Al Jazeera Investigates – The Dark Side

Al Jazeera Investigates – The Dark Side

Al Jazeera investigates the secretive world of doping in sports and raises questions about whether medical professionals are linked to some of the greatest sports heroes.

The programme is also shown at the following times on Al Jazeera English:

Monday 28th December: 2000G
Tuesday 29th December: 0100G
Wednesday 30th December: 0600G
Thursday 31st December: 1200G
Friday 1st January: 0600G
Saturday 2nd January: 2000G
Sunday 3rd January: 1200G

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20 Responses

  1. Lorenzo Valdez says:

    Professional sports has become like drug cartels. They don’t want anyone
    messing with their “product”. It isn’t about athletic competition which is
    what sports are supposed to be about, it’s about their “product”. Bigger,
    faster, stronger athletes make their “product” better. O, and it HAS
    filtered down to college athletics as well.

  2. Z Jay says:

    Al Jazeera funded by Saudi,
    ISIS funded by Saudi,
    Middel east conflicts funded by Saudi,
    Anti Shia movement funded by Saudi.

    Would you even trust this stone age media?

  3. Cam ' says:

    Peyton Manning didn’t do anything

  4. GnarlyBroMr says:


  5. Brandon Silva says:

    This investigation only showed how easy it is to get these enhancing drugs
    and how to be a step ahead of the testing. These fly by night “doctors” can
    not be taken to seriously. There was no real concrete evidence here to link
    anything that has been claimed. How quick they name dropped and threw the
    confidently of athletes under the bus tells me enough that they are just
    lying to seal a deal just like any sales man would. Salesman are not called
    the biggest bullsh*ters for no reason.

  6. dpistons149 says:

    I wanna believe Peyton Manning didn’t do but I’m not sure if I can.To go
    from not being able to play football with a severe neck injury and severe
    neck pain to throwing 55 tds a NFL record in a season at age 37 or 38
    doesn’t add up.

  7. Theo Stanley says:

    These people know nothing about top American athletes, Peyton Manning is
    old and is no longer any good. Plus he was never an American icon for
    football. Try Gronk or Tom Brady!!!!!!

  8. Michael B says:

    this is obviously fake

  9. chad h says:

    Towel heads in charge of this channel? Or is this channel the result of
    some failed male porn star and he named it after himself?

  10. jackie boy says:

    The HGH was sent to Peytons wife
    Peyton didn’t deny that the stuff was sent to his wife
    It looks like Peytons wife was sick (google what HGH can be used for)

  11. dpistons149 says:

    Sorry but this seems pretty legit.

  12. JamesHoganful says:

    I finally understand where Peyton Mannings hair loss is coming from.

  13. Justin Mcclure says:

    Everyone does it to win, accept it, this is normal.

  14. Aaron Dude says:

    idk. Everytime u wanna say this guy just wants attention or whatever. You
    just cant believe with ur life that peytons honest

  15. Mercury Less says:

    This is RACIST The Black Side WTF!!!!!!!,They are not all Black stop the
    stereotypes NOW.

  16. Randall Liu says:

    The guy who accused Peyton Manning already took his claim back.

  17. Alias Ocean says:

    Why are all the doctors faces being shown ? You have to get their
    permission , this is a terrorist attack on America by Aljazeera

  18. TonyILB says:

    Her voice is annoying.

  19. James Mitchell says:

    Al Jazeera loses its credibility here. Once a great news organization now a
    TMZ-like tabloid

  20. Jared Nadermann says:

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