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19 Responses

  1. Zoe Christiansen says:

    Yasssss!!! NAILED IT

  2. TheSabirsiz says:

    Am I the only one who finds the aladdin magic carpet boring? And I really
    don’t get the “prank” here, why post it on PrankvsPrank when it isn’t even
    a prank

  3. Emmi Fain says:

    This is boring we need pranks

  4. Karima Lazar says:

    Was that jeana

  5. Lauren Benavides says:

    This was so dope!! Proud to be apart of the Dope Fresh Nation!!

  6. AlfidoTV says:

    where’s casey neistat?

  7. Mia Nik says:

    Best video I’ve ever seen

  8. Jaackk says:

    Your camera angles are so sick Jesse

  9. abrina khan says:

    I wish that was jeana

  10. Gru Min says:

    Nice Yeezys

  11. Zyzz Brah says:

    Y’all WERE HERE!!! By awwww Maaan! ?????????

  12. Ana Davis says:

    This video is amazing, I want to like it a million times!!!!!!

  13. Cris Hernandez says:

    Your DICK RIDING Casey Neistat with the edits….

  14. Kiya H. says:

    that was so f-ing dope #DFN!?

  15. marissalynnnn says:

    So cute!?

  16. Layla Marina says:

    Bro……BRO wth this is cool

  17. Shyan Dagger says:

    The way they made that grown man smile at 2:12 was so cute. This came out

  18. oVerkiLL says:

    0:48 in Gta San Andreas :)

  19. douluvmee says: