Alec Baldwin fires a prop gun on a movie set, killing one person and injuring another

Alec Baldwin fires a prop gun on a movie set, killing one person and injuring another

Sheriffs in Santa Fe, New Mexico, say actor and co-producer Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on the set of his movie “Rust,” killing the director of photography and injuring the director. They say their investigation into what happened is “open and active.” Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

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55 Responses

  1. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    You’d never get over this, even if not your fault

    • m b says:

      @DirtyDeeds So who are you charging, Alec, the propmaster, the last person to check the gun, the person who gave him the gun, the entire prop dept? ALL of them?

    • We Toddid says:

      @m b NIce hysterical rant, Leftist. I had no idea that piece of murderous crap did a trump impression: was it good? He’s a dumarse

    • Cynthia B says:

      @Daniel Anderson no he will not. I know the Baldwin family through friends. They are a fiery bunch but also very in touch with their emotions. He will not bounce back with ease

    • Cynthia B says:

      @Hairy Dairy Milkmaid oh and you know them huh? Jeez.

    • Cynthia B says:

      @Just Some Medic no he won’t

  2. hydra1968 says:

    This is the 21st century ffs, an accident like this should not happen.

  3. J S says:

    Sad for the lady who’s life was ended, and her family. For the rest of us, appreciate the life you have.

    • حكيم الهواري - Hakim says:

      أليك بالدوين الممثل الأمريكي يطلق النار بالخطأ على مديرة التصوير – Alec baldwin

    • Trevor Miles says:

      @Steven C Highley English is not my first language. Please , where does ” whose ” go. I really did try to figure it out myself.

    • Christine Lo says:

      I know its sad that girl died. I just scrolled her FB and Instagram and found her to be rather insufferable which I know is taboo to say right now, but I did.

      I also found some interviews with the her….such terrible Millineal, entitled energy. Narcissism at its worst.

      I cant stand Alec Baldwin as a person. He is known for his rage. But I think this entitled photog was just as bad as him

    • حكيم الهواري - Hakim says:

      Alec Baldwin, American actor accidentally shoots director of photography 💔😭

    • Surf_KaaboMantis10 says:


  4. Nestle Low Life says:

    oh no this is horrible, I feel bad for everybody involved in this accident RIP

  5. Bobby Hogan says:

    This was straight negligence. Blank firing guns are known to still be dangerous in the movie industry.

    • Bobby Hogan says:

      ^ For anyone who needs proof of the danger of a blank firing handgun caliber, this dude did a great job.

    • newvillagefilms says:

      From the looks of it, the director has only made 6 low-budget indy films, and the cinematographer recently switched from filming documentaries to action movies. Since the incident happened in the middle of the scene (as reported), it’s possible they were filming too close to the prop gun and forgot it can still hurt you.

    • namcat53 says:

      @newvillagefilms They used a non Union person to be in charge of the firearm props. BIG mistake.

    • blueblade455 says:

      @namcat53 Union workers are more lazy and incompetent than any other useless low skilled worker. Where have you been?

    • joe hubbard says:

      @newvillagefilms Yeah, but the fact it passed through and hit another person says there was either something hard in the barrel of the blank gun, or they were using a real gun and someone chambered an actual bullet. “Blank guns” cannot chamber live rounds unless modified to by means of milling the barrel. If you shot a live round from a blank gun without modification, it would explode. I’m guessing there was a rock, or something similar stuck in the barrel.

  6. ModernGoddess says:

    Why exactly is a “prop gun” able to actually hurt somebody?!?

    • Dennis G says:

      A standard .357 Magnum blank full load, with no bullet. Fired next to an empty aluminum can…. The hot gas jet from the gun will ……. BURN A CLEAN HOLE through BOTH sides of the can! .

    • James Hisself says:

      @ItsDifferent 32 That would require more rounds and could be done, but every individual blank round has the potential to shoot a projectile of shrapnel out the barrel (not a bullet, part of the casing) so all you would be doing is testing that blank. The very next blank round could still have a problem. An individual blank round is ‘untestable’ in the sense of checking to see what happens when it is fired because the only way to do that is to fire it. Once fired it is not reusable and the test tells them nothing about the next round.
      As far as the weapon itself, those are all tested and prepared off set and are certified by the armorer as being in proper working condition.
      Either the armorer made a mistake and the weapon malfunctioned, or the blank round had an untestable condition where part of the casing was propelled out of the barrel as shrapnel and hit the people.
      The next question is what were the crew doing down range of the end of this weapon when it was discharged? Or was Alec Baldwin goofing off and pointed it at people? Usually during filming the actor would point the weapon at the bad guy (or whatever) and not the crew.

    • Donna Q says:

      @Loveme Hateme which means the reporter has no idea what he is saying.

    • newvillagefilms says:

      You can pistol-whip somebody with a prop gun and it would definitely hurt. 😂😂

    • Strawberry Fields says:

      Don’t mess with the Donald.
      TRUMP 2024!!!

  7. The Mad King says:

    Why are the news outlets calling this a “misfire”? A misfire is a round that fails to fire.
    Wouldn’t this be a negligent discharge or accidental discharge?

    • Chris Wilkinson says:

      @Marshal Ironsides
      Alec Baldwin’s is go to jail
      😢😩😣Oh no! Please help her God! It was an accident
      See a Hollywood star clear

    • Truth in Entertainment says:

      @P M It’s in the word masses for a reason…

    • P M says:

      @Steven C Highley words matter only when a gender confused liberal who gutted their willy and had the remaining skin sewn back together and tucked up inside their pelvis to make a sad excuse for a vagina is involved.

    • D Gray says:

      Because journalists nowadays wouldn’t know the difference between a rocket and a bullet.
      It’s not a misfire but an accidental discharge indeed. If that is even the case.
      If Baldwin fired the gun knowingly for an action scene it isn’t accidental. But negligence. But his lawyers are probably working around the clock now to get everything “right”.
      My bet is the clown doesn’t even know how to handle a weapon and failed to properly inspect it before using it. This will be an interesting one in court.

    • Brian Juntunen says:

      Knowing Alec and his history of anger and beating people up and threatening, he was more than likely menacing, he may have even put the live round in the gun depending heavily on his acting ability to look distraught. I don’t know if this lady turned down his advances maybe. I need to see more evidence. This is NOT over yet. I’m calling on the FBI to step in and investigate this incident.

  8. Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals says:

    You’d think with all the money in the industry they’d be able to come of with a safer alternative than using real guns with blanks. I just always assumed that prop guns were fake. I guess not…

    • Television Archive Studios says:

      @namcat53 They reported he was a Union member

    • joe hubbard says:

      Blank guns have modified barrels that don’t allow the chamber to accept live rounds.

    • Television Archive Studios says:

      @joe hubbard The nonunion crew from New Mexico appears to have mixed up the guns with real ones according to the story being reported. Union crews don’t make these mistakes. Also the Director never has someone shooting the gun at anyone. They fool the viewer and put the camera at an angle to look like the shot is going in the direction of the victim but it’s always going either left or right

    • Activate Kruger says:

      Blanks look 10x better than cgi muzzle blasts.

    • Marc W says:

      @Static Cling he’s an actor. Shouldn’t be his job to make sure it’s safe. They hire thousands of people to work on movies for a reason.

  9. Jeanette Smith says:

    Sounds like these “prop guns” need to be changed to something less dangerous.

  10. DynamiteDiscoDannyDevastation says:

    It’s not a “prop gun” if it’s a functioning and loaded firearm.

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