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20 Responses

  1. Proraptor Gaming says:

    Who hides your kids and steals your wife?

    Alexander Hamilton..

  2. Livthem says:

    Who else dropped everything to watch this?!

  3. MasterTahir LordofNoobs says:

    Alexander Hamilton is my favorite president.

  4. Hitler says:

    alexander 27 can destroy a whole army in a single blow.

  5. Pacifist Duck says:

    How the fuck did he cover his whole forehead with that hat?

  6. Little Lad 000 says:

    I’m surprised Universal didn’t kick you out for wearing a costume!

  7. KUZER2 says:

    I’ll never get featured on YIAY.

    …Alexander cannot win.

  8. Random Cluster Missile says:

    tfw yours wasn’t included:

    Now the prez of USA
    Alexander Not-Clinton

  9. Leo Gan (PsychoNinja) says:

    Cheated on his wife
    Alexander Hamilton.
    Oh my God ??

  10. Joe Dox says:

    Found an obsession for Scarce,
    Alexander flannel-man.

    Been alone for all his life,
    Alexander has no friends.

    Wasn’t on YouTube Rewind!
    Alexander try again.

    Keeps repeating “y-you too.”
    Alexander awkwardness.

    Thinkin’ that he hates Christmas,
    Alexander is a Grinch.

    Got 130 likes,
    YIAY might just not be his thing.

  11. Lizard813 says:

    Only has a single Proton,
    Alexander Hydrogen

  12. a7_Tri0 _ says:

    eats McDonalds Every day

    Alexander’s lovin’ in

  13. RageSphere says:

    My request did not get in..
    Alexander’s sad again

  14. Catstack OwO says:

    Down a hole
    Alexander fallen in

  15. Joel Haggis says:

    That’s not the question that you asked, why you
    Alexander changin’ it?

  16. Tindahouse H says:

    He kinda looks like Jacksfilms,

    Alexander large forehead .

  17. Kassidy L says:

    “Cheated on his wife?
    Alexander Hamilton”
    I’m dying

  18. YoHarryYou'reAWizard says:

    Downloaded the Wattpad app…

    Alexander’s fanfiction.

  19. Zahra Zafar says:

    If ERB ever does an episode on Hamilton, they NEED to cast Jacksfilms.

  20. Jack P. says:

    bullies little kids online

    Alexander has no chin