Alex Choi’s 1200hp Lamborghini Huracan vs Twin Turbo Hemi Jeep Drag Race!

Alex Choi’s 1200hp Lamborghini Huracan vs Twin Turbo Hemi Jeep Drag Race!

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@Alex Choi returns with his Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo, outfitted with Sheepey Race twin turbos and kinds of supercar things! He’s up against Rafael from @JRfabrication, who brought us an equally shiny and equally modified Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. He put in a fully built 6.1 liter hemi engine and slapped on 2 turbos to boot, along with some drag radials! You’re wondering who’s gonna win as much as we are! Hit play.

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00:00 Intro
01:37 THIS: Alex’s 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo
05:06 THAT: Rafael’s 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
08:01 Predictions
09:27 Round 1
10:58 Round 2
12:18 Round 3

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41 Responses

  1. Eduardo Arangure says:

    We need a episode where the hoonigan staff races each other’s to see who’s the fastest car lol. An episode with all you guys and your builds would be cool.

    • Steven Jollo says:

      That’s a good idea. They could do all sorts of challenges. Best drifter. Best drag. Idk what else they do. Maybe time attack and lap time

    • Redeemed by Jesus says:

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    • BlatantPotato says:

      I think a This VS That “season” of the staff would be sweet, but if they did a build series of cars to follow it, and each person has a set budget. Kinda like a top gear esk series, but starts with the racing, and continues with the car builds.

    • ImFlyLikRedBull says:

      It would start out as a single episode and turn into a series when everyone ends up wanting to be the fastest lmao. Amazing idea

  2. Jay Z. says:

    One of the BEST match up races ever on the show! 2 great cars and that Jeep can get out of the hole, but that reel in by the Lamborghini. 👌

    • iJacker says:

      Aww cmon it ain’t that great. Just the best one we’ve seen in awhile.


  3. Freddylsx says:

    We Are Building A New Set Up For The Jeep Hopefully We Can Get A Rematch 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Angel Orozco says:

    Alex Choi for damn sure hit that more HP button, props to both for some bad ass cars!

  5. Calvin H. says:

    That was a good race. I can’t believe that the Jeep being as heavy as it is runs with that 1200hp Lambo like that. That Jeep is bad—ass!

    • BloodWizard66 x says:

      The jeep jumped the last race and still lost he needed at least a car and a hit then it would’ve been interesting when it was actually heads up fair game the lambo won by like 5 buses the guys that calls the finish need to get replaced they always calling bullshit

    • Juarez says:

      @YT Sux fiat cars come with Mercedes transmissions a 2006 v6 base model charger has a Mercedes transmission

    • B M A says:

      Chow said his AWD wasn’t working so that being his handicap for sure evened up the race. If Chow had the AWD working he more than likely would’ve beat the Jeep through and through but in general that Jeep is nasty as well! Those built SRT8’s are nothing to play with for sure haha.

    • Chaz titan says:

      @Ace Mustang pretty sure the Lamborghini has hemispherical heads too. Hemi power is a really dumb saying.

    • Chaz titan says:

      Awd and that weight helped put it down on the launch. Hate to the Lamborghini at full tilt with awd

  6. Mason Harkness says:

    the editors killed it this episode 😂😂 felt like I spent more time laughing than watching

  7. No1 Famous says:

    Dude, the attention to detail that the editors have. Too good. 3:27

  8. Mr. Youknowmewtf says:

    That first round jump was nasty.
    Congrats on being considered a actual drag racer, because the anticipation was incredible to still be able to hold that monster back!

  9. murciepower says:

    Quite surprised how well the Huracan got the power down. Insane

  10. Fuck Mani says:

    JR didn’t even jump, that reaction time was damn near close to .01!

    • AdamCone says:

      @Andrew Bush Choi took waaaaayyyyyyy too long to go. If you go frame by frame, you can see the Jeep start a frame or two after the hands start to drop (notice the movement in his back/jacket as he uses his torso to begin the arm pulldown), so roughly somewhere between 1/24 and 1/12 reaction time. Good job Rafael!

    • BloodWizard66 x says:

      Jeep definitely jumped the first and final race unlock yo sharingan bruh

    • GUILLERMO says:

      Even if he did or not Alex jumped when he got the move and jr took off so that was jr win

    • Walter Melon says:

      @SOULESS Yeah I think a lot of people are not thinking about it being when the hands drop. Instead they are thinking he should have taken off when they are fully down. A light system would solve this problem easy.

    • Andrew Bush says:

      Idk you can clearly see the jeep is moving before his arms came down.

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