Alex Jones’s Billion Dollar Bad Day (And Why It’s Going To Get Worse)

Alex Jones’s Billion Dollar Bad Day (And Why It’s Going To Get Worse)

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33 Responses

  1. LegalEagle says:

    ⚖ What do you think the final award will be? Write your guess here!
    💡Learn interactively with Brilliant!

    • Belle Melvaine says:

      Loss of everything he owns and jail time would be nice. He won’t learn his lesson until there are consequences. Hope they come down hard on him. It’s disgusting what he did to those p. He used their suffering and twisted it for financial and pets gain. He should rot in jail.

    • thesinaclwon says:

      What legal ramifications are there if he doesn’t pay the money?

    • You Slumber, Cucumber says:

      @Kyle Gibbar Don’t let the door hit you on the way out 🤡

    • Kyle Gibbar says:

      @You Slumber, Cucumber fleeing? Turning my back on u reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kids.

  2. Nathanael Smith says:

    In the UK such court cost/penalty liabilities are not subject to bankruptcy; you can’t escape them.

    • Daniel Pritchard says:

      @Nathanael Smith you specified the uk though because someone made a comment positively about them

    • Ultron says:

      @Paz says the American who can’t even call an ambulance for free

    • Kishanth Jeyamoorthy says:

      @Zac The Europe and the West aren’t the only ones that had slaves. They weren’t even the first or the last, just the most talked about cause they except that it was wrong. Hell slavery still exist to an extent, from the North Koreans using it people as export labour, to non state enterprises using child labour.

    • Eq_NightGlider_ says:

      @Zac you mean like every country to ever exist? Sure.

  3. Morning Star says:

    The most insane thing about this whole Alex Jones saga is that Alex Jones is still alive despite looking like he’s one bad day away from a massive heart attack since the 00’s.

  4. MrInsecure says:

    Playing Three-Card Monte with your company’s finances to avoid paying a legal judgment is *definitely* a good way to get the courts on your side, especially if you’re already under supervision by the bankruptcy court. Don’t listen to those mean lawyers who use phrases like “piercing the corporate veil” and “wage garnishment” and “money laundering,” just follow your heart, Alex!

    …And just hope the other guys don’t know how to follow your money trail.

    • ZardZardPowerRanger says:

      @Charles Schwab So what you’re saying is, you’re chronically unemployed

    • ZardZardPowerRanger says:

      I love when scumbags think they’re being smart for pulling shenanigans that career and specialized litigators have seen and countered dozens of times beforehand.

  5. TayZonday says:

    “Infohole” will be added to Oxford’s unabridged dictionary for 2023.

  6. Shannon Mayer says:

    That is so awful! Just despicable! Parents who lost a child and then they get harassed? God what is wrong with people?

  7. Derek Lindbloom says:

    Definitely do a piece about going after assets companies have tried to hide. When studying accounting the issue of “arms length” transactions came up regularly. I’d like to know more about how those determinations are made and if there are developments about pursuing Jones assets

    • MarcosElMalo2 says:

      @lluewhyn A tangent to your tangent: there’s this thing in Hollywood called the C-47. It’s a simple clothespin, and is quite useful for clipping two things together temporarily. It’s considered an expendable. But why not just call it a clothespin?

      A clever and dishonest production manager started putting the renamed item as a line item in the production budget. And he greatly inflated the price. And then he formed a side company that would sell “C-47s” at these inflated prices to the production. Imagine buying a thing for 5¢ and then charging much more. Multiply by a thousand for each production you’re budgeting.

    • MarcosElMalo2 says:

      I think the legal term for uncovering and taking hidden or transferred assets is “disgorgement”.

    • lluewhyn says:

      They talked about it briefly in the video with “piercing the corporate veil”. Basically, if you try to create a bunch of companies to play shell games with, the court can investigate and determine that the companies are a sham with no legitimate purpose and treat them as the same entity.

      On a tangent, Hollywood likes to play similar games with royalties which is why they have a thing called “Hollywood Accounting”. Studio promises a writer X% of the Net Income from the film, but then says that said film *lost* money after they had to pay for the distribution, marketing, etc. Nevermind how the same studios also own these distribution and marketing companies.

  8. Gob Champ says:

    These parents shouldn’t have to fight for this. They’ve already had to fight so much. They’ve already suffered so much more than they ever should have ever needed to.

    It’s absolutely disgusting that they can’t just rest. They deserve to rest. To try and heal as best they can.
    Ugh. It makes me sick.

  9. cetusipy says:

    Interesting to see best friends forever Alex and Donald in such similar situations. I really hope that the legal system stands strong and provides fair punishment to some of the scuzziest people alive today.

  10. SaladBowlz says:

    Even with all of this in mind, it is a stark condemnation of our judicial system that we only see this occurring a decade later. Maybe I’m missing something, but that’s really not an acceptable state of affairs.

    • Helvete says:

      Just like Trump, Jones has stalled justice for years. But I do agree, when you think that Jones has been spewing this crap live on air for years, it should be a much simpler case.

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