Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira | UFC FIGHT NIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

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Check out all the action as Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira face off on UFC Fight Night.

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20 Responses

  1. Aben shitiri says:

    Those upper cuts sealed the deal. Wow

  2. Brian DK says:

    how many miles did gus run tonight?
    anybody know??

  3. Based Trill says:

    Gustafson the only one who can beat DC and Jon Jones…*Feed him both.*

  4. Plank 2x4 says:

    Gustafsson looked amazing after the 1st round and could definitely beat DC and Jon Jones in a rematch. Glover Teixeira just looks old and to slow.

  5. Archduke Franz Ferdinand says:

    Anthony Johnson’s uppercut was better 😛

  6. Wilberto _ says:

    If jones beats DC then the Jones/Gus rematch should be epic

  7. I Tink, Derefore I Am says:

    Top Lightweights:
    1. DC
    2. Rumble
    3. Gus
    4. Jones

  8. Ryan Mckell says:

    Gustafson v the winner of Cormier v jones.


    Rumbles uppercut on Glover has scared him for life! R.I.P house Glover…

  10. Conor gspdiazshadyweidmanson k says:

    You can be a badass. But ur Never be gustafsson knocking out teixeira and asking bis wife to Marry him badass

  11. Chris says:

    Don’t let this distract you from Michael Bitchping running away from Romero. Talks about how gustafsson runs away. Bro you’ve been ducking and running from Romero since you’ve had the belt. Hasn’t even faced a guy that is top 5. Doesn’t desserve that belt. Not even fighting top contenders. UFC is starting to look money hungry rather then the best guys fight the best guys.

  12. Kingmusa10 says:

    It looks like Gus took note from Jones’s book.

  13. elver galarga says:

    you would think glover would learn to avoid uppercuts considering rumble KO him stiff last fight .

  14. michael puente says:

    Gus had more snap on his punches this fight

  15. LittleGojira says:

    the running away is genius. something different the opponent didnt prepare for. it worked. so shut your mouth bisping.

  16. Supermoney97 says:

    people forget Gus actually beat Jones but was robbed

  17. Adrien Gonz says:

    Gustafsson needs to destroy Jones and cormier

  18. Rikae Ison says:

    bruhh😂😂 glover flipped him the same way DC did

  19. Chef Curry says:

    use these uppercut on DC and he will get KO’d

  20. Deric Chan says:

    Jesus, he T’d off on him like no other.

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