Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed photography chief, injured director on film set | ABC7

Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed photography chief, injured director on film set | ABC7

Actor Alec Baldwin has been identified as the person who fired a prop firearm that killed a crew member and left director Joel Souza hospitalized in an incident on the set of a Western being filmed in New Mexico. Full story:

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  1. Sw.RoadRunner says:

    Wow that’s crazy.. I bet this movie will not be finished. This is tragic prayers to family and all involved

    • Axel Foley says:

      Hollywood only cares about the films.

    • EsotericOccultist says:

      My main concern at this point is the movie as well. Who cares about the victims. Just get someone else in their and finnish this thing. Glad we’re on the same page 👍

    • Luis García says:

      It’s Hollywood… of course they’ll finish it

    • emran sampao says:

      @WOLFMAN TROY what about the prop department aren’t they supposed to check the gun before they give it to the actor.

    • cablecow15 says:

      @kickin kitchen All of these comments are coming from butthurt Trumpers…. ❄

      The fact that real bullets are ever anywhere near a movie set is laughable , but if one ended up in that gun …. someone is responsible, at this point there is no telling what happend … but when you assume you end up with dipshit conspiracies (that im sure you love)

  2. Justin Talks Film says:

    I am so sorry that this tragedy happened. I feel bad for everyone involved.

    • Shaun Kellison says:

      “ I wonder what it’s like to wrongfully kill somebody” -Alec Baldwin talking about Derek Chauvin on Twitter

    • Supreme Aizen says:

      Libtards will literally forget about this anyway just like Bruce Jenner’s car accident killing and be back to laughing at more Trump SNL’s for the next few years. If this had been Mel Gibson or someone else, the reactions would be different.

    • Den Van says:

      @Bob Barker that’s a terrible thing to say. I’m a conservative, we don’t want people to die just because we don’t agree with them.

    • Den Van says:

      @shot Johnny cOVID-19 is 99.8% survivable according to the latest CDC rating. I would provide a link but YouTube automatically deletes links like that. I know because of prior experience. In the case you do get COVID-19 your probability of being hospitalized is between 1% and 5%; that is according to report published in the New York Times.

    • The only China I like is White says:

      @Rudy Galindo if you believe 700k deaths from covid iv got some imaginary insurance to sell you

  3. Mellow Mike says:

    It’s things like this that make you lost for words, this is a senseless tragedy, may she rest in peace.

  4. Glaeken T says:

    On the original Macgyver TV show a cast member was injured after an unauthorized person made changes to a prop gun, nobody was killed. There will be of course an investigation into the chain of contact with the weapon in question. Always with weapons, safety first.

  5. axel4196 says:

    Aren’t movie sets supposed to have some sort of armorer or weapons master? This never should have happened.

  6. Wildstar Productions says:

    An armorer would normally be in charge of a weapon on set. It is their responsibility to check the weapon each and every time, preparing it for the scene. It is, in fact, quite a responsibility and usually handled professionally. Sometimes they are called the weapons master or prop-gun master.

    • Dagmar Zoepke says:

      The Crew around the movie Star are responsible for the safty . They have to Check the weappons .

    • todd black says:

      @chris <---lol funny little clown, there has to be some loser that's going to hop on this story and figure out some way to make it into politics and an excuse to attack an actor lol. By the way, you keep asking people, "Were you there", ok um, were you there? So how is it you can claim he did this on purpose? You're clearly a Trump voter...biggest, forked tongue, double talk, hypocrites on the Earth Go back to your cabbage and pork, you clown

    • jay star says:

      @shot Johnny This could have all been avoided if everyone knew gun safety. These guys are so anti-gun yet are fantasizing it in films. At least be aware of the equipment you are using as an actor, especially if you are intended to point said gun at someone and pull the trigger. I can’t even do that with an unloaded firearm. The actor has as much to blame since he pulled the trigger without safety precautions usually taught in gun safety courses. But who needs that, right?

    • Korn Pops says:


    • Televisionarchives says:

      Yes. Something not right about this.

  7. lovelyplanet says:

    guyssssss these super upbeat generic outros are KILLLLLLLING ME when its on a story like this

  8. laceypennies says:

    This is just simply heartbreaking. Consoling prayers for everyone evolved and their families.

  9. brandon samuels says:

    It’s like The Crow all over again. Brandon Lee’s tragic death.

  10. TargaWheels says:

    Sounds like that bullet was for whoever he was supposed to aim at during the scene.

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