Alex Trebek Hilariously Sh*ts On Jeopardy NerdCore Hip Hop Contestant

Alex Trebek Hilariously Sh*ts On Jeopardy NerdCore Hip Hop Contestant

Man, Trebek really looked at her, took a breath, then dropped the hammer…Losers Anyway!!!
Alex Trebek doesn’t even need to know what nerdcore hip hop is to be 100 percent sure that it sucks.

Just watch as Trebek drops the hammer on this one Jeopardy contestant who professes her love for nerdcore.

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20 Responses

  1. Jeremy Pierce says:

    Man Trebek is a f@cking @sshole. He reads the answers from cards, the
    contestants know the answers. Trebek you give dbags a bad name, not cool

  2. Ronald Thomason says:

    I love trebek, he always the mic with those clever on the spot one-liners.

  3. Maxbubby says:

    Somoene add some deal with it glasses to this shit

  4. TheRealTrikein says:

    Losers? You mean like being a game show host? Only thing lower then that is
    a shoe salesman. Ask Al Bundy.

  5. Chris says:

    I’d smash honestly.

  6. Brandon H says:

    Too soon, Trebek

  7. Christa Brown says:

    That was awkward… It was funnier when I read about it. Lol.

  8. Simon Carlile says:

    That was rude.

  9. Jose Garza says:

    Sean Connery: Loser?Thawts whawt your mawtha called you when you came out
    of what I went in many times Trebek HAHAHA!

  10. hondobondo says:

    he’s not wrong

  11. YoSneeze says:

    Trebek straight SAVAGE :O

  12. SevenRayedGod says:

    You host jeopardy though lmfao pot callin the kettle black

  13. bbbb7888o says:

    He wasn’t teasing.

  14. Jeriah Smith says:


  15. dmbkersh says:

    Damn! His filter straight up broke. You could tell he immediately realized
    it too.

  16. Jacob McMillan says:

    What a dick

  17. Grim Jester says:

    So people rapping about nerdy things are losers, but people on a TV game
    show answering nerdy questions are not losers. I was confused as to which
    nerdy passion made a person a loser.

  18. Trust YouMe says:

    Alex is gonna be one of those brutally honest 80 year olds. I can’t wait!!!

  19. SquabbaTheHutch says:


  20. Shade Slimmy says: