Alicia Keys applauded for striking right note at Grammys 2019

Alicia Keys applauded for striking right note at Grammys 2019

Music’s biggest night was a celebration of female artists and inclusiveness. The 61st annual Grammy Awards highlighted new talent and honored music industry legends like Dolly Parton and Diana Ross. “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Kevin Frazier reports.

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41 Responses

  1. Mouthy Mama says:

    She is the only person who moves me when I hear her sing. I get emotional hearing her sing.

  2. CatACor says:

    NEGATIVE!!! That performance was a JLO showcase not a tribute!!

  3. L Twomley says:

    Classy Alicia

  4. Jimmy Hunt says:

    Alicia Keys is crazy. From the soul, takes me through every emotion quick…

  5. Always Blessed says:

    Motown was the only place ppl of color could show there talent at one time, its only rite ppl of our own background do the tribute, not J LO

    • Martin Juul Andersen says:

      You must be ze Right colour to represent ze right culture .Sieg Diversity!

    • Always Blessed says:

      She not African American is what I should’ve said. If evry1 knew the history of Motown they’d understand why its a big deal to us. Nothing against J LO but the performance wasn’t what it should’ve been. She’s not a soul artist shes a pop crossover Latin artist. This isn’t even her genre of music.

    • Katie Novota says:

      If Smokey Robinson didn’t have a problem with it why should anyone else? Motown was about integration & equality.

    • Katie Novota says:

      There were many places that showcased the talents of people of color, they just weren’t treated equally. Motown was about equality.

  6. ThankYouStayedHere says:

    of course it’s never progressive enough hahaha

  7. Thrawn Mon says:

    Best performance last night was easily H.E.R.

    • shyztee says:

      I liked those two white boys singing about tequila. Chubby crew cut was holding that last note like his life depended on it, lol!! Alicia Keys performance was dope too! I loved it when she started singing Booed up and Ella Mae was like ‘OMG she’s singing my song’. I thought that was awesome. Overall, it was one of the best Grammy’s I’ve seen in a few years.

  8. dome ENT. firm says:

    Jlo been rockin wit da culture since inliving color, i think she genuine

  9. chizplayaz says:

    J lo doing a motown tribute is like Drake doing a tribute to KISS

    • Josue2018 says:

      chizplayaz 🤣🤪😂

    • Rhema Williams says:

      If that’s what inspired her why can’t she performed a tribute to Motown? Isn’t that a testament on all the lives the music influenced and inspired over the years?
      Jennifer Lopez is an awesome artist and performed as spectacularly as any other black entertainer would have.

    • Josue2018 says:

      Rhema Williams it’s not that she can’t perform a tribute. She certainly can do whatever she wants. This issue is she has no Motown authenticity, and no vocal prowess. It’s the JLo show, not a tribute to Motown. I like JLo but the tribute was weak.

    • chizplayaz says:

      Rhema Williams motown was a black label made by black people for black artist and they were forced to do that because black artist would always have their songs stolen by white acts and redone or signed horrible contracts to white managers and labels and got robbed so no she shouldn’t have been picked to do that. they’d never pick beyonce or mary j blidge to do a tribute to gloria estafan at the latin grammys. Nobody thinks “hmmm Motown… Jennifer Lopez”
      Like i said that would be as dumb as saying “you know who would be great to do a solo tribute to KISS…. Drake”

    • Josue2018 says:

      chizplayaz 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  10. Louise K says:

    Dolly Parton is the ultimate Legend

  11. Treasures of Plantz says:

    They forgot to to include JAZZ 🎶 🎺 OKAY! so it was okay.

  12. Neemael Lund says:

    Still thinks was wrong for Jlo to do Motown!! Just saying! As if they ain’t black artists out there🙄

  13. B Smirh says:

    This is exactly what is wrong with America! Taking over BLACK culture and trying to infuse it into one culture without giving credit where it is do and then people wonder what cultural appropriation is looked down on! 🙄

  14. Sylvia Gray says:

    JLO’s voice is not strong or soulful.  The ladies of Motown were classy.  As someone said earlier her performance was a JLO showcase not a tribute to the beautiful ladies of Motown.

  15. Ernesto says:

    Lopez is not soulful, she is a dancer. Black artists deserved better…the Motown tribute was a disgrace!

  16. david banner says:

    Didn’t care for Jlow’s tribute, but it has nothing to do at all with her being non black. It’s just not her, not her style, it just isn’t in her. Very poor choice, Jennifer Hudson would have been phenomenal!

  17. Clayton Meador says:

    Alysha Keyes…!!! 👍👍
    What more can we say..?
    Yes, she should be hostess to the Grammy’s again sometimes..!
    I think she was the one who pulled the whole event together…❤
    Gotta love HER..!!! 💋

  18. Shawnte Sain says:

    Fantasia was there why didn’t she do it? Just saying 🤷 Got nothing to do with color just not JLO’s style at all!!!

  19. Cat Blue says:

    Best Grammys show ever! Alicia Rocks!

  20. darlene simmons says:

    Love Jlo but her doing the tribute is off , just like a black artist doing a tribute to salsa

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