Al Hilal SFC v Chelsea FC | FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021 | Match Highlights

Al Hilal SFC v Chelsea FC | FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021 | Match Highlights

Romelu Lukaku got the only goal of the game as Chelsea beat a brave Al Hilal side 1-0 to book their spot in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021.

The FIFA Club World Cup sees the winners of each confederation’s premier competitions come together with the host nation’s representative to compete for the coveted trophy.

The competing teams:

Al Ahly SC (CAF)
Al Jazira Club (Host team)
Al Hilal SFC (AFC)
Chelsea FC (UEFA)
CF Monterrey (Concacaf)
SE Palmeiras (Conmebol)
AS Pirae (OFC)

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49 Responses

  1. Khoa Huynh says:

    NOt gonna lie, Al HIlai 2nd half nearly got me as a Chelsea fan a heart attack

  2. Sergio Cuellar says:

    Los porterazos que tiene el Chelsea, Kepa y Mendy, cualquiera puede jugar de titular y hacerlo de maravilla

  3. Luis Kohatsu says:

    Al hilal nadie te puede reprochar nada, hicieron un gran partido, por momentos estuvieron por encima del Chelsea, casi lo empatan, a seguir mejorando que el fútbol da revanchas 👏⚽ saludos desde 🇵🇪

  4. めろん says:

    Kepa is wonderful and Al-Hilal played well.

  5. Los videos más Vergas says:

    Tremendo equipo tiene el Al-Hilal nada que envidiar de otros saludos desde 🇵🇪

  6. اتحادي ماركه says:

    Al-Hilal played well, attacked and excelled, even though the value of Al-Hilal club is not equal to 40% of the value of Chelsea FC However, the European Blue and the Asian Blue remain the strongest in their continents Much love from the Republic of Yemen

    • captain eagle says:

      @Gabriel Morales literally fans have not growing surprised any longer after watching how werner missed simple tap-in goals on couple of occasions as could argue to be his worst moments in blue’s jersey all around; it shows just one reason to say he’s not a real key player

    • ZAK says:

      @Lone Wolf so

    • Lone Wolf says:

      Bruh al hilal values at 60 million while chelsea values at 883 million

    • قلب الذيب says:

      @L E V I Also, players from Al Hilal who are among the strongest elements in the team were absent

    • MaD- MullaH says:

      lots of comments ignoring the fact that Chelsea player were instructed to take it easy, if they were seriously playing, it would easily be a massacre 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Wervere Weslley says:

    Valente o Al Hilal.
    Só jogaço nessa edição do mundial.
    Espero que essa edição não seja a última ☹️

  8. Ciobîrca Sandu says:

    Al Hilal played strong against Chelsea. Al Hilal demostrated that it’s a redoubtable opponent. Congratulations!

  9. Roberto Ramos says:

    Mis respetos para el al -hilal ,le hizo más pelea que el Tottenham al Chelsea

  10. Raad MN says:

    I m Alhilal fan and i m so proud of this game and my team , congrats Chelsea

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