champions league final

    Tottenham and Liverpool: Are we a joke to you?

    • Sinister Sins Clan says:

      +Jonathan Ayala your not a real fan if you consider Barcelona boring to watch, and this is a fact

    • Fernando Gonzalez says:

      +EPL Best league in the world Bruh look at your username, look at your Mo Salah profile pick. How are you not happy with the final? I know I am.

    • Andre Moraes says:

      Seems like here we got an English supporter ummm ok I’ve got a doubt on my mind hope u can expand my knowledge why England playing at the WC stinks the only victory was in 66 nd the Euros even worse in fact never manage to win it !??

    • No Name says:

      “Suprise b*tch”

    • DANARD LEVY says:

      Frank_ae Tank_yyteawu so true

  10. ignacio gonzalez says:

    This has been the Champions League of Comebacks! I’m a neutral fan but man you have give respect to Tottenham they played their hearts out. This is why I love football. ???

    • Adnan Hamdani says:

      ignacio gonzalez I feel you. I’m a Juventus fan but man o man if Juve has 20% of this determination!!

  11. Manchester United says:

    No one talking about llorente ,but he gave y’all this win.he won like almost every ball in the air.

    • Nia Grimaldo says:

      i don’t know about you but every spurs fan i see has been praising his hip. caused lucas to make the second goal and scored with his hip vs city

    • Jose Lagunes says:

      +Frank_ae Tank_yyteawu Well around here that’s typically what we call Manchester United. We always call them Man U, I don’t understand how that’s disrespectful.

    • Rafael P says:

      Frank_ae Tank_yyteawu lmao Frank Arrata is that you from fb

    • Anthony Cognome says:

      Yea ppl don’t realize how important that stuff is they only focus on who puts the ball in the net

    • koden530 says:

      Y’all sleeping on Sissoko too. Don’t get me wrong, without Llorente, spurs would have lost, but Sissoko was brutally fast and I think took the wind out of ajax sails, exhausting them. This gave Moura the opportunities he had. The ajax defense was gassed.

  12. Andy Baughman says:

    The pressure got to Ajax. The only downside to their youth was their inexperience. I’m happy for Tottenham though. Go get that cup!

  13. GOAL says:

    Notice that Lucas Moura scored all 3 goals with his weaker left foot.
    Absolute legend… ?

    • Johnathan Patrick says:

      That’s great to see. So many times we see footballers try to get the ball on their stronger foot and in many cases they get dispossessed or miss the target altogether.

    • Arty says:

      Some players just don’t have a weaker foot

  14. Sam Z says:

    Lucas moura has always been underrated. I saw him play with psg and I was like how come he’s not in the starting 11 this guy is quick always aware of where he is and can dribble like the best of them.

  15. Jimmy R says:

    That second goal by Lucas was so satisfying to watch ???

  16. millatym04 says:

    If I have to read another “hold my beer” comment, “ima go drink a case by myself….”


  17. Lucas B says:

    Respect from an Arsenal fan… if my inconsistent team and Chelsea can get their jobs done tomorrow we looking at all English Champions League and Europa League finals and there will be no Manchester teams to be seen lol.

    • Exglued Bitch says:

      Lucas B arsenal is trash

    • Luca Alexandru says:

      Fuck you lucas not a true fan don’t ever give anything to those dirty cheaters

    • Amir Kodzic says:

      Ohhh God, I hope not. I am glad that Real and Barca European rein is stumped.
      My prediction: Valencia wins 2:0, Chelsea will be good for 3:1 (unfortunately) in spite of Eintracht’s Serbian/Croatian firepower.

    • Andre Moraes says:

      Why the fck in’ English teams r so good at club level but at the national or country level r total piece of shhhiiittt

    • KerKiOp10 says:

      Knowing that spurs have chance to win the UCL before Arsenal

  18. Thomas Schmidt says:

    Meanwhile Barcelona are still waiting for the corner kick..

  19. Mike says:

    You know this is serious business when your coach goes down and prays after that goal (4:38)?

  20. Slinky Gaming 12345 says:

    Ajax vs Real Madrid – comeback
    Man Utd vs PSG – comeback
    Juventus vs Atletico Madrid – comeback
    Liverpool vs Barcelona – comeback
    Tottenham vs Ajax – comeback

    This season shows and proves that it is never over until it’s over. A true inspiration

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