Al Horford Shares A LeBron Playoff Story That Left Him Shook 😱

Al Horford Shares A LeBron Playoff Story That Left Him Shook 😱

Our guest this week is NBA veteran for The Boston Celtics, Al Horford. We get into so much with Al and we can’t wait to share this episode with you. In this teaser, Al talks about the difficulty of beating LeBron James in the playoffs and he describes his personal experience with it against The Cleveland Cavaliers.

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52 Responses

  1. JJ Redick says:

    You guys are going to love this one. Al has had a fascinating career and we cover all of it. Full ep drops tomorrow so subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks, everyone!

    • Kyle Morris says:

      Excited to hear this Al on a podcast like this. He isn’t too open with anything beyond traditional media interviews. I was frustrated when he left the Celtics and went to Philly/OKC. Having him back has been an impact not only on the team but also the community and Boston as a whole. The OG expertise, the calm demeanor and his competitive spirit is perfect for the Celtics team.

    • Drew Rice says:

      @Cho Yen 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • Chelsi Fuhrer says:

      James is a Cheat he does EPO all the greats cheat some how lol

    • Big Rich says:

      Al is a hall of famer

  2. PisToNsSH says:

    Same thing happened in the 2020 finals. Butler’s legs were straight up gone by game 5 and 6. LeBron showed no signs of slowing down at all. Absolute freak.

    • War By Deception says:

      LeBron is 100% a lab-altered freak. No joking. I mean he may have been built in a lab. Foreal. These top top athletes are hella sus.

    • Shamel williams says:

      I think that’s cuz the responsibility was simply different. Some games the Heat roster was checked out and Jimmy simply never was. Whereas several Lakers players were still checked in especially their 2 stars Bron and AD.

    • F R says:

      Butler had no help tho bro

  3. saxamophone76 says:

    For every sports broadcaster saying “No one fears Lebron”, there’s a story like Al Horford’s.

    • RM says:

      If lebron was feared, his own teammate wouldn’t have smashed his mom

    • SherbStone says:

      He said it was disturbing lol dude is just different don’t care about who says who is the goat no questions about Bron being on another level

    • Ryan Bodker says:

      If you’re a person with any sense in your brain, you didn’t take a single word out of chalmers mouth seriously.

  4. Aquamelli says:

    2018 LeBron was one of the best I’ve ever seen…. an absolute beast

  5. OldHenry Lee says:

    Big Al is the man. … Very much grateful that the Celtics went & got him back on the squad.

    Such a great player & leader. … Wish him all the best for the rest of his basketball career, & throughout his life

    • Ritsu Boii says:

      ​@Civil War was an inside job i know ben simmons is sht but it is more of an embiid fit than a ben simmons fit. Their defense just doesnt mesh, al is too slow to be a 4

    • Civil War was an inside job says:

      ​@m_w501 in fairness he thought he’d be playing those years competing for a title with Embiid. He couldn’t predict Ben Simmons.

    • WTFx says:

      Horford is a huge part of Bostons success. Honestly it was like a totally different team when he was gone

    • X J says:

      @Quis he got payed tho🤑you can’t blame him for leaving.

    • Quis says:

      He should’ve never left. 2 years wasted in OKC.

  6. Splash.30 says:

    As a viewer, if I had to pinpoint one year, I thought 2018 Lebron was peak Lebron individually. Not peak athletically, as I think the period horf references would be his athletic peak, but peak as a basketball player. That 2018 year with the team he had to drag them to the finals + that game 1 against the warriors. That was the best Lebron I had ever seen.

    • acid-base says:

      @conch . definitely one of the best teams ever, only reason they lost that finals is they went against an even better team all time

    • LeUltraBallSac12 says:

      @conch . I find it funny how Kyrie mattered in 2015 for cavs and not for 2018 Boston 😢

    • mikemarc92 says:

      Must complete player of all time

    • SJ says:

      @conch . 1. You know your argument is awful when you’re naming players that got traded mid season and weren’t on the roster for the playoffs 💀. Worst part is, I know you know these guys got traded but you list them anyways because you hate Lebron THAT much.

      2. Those names are big names but all were in their mid-30s. Kevin Love had an awful playoffs as well. The fact is if you actually watched the games, most of them underperformed and there was little chemistry due to the mid season trades (again, DWade and DRose had no knees by this point so the trades made sense). They showed their potential in the Raptors series, but still just a bad team.

    • Brian Crum says:

      2012 and 2013 is Peak Lebron. He bulked up, became a tank and still had 90% of the vertical and speed he had in his first Cleveland stint. Plus that version of Lebron played within a system and fits on any team.
      Over these 2 years, he was:
      – The best all around offensive player/most efficient high volume scorer in the NBA (27 PPG 7 APG on 64.5% TS)
      – Great mid range shooter
      – 80% finisher at the rim
      – Best transition player ever
      – 42.7% on Catch and Shoot 3s (38.5% from 3 overall)
      – Guarding 1-5 at a high level
      – Best help defender in the NBA

  7. messie mbayabo says:

    A podcast with Giannis would be funny af😂

  8. Mikmaks!!! says:

    2018 was just the most complete version of Lebron. His outside shots, mid range and 3 was just on point. Driving to the basket. Passing, rebounds… I mean everything a team needs, he gave it. Just so sad that GSW was just so weak that they had to get Durant to win against him.

  9. Alex says:

    his second tour in Cleveland was otherworldy. just absolutely fascinating how good he was

    • Dawit Belay says:

      It’s called drugs brother, steroids can make you become a monster athlete

    • R Y. says:

      His 2018 version deserved a better roaster. Had he had a great team like Houston was that year with lebron , he would have had 5 rings by now.

  10. Nate Bush says:

    Brons play during that 2nd run in Cleveland in the finals where he was avg like 30+ 15 and 12 for the finals like 3 yrs in a row was crazy af

    • TyDye238 says:

      @Joe Chucks Even for the most fierce Lebron hater (I used to be in this camp and gloried in his downfall of that 2011 Finals) this is the most realistic take.

    • Joe Chucks says:

      @Sportstalkonly yep without KD ruining the rivalry and Wade knees not messing up Lebron would have about 7 rings now. Only series he was trash in was 2011

    • Sportstalkonly says:

      And people still be like “6 finals losses.” Like yea he got 6 finals losses but most of those losses he played good enough to win

    • Matt Garcia says:

      And people still disrespect his game

    • Darius Williams says:

      KD ruined what would’ve been a great rivalry between Steph and Bron.

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