Alex Jones And Roger Stone Interrupt The Young Turks Republican National Convention Coverage

Alex Jones And Roger Stone Interrupt The Young Turks Republican National Convention Coverage

Alex Jones and Roger Stone interrupted The Young Turks live coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

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20 Responses

  1. Fz Nz says:

    Except one of you, the rest of your are not “Turks”, and for sure none of
    you is “Young”. So your show’s name is misleading to begin with.

  2. barz4dayz says:

    F*ck Alex Jones and his lizard people…..he exposed his own ignorance and
    racist nature with the Saudi comparison.

  3. Bacheelor says:

    Becoming a TYT member because of this.

  4. 32SQUID says:


  5. comment says:

    I propose a boxing match between Cenk and Jones. It would be EPIC, lol.

  6. Josh Griffith says:

    you liberal pussies don’t stand a chance

  7. Zach Ziegler says:

    Why did you guys edit the shit out of this. Total BS. Cant trust you
    anymore Cenk. Ana showed her true colors.

  8. CMX_ says:

    As an anarchist I find it better than Pokemon Go.

  9. J Perr says:


  10. Daniel L says:

    This act by Alex Jones was a total fight provocation! just look how Jones
    touch and get close to Cenk.

  11. GBAConnecticut says:

    Did I just watch Alex Jones use a Black Lives Matter /SJW tactic? I guess
    he thinks that’s ok as long as he does it.

  12. Brad Suarez says:

    Alex Jones is legendary….he is the type of guy that when he dies people
    will travel from all over to piss on his grave. I’ll be first in line.

  13. James Alexander Urwin says:

    Alex Jones absolutely used this as a publicity stunt. You can see him
    trying to encourage Cenk to continue scrapping with Roger Stone, he wants
    this to continue. Cenk defended himself admirably, but Alex Jones is an
    appalling human. He didn’t come on here to confront Cenk Uyger at all,
    there was no real discussion, just a shouting match.

  14. Jo Mo says:

    2:34 dat a$$

  15. Phacelesshero says:

    Alex Jones is losing it. Used to be a fan. Lately his reports remind me
    Michael Ruppert towards the end of his life. Another smart guy who got his
    mind stuck in a bad place. Alex needs help. Hope one of his friends helps
    him get some help.

  16. Go Ham says:

    Alex jones is a psychopath. He loses relevancy because he goes on psycho
    rants so he has to pull media stunts like this. Guys a psychopath

  17. Mercuryror says:

    TYT did great by fighting back the bully. ??

  18. skelcher says:

    the young turds invited Alex. they needed the the views. Alex is on top.

  19. Apul Madeekaoud says:

    Heaven forbid, someone broke into the safe space and disturbed the

  20. Agustin Bernal says:

    I wonder which acting school they all took lessons in in the weeks prior to
    this staged event?