Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell Full Interview

Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell Full Interview

Alex Jones interviews leading presidential candidate Donald Trump on The Alex Jones Show.

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20 Responses

  1. Jack Johnston says:


  2. Juba Massinissa says:

    Donald will make america grits again :D

  3. Joshua Schneidinger says:

    Globalist is a web of secret society’s George Washington was one them they
    can’t think outside a glass jar.. Trump during his campaign said deficit is
    17 Trillion…Do the math n research the economist say it is over 250
    Trillion….3 buildings 2 planes on 9/11 a buildings that turns to dust
    breaking laws of physics …Burnt upside down cars all over New York.
    YouTube Judy Wood for any questions about that…..All sounds like the same
    B.S. Trump should make a doll you pull the string and just repeats itself
    .. Solutions that’s what America needs …A real leader that’s what America
    needs …….. Bring jobs back great!!! But how do you bring inflation down
    and keep reserved currency?….Everyone gets a raise!…Great but then how
    do other countries afford American Products?? ” Hence Gross Domestic
    Product the measuring block for failing Congress”…They don’t..!…. the
    only way is to End the Federal Reserve. Which is not like changing a
    lightbulb… So International Trump going to bankrupt himself ?!? Again!!!

  4. Miguel Urbina says:

    its crazy how they’re talking about invasion like “if we dont do it some
    one else will and make a profit ” its all about money. i just hope a comet
    strikes the earth and wipes out all humanity.

  5. Emily Rose says:

    Disliked and disappointed. Trump is a disgusting piece of arrogant shit. He
    is exactly what is to hate, like all the Banksters … the fact that he
    says some truths does not matter this guys is doing it becaue money got
    boring for him and he needs a new challenge. He donated to Clinton … he
    bribed companies and politicians, he is *not* what we need and I a so
    disappointed that AJ is not getting it!

    Paul is not the real deal either because he proven so many times that he
    lacks the principles of his father but still he is a million times better
    then fucking trump.

    Either way, history will repeat itself, anyone who will get into power will
    disappoint and change nothing for the better.

    Just reading teh comments, getting another thought. Do you really think
    Trump would try to end the FED? If so he would install his own private Bank
    thats just as bad but controlled by him alone!

  6. Brandon Tackett says:

    I still don’t trust him. Either he’s skirting issues or ignorant of facts.
    Idk I think he might be swayed.

  7. Sudhanshu Rijal says:

    I am not an American..have never been there..but watching America politics
    closely.. TRUMP should be the best thing to happen to America and to the
    whole world! TRUMP’2016 USA

  8. Jt Williams says:

    what about liberty, Donald? what about the deep state and unelected power
    that runs the government

  9. Melisa Patituce says:

    you have sold out and undoubtedly your soul with this bullshit interview
    Alex! shame on you

  10. TwennyGeee says:

    This is quite the chess game unfolding. Wow I wish the entire world had
    eyes to see

  11. aaron shaw says:

    Could you be vice president Trump put your arrogance down

  12. wordpressobsessed says:

    Whether you like or hate Donald Trump, he has been correct on MANY issues
    over the last 15 years. Just sayin

  13. Ian Rust says:

    Wow, this is a big shift in the media isn’t it?

  14. tubeshok says:

    Trump has 0 chance… if he wins the nomination, Clinton wins

  15. ron ferrel says:

    this is amazing, just starting to watch, hope it doesnt end in a shouting

  16. Ray Cervantes says:

    for the love of God open your eyes America , Trump is a loon.. a complete
    imbecile who doesn’t know right from wrong

  17. joyisrawrsome says:

    rand paul needs to be his running mate

  18. Skylion says:

    Don’t trust Donald Duck. He ducked all of the real questions about the
    “illuminati/elite” for a reason and even tried to tell the old Osama 9/11
    tale again. Everyone knows Bush’s Muslim acquaintance was the scapegoat.
    Besides that, his understanding of politics is elementary just like the
    explanations for his supposed fixes for America. I need more substance
    before I’d put him in office; he just seems like a lost parrot.

    Also he keeps shouting “take the oil take the oil” when U.S is already
    buying oil from U.S funded ISIS in the first place. It’s not just Turkey
    here. Why do you think gas is so cheap at the moment? At this point the
    only half truth you can trust is from Putin.

  19. Lisa W says:

    way to go infowars!!! I was a little surprised Trump wouldn’t guarantee he
    wouldn’t pull out as Perot did. The establishment is definitely out to get
    him but I hope he holds true as I believe he could make America great again

  20. savedbygrace says:

    i will have all you guys saying Merry Christmas again!!!! haha he’s funny