Al Franken Explains Why Ted Cruz Is 100 Percent Wrong On Net Neutrality

On CNN’S State of the Union, 11/16/14

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7 Responses

  1. Mario Quezada says:

    Where’s the rest?

  2. Mark VanGelder says:

    Some video. Cuts off at the end. Amateur hour.

  3. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    Franken is 100% correct. If they screw with the net kiss your small
    business goodbye. So much for capitalism’s respect for the free market.
    capitalism always hated entrepreneurs and the free market. They want you to
    buy shit from communist china and not local producers. Because communism
    and capitalism are really systems of oligarchical control. The reality is
    capitalists can no longer produce or innovate so they want to take
    something established and mature and screw with it to make a buck.

  4. Sarah Lee says:

    Al Franken Explains Why Ted Cruz Is 100 Percent Wrong On Net Neutrality

  5. tom1nmaine says:

    What Franken forgot to add with his Google Video and You Tube example is:
    if Cruz gets his way and Verizon/Comcast/TimeWarner can make a two tiered
    system – the next Google Video can make sure to throttle the next You Tube
    so it’s so slow and unusable that it falls flat on it’s face. Then we’re
    left with the crappy Google Video.

    Cruz is 100% wrong, ending Net Neutrality will end innovation and raise

  6. peralta2912 says:

    wow somehow I do not trust the government when they say we just want to
    make it so that it stay’s the same. if you want to keep your health care u
    can if u want to keep your doctor u can, government getting involed makes
    me very uneasy.

  7. lechugh says:

    Ted Cruz isn’t wrong, he’s been bought off. (that is to say he’s a liar,
    and no one should be surprised)