Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Census and Her New Puppy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Census and Her New Puppy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks about Bernie Sanders, the upcoming 2020 census and her new dog.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Census and Her New Puppy- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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100 Responses

  1. Chun-Yu Yang says:

    She’s brilliant and I really admire her!

    In Europe, we really hope that the system will change somehow!

  2. Jwr says:

    Sharp as ever, she is

    • Jasper Sergio says:

      @Taylor Johns I wonder, why do you take a politicians word on scientific subjects? Isnt this obvious, if a professional who studied per say climate shouldnt you trust them more then a glorified talker to give them results. I wouldn’t trust a boxer to give me a surgery, I wouldnt listen to a doctors views on what is good handwriting. You seem to lack common sense, politicians should have no credibility in a field of science unless they are scientists, thus is such basic point a to point b stuff.

    • Jasper Sergio says:

      @Taylor Johns Also age is quite a feeble line to rely on as using that as a platform for debate and pun absolutely intended, gets old. Their are fools of every age, race, nationality and etc. And the fact you criticize someone else for using identity as the foundations of a political career makes you a hypocrite for you tried using yours to add validation. The only things that give true validation is your character, is your intellect or willingness to improve upon it, and though intellect is great it needs to be guided by some level of emotion for knowledge can be absent of understanding. Debate the use of identity politics when you have abandoned your own.

    • fyre says:

      with huge tits

    • Taylor Johns says:

      @Jasper Sergio l as referring to more time meaning you have been through more. It was obvious by the context.
      But despite your age, you weren’t smart enough to understand that.
      Good job.

    • Taylor Johns says:

      @Jasper Sergio in regards to climate change, I do not take her word for it. I was referring to the green new deal which is legislation she wants to pass.
      I’m worried for you. Your comprehension is almost zero.

  3. Ilias says:

    If you told me in September that it would come up to Bernie vs Biden, I would take it any day of the year 🔥

    • Nora Germain says:

      But it’s not. It’s Bernie or Biden vs Trump… and we could lose if we don’t have a progressive ticket.

    • Ilias says:

      @Nora Germain i meant that Biden is so weak that Bernie would smash him 🙂

    • Deep-fried-zombie says:

      I love Bernie but he’s not gonna win man. he just doesn’t have the numbers the media did their job well. Once again we can thank them for four more years of Trump.. this country is a Fucking joke

  4. Vidya Gopal says:

    Honestly the democratic party needs to split because there’s a huge difference between the progressive and conservative wings of the party. The progressive wing is center left and the conservative wing is center right. As a progressive, I find it weird to call myself a democrat when I have strong ideological differences with like 97% of democrats, which is why elected officials like AOC and Bernie give me hope.

    • lutascheier says:

      The current two-party system is killing the US’ chances of progress. But in such a conservative country, is there any chance for remodelling the structures? To truly modernize the system you would need to change a lot. And Americans’ views and mindsets are so archaic and closed-minded.

    • Rion Shellooe says:

      Yeah for sure and TRUMP 2020

    • Bum Face says:

      Pelosi is pro abortion/big goverment… I sure love center right parties xd.

    • John Sabin says:

      This comment is everything

  5. Sergio Díaz Nila says:

    2:35 and that is why Bernie is the best option for President. Trump knows it and that is why in the Lev Parnas tape he says he was afraid of Hillary picking him as a running mate, lucky for Trump, the establishment of the Democrats hates Bernie.

    And after this Super Tuesday, Trump remains lucky and after watching Biden with so many cognitive failures that has to say “the thing” the DNC has already decided to give the election back to Trump, they want to brake the progressives and ruining the last shot for Bernie, precisely due to his persistence, because they know Bernie would change the system from being in favor of the 1% to be in favor of the 100%

    • Master Of Fates says:

      @Drace90 doesnt matter if he is seasoned if he can no longer tell his sister from his wife. Makes up random hero stories provoking names he knows well he has no business using. Please tell me more about how this is better than Healthcare for all.

    • Drace90 says:

      ​@Master Of Fates It’s really funny how Bernie supporters were super up about ageism back when being old was a common criticism against Bernie. But obviously those rules don’t apply to you! You are a rightous movement after all! You are allowed to use smear tactics, am I right?
      It’s totally fine that Bernie keeps comparing himself to Gandhi or MLK, because he is the good guy! Let’s just ignore the fact that he is a rich white boomer who has been in Congress for 30 years – he totally is the anti-establishment messiah for the working class… he must be, because he said so!

      In all seriousness, clearly Biden is very much in a sound mind. Awkwardness is not insanity and I think you should have more respect for people who really struggle with a failing mind. I have no idea what happened to Bernie’s movement but it has become a twisted sickening perversion of itself. There don’t seem to be any lows you people wouldn’t sink to just to smear your perceived enemies. That’s not what America needs right now. So far it has only brought us pain.

      I stick with Biden. He wasn’t my first choice either, but atleast he doesn’t bring a vile personality cult. And unlike Bernie he ACTUALLY managed to improve the healthcare system.

    • J.C. Phoenix says:

      If Biden wins.. alone he will lose to Trump

    • Bigbradwolf says:

      Alas. Dies. Laughing Hollywood creeps, the media And Democrats used to love Trump when he was one of them now they hate him. Pathetic. What a fool you are being brainwashed by elites in the media

    • Drace90 says:

      @Bigbradwolf Bullshit. Noone ever loved Trump.

  6. Ole Fardal says:

    The US needs to remove the lower age limit, if it’s going to keep no upper limit. The white house has turned into a geriatric ward for the elderly and insane

    • Razvan Zamfir says:

      Actually, there should be an upper limit IMO.

    • Charley Newman says:

      @Razvan Zamfir For the same reason I’m against term limits. The problem isn’t the age or how long they serve. It’s WHO is serving for 40 years that is the problem. It’s WHICH 78 year old is serving that is the problem. IMO.

    • Gemel Walters says:

      @Charley Newman I disagree. There’s something to be said for being 70 and not realizing the impact of your policy changes since you won’t likely be around to see or feel them. If you’re going to be affected you’re a hell of a lot more likely to not screw up or at the least be around to be held accountable.

    • Lucas D says:

      Dude the upper limit is death lol

    • Kilo Mintoni says:

      @jacq danieles YES!!!

  7. Gday mates says:

    Amazing human, can just imagine all the children she is inspiring around the world.

  8. joecoolnz1 says:

    Bernie’s been fighting for others his entire life. Let’s fight for Bernie when he needs us most #NotMeUs #Bernie2020

  9. Max Woo says:

    Glad we have AOC, very strong, reasonable and smart voice in the national conversation.


      Lmao you have to be kidding this woman is thinks cow farts are polluting the air 😂

    • barthalen says:

      @PACO MEISTER GAMING And you is thinks a moron!

    • Sahil's CHeeKs says:

      @PACO MEISTER GAMING cows produce methane dumbass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, and that part of the green New deal was a joke, but conservatives are infamous for being unfunny Incels who don’t possess a sense of humor unless someone is making rape jokes

    • Danny Brown says:

      Reasonable? Give me a fucking break.

    • Lee Anthony says:

      Sorry but no, this woman is a nothing more than a victim culture pandering short bus rider.

  10. James Bruce says:

    When gerrymandering gets fixed and the power ripped from the fascist goons in power this women will carry Bernie’s movement in to the next 25 years there is an extreme case for optimism.

    • ThatsaWrap says:

      Gerrymandering can only be fixed if we remove the plague of the far-right Supreme Court. This election was the most important in our lifetimes but the establishment won the game. They will retain and increase their power for decades to come. 🙁

    • Irishtradchannel says:


      If you believe that fascism is of controlling America and you aren’t fighting it on the street, with a rifle. You are a coward Collaborator.

    • barthalen says:

      @Irishtradchannel …What’s all this now, wannabe murderspreeman?

    • CommaCam says:

      James, just remember, the best way to make that happen is to defeat Trump in November, regardless of who the nominee is, and flip the Senate and hold the House. The GOP is the “establishment.” Never forget that.

  11. Sanders Konschtat says:

    Really hoping for a progressive turnaround this election. Our population is too big for the “screw you, got mine” mentality of the republican party. Our citizens need protections and enrichment. Better schools and health care throws a wide net for the next generation of great minds. We have so many people, let’s keep them as healthy and make them as clever as can be. Shouldn’t that be the patriotic thing? #NotMeUs

    • J Glow says:

      @jonathan cruz Capitalism has pulled more people out of poverty worldwide than any other form of government. You are so spoiled…you’ve NEVER known hunger or poverty. Quit whining and work.

    • J Glow says:

      @Mason Rued we spend more per student and results are worse. Money doesn’t help. Need discipline back in classrooms and higher standards.

    • Softwiener4u7229 says:

      @jonathan cruz wow..

    • J Glow says:

      @Mason Rued wanna see tuition costs go through the roof? Have all colleges send tuition bills to the government to pay.

    • 61 Cygni says:

      @Cameron Santiago highly doubt student loans will be forgiven. Free community college is possible, its starting to happen in more progressive cities (San Antonio ISD in Texas has many dual credit high schools where you can attend community college in place of HS for FREE). It’s financially plausible, it’s not like it’ll bankrupt the whole nation and you’d be investing into a more intelligent workforce which means more productive members of society, people making more money, pumping more funds into the economy etc. It’s literally been proven that the better educated your population, the better paying the wages.

      You seem really emotionally driven and somewhat spiteful of people. So let’s take a few steps back and actually consider the argument for free college. You’d understand that it means free community college in most cases.

      Forgiving ALL student loans though? that’s mostly clickbait, at this point the most we can do is forgive Federal Loans granted to public universities and community college. Private student loans are subject to private policies. So always assume that forgiving student loans will exclude private ones.

      You should probably be a little more open to discussions on these issues (or be better at communicating that) because you’re just gonna attract the straw hat type of morons that you’ve been arguing with in this comment section.

  12. Huw Guyver says:

    They say if you want a friend in Washington get a dog. AOC took the advice. Good call!

  13. Luke Taylor says:

    I too volunteered and assisted his campaign in 2016, and while I’m not involved in politics and have no interest in becoming a politician, what AOC says here is so true. This is bigger than all of us. #NotMeUs

    • Benjamin Roath says:

      Luke Taylor you need to stop being sheep and open your eyes. Everything she stands for is taking more and more MONEY and your RIGHTS away. Why can you not see that. Like lambs to the slaughter house you guys really need to open your eyes. President Trump is not the one to fear right now. It is the Democrats.

    • Jim Bananas says:

      @Benjamin Roath Tell that to the 40,000 Americans dying each year through lack of healthcare or the 500,000 going bankrupt with medical bills while 3 individuals own more than half the population and 400 own 62% of the country’s wealth.

      Don’t be afraid of M4A, education and a living wage, it works everywhere that it exists.

    • Charley Newman says:

      @Benjamin Roath Those nasty Democrats. Trying to help the poor. Gross. /s

  14. will crow says:

    intelligent discourse, sharp wit, well formed ideas about the country and what needs to happen in order for positive changes to happen it’s easy to see why old white men in Republican offices are afraid of this dynamic woman. She’s the way forward.

    • Darren Williams says:

      @Stephen Embry Breaking News,Local virgin Stephen Mungo Embry took off his helmet threw down his crayons and makes biblically huge dumb arse comment online, when asked for further comment Mungo as he prefers to be called wet himself threw a large purple crayon into his mouth and ran back into his house screaming “Mungo need wee wee now”

    • Nathan Thompson says:

      @Darren Williams you’re immediate need to resort to ad hominem attacks proves to me you lack the ability to truly articulate your very flawed point. And your assumption that the words I use are “long” for me shows your willingness to assume things you know nothing about. I think you think you’re smarter than you really are.

      The Earth’s finite resources are even more finite when you begin factoring into our ability to access said resources. And anyone who has an interest in making a profit does not hoard those resources–they make a point to put them into commerce. The same thing is with wealth despite what I’m sure you believe as a progressive–rich people don’t hoard wealth or have their billions just laying around. Their wealth is invested in capital, securities, real estate, employees, etc. It’s not liquid wealth. And what is with the assumption that rich automatically means bad? That is loser talk by someone full of resentment because they don’t know how to save and invest money themselves. Grow up, loser, and stop making excuses for your failures.

    • Darren Williams says:

      @Nathan Thompson Oh Nathan, You copied and pasted like a pro and kudos to the passive aggressive insult there so well done, But bless you
      you’ve missed the whole point of everything and Nathan I mean everything,
      There IS enough recourses to supply all of humanity with whatever they need, please do some real research, a good start would be to Google Nicola Tesla
      And with regards to the young lady in the the video,,, Anyone who says positive things about community and helping your fellow man is not something you should be raging against and spreading hate speach online, you can do/be better

    • fyre says:

      And some biiiig naturals will! Just like we like em buddy 🙂

  15. Margaret Nicol says:

    Don’t just clap. Don’t just cheer. VOTE

  16. Check윅글이 says:


  17. Danielle Spargo says:

    thank you so much seth, for giving progressives a voice when the other “liberal” late night shows refuse to. i do wish the interview was a bit longer, and allowed her to focus on more substance, while also giving time for her to show her amazing, caring, charming personality. but you’re really one of the best. thank you seth meyers!!

  18. ETC Flyers says:

    I am amazed at the intelligence and grace of this fine lady.

  19. Dr M D Aden says:

    Senator Bernie Sanders for the nomination and presidency, period.

    • Tegan Christianson says:

      @Charley Newman Hey Charley. Take a look at participation in swing states from the 2016 election. Doesn’t matter if we turned out in other areas, we didn’t show up where it mattered. How about you try contributing something constructive? Also wouldn’t hurt to check your stats before you make a comment like that.

    • Charley Newman says:

      @Tegan Christianson What are you talking about? It’s a fact that a larger percentage of Bernie supporters turned out for Clinton in the general than Clinton supporters turned out for Obama.

    • Charley Newman says:

      @Tegan Christianson you also need to understand that Clinton was such a uniquely hated politician. That some Republicans voted for Bernie in the primary. Progressives pretty much universally vote for Democrats, because we literally have no other options. So we even vote for disgusting monsters like Clinton and if we must Biden.

    • Margo Romero says:

      Canvas, Call, VOTE. #Bernie2020 AND #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #WeThePeopleWillRemoveTrump

    • Kilo Mintoni says:

      @AK V Unfortunately, you are correct. Even though Trump’s syntax is non existent, he can still bark like a fucking maniac.

  20. Nelson Guzman says:

    I could not be a politician like her, I would be calling ignorant every person that told me healthcare is not a human right and that you should pay for it.

    • dale phillips says:

      @Charley Newman you do understand that those books were about socialism right? It was not a neo-conservatives wet dream 😂

    • Amelia delCastillo says:

      Charley Newman- A healthy balance of both socialism and capitalism is what makes a country prosperous.. you can’t have one without the other

    • Charley Newman says:

      @dale phillips You understand that that’s a right-wing meme right? Orwell was literally a socialist.

    • dale phillips says:

      @Charley Newman don’t know anything about some right wing meme and yes, I know he was a socialist. And those books were about the “utopias” authoritarian socialists forced onto people that ended up being hell for the people. Still don’t see how you live in an Orwellian society.

    • Gunhedd says:

      jeff samora • Make sure you live in the right community. Don’t take a “promising” job with a business that ends up discarding you when it’s convenient for them. Oh, and if you picked the wrong parents, that’s on you, right? Dang people! (🤨)

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