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46 Responses

  1. SSJMitt says:

    Bad at talking?

    He Alexander Ramblin’

  2. Marc Tang says:

    He failed his final exam

    Alexander has no brain

  3. Lika says:

    I’ll only make a forth
    if lin manuel miranda’s in

  4. Dragonzrul AKA Alexios says:

    Really really loves his cows
    Alexander cattleman

  5. Awesome Sausome says:

    He says we runnin out
    But it Alexander never end

  6. WWE Justice says:

    Swore on Club Penguin and now he Alexander banned again

  7. Active YouTube Viewer says:

    Waiittt… you mean this delay was *planned* !?? O-O
    Wow… I have been living a lie…

  8. The Great CooLite says:

    Was it just me, or was this not nearly as funny as the first two Alexander Hamilton videos?

    • Some Body says:

      The Great CooLite I thought so too and because I had read some of the comments I thought there was much funnier stuff he could choose from.. it’s Jack though, whatever he does he’s done so much good stuff I don’t care so much if he doesn’t nail it every time!

    • The Great CooLite says:

      Some Body True.

  9. tommytoothbrush says:

    i’m calling out jackyboi here,

    in the original livestream the song ended with
    “I’ll only make a 4th if Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s in”,

    but in the version he uploaded he ended with
    “We’re starting to run of things that kind of rhyme with “Hamilton””.

  10. NuNyu says:

    1:22 Eminem is quakeing

  11. Justin Y. says:

    Hey, plainrockvlogs is here

  12. Nishat Nabilah says:

    Is he really gay though?
    Alexander Loves Laurens

  13. Animatricia _ says:

    Rap Lyrics:
    My name is Alexander Hamilton I hammer all my haters with an avalanche and cavalcade of proof that they don’t stand to win. It’s sad that you don’t see it you need bifocals and glasses man imagine that you’re damaged and your friends have all disbanded DAMN.

  14. LeviathanJPTV says:

    Mom said “time to go to bed”
    Alexander threw a fit

  15. Paula Romero says:

    Just in time for presidents day

  16. YT Edition says:

    it only took 122 yiays to release this!

    g-job jack

  17. Joe FloMoe says:

    If this were turned in on it’s due date this would get a low A, but because of how late it is best I can do is 59.5%, so I mean you passed 🤷🏼‍♂️

  18. Burn Everything says:

    *I’ll only make a fourth if Mr. Lin Manuel Miranda’s in*

  19. Obsidian Wolf/ 黒曜石のオオカミ says:

    He has no money left
    Alexander gambling

  20. Shrek Wazowski says:

    Wears sombreros every day
    Alexander Mexican

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