Alexa: Guess My

Alexa: Guess My

Ask Alexa to play a game of “Guess My Number”. Then, guess a number and Alexa will tell you to guess higher or lower.

But, I have amazing skills at this game. I can figure out the right number in two guesses or less, every single timei

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19 Responses

  1. Yukun wang says:

    lol you tricked her.

  2. Steven Polley says:

    What and idiot

  3. Paul Garcia says:


  4. KSJDbv says:


  5. J. Ward says:

    Alexa is such a dick lately.

  6. Brother Trucker says:

    I wonder if the developers will fix that one

  7. calvinatorzcraft says:

    Looks like an intern wrote that one

  8. Sam Shields says:

    Looks like Alexa works for Equifax now.

  9. Dylan Dominguez says:

    Im calling the cops.

  10. Patrick Wumbo says:

    Siri woulda been like “Here’s a list of burrito shops within 5 miles”

  11. meachy says:

    Even Alexa wants to be done with you as fast as possible.

  12. Shawnee Anderson says:

    “The female of the species. . .”

  13. Doctor Dhinchak says:

    lol AI isnt smart enough to take over the world just yet

  14. Cameron Sours says:

    Not A Number, Pi, 1/0, square root of negative 1

  15. Dylan Does Minecraft says:

    I saw this on Reddit and recognized your voice! I knew it!!

  16. Notes From The Man Cave says:

    Crap! it works! I just tried it.

  17. PhoenixNoor says:

    It could not even store the number 1000000. Funny thing is 545387 cannot be written as a power of 2. Interesting.

  18. Shepard Commander says:

    Lol, There’s no way their programmers are that bad… Is there?

  19. svartiske says:

    > Hmmm.

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