Alicia Machado admits to being the getaway driver in a murder live on CNN!

Alicia Machado admits to being the getaway driver in a murder live on CNN!

Anderson Cooper asks Alicia Machado about allegations that she was the getaway driver in a Venezuelan murder case, in which the judge presiding over the case was reportedly intimidated by the President of Venezuela. She admits her complicity in it, live on air!

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20 Responses

  1. C C.B says:

    more people need to see this

  2. Bill Bissenas says:

    Geez, could it get any worse for Hillary? She can’t win for losing. First,
    she debates Trump, assumes she wins, but then Trump’s poll numbers go up.
    And now this. LOL

  3. larrybud says:

    “Trump is a sexist objectifying pig!!! Anyway, here are my tits, vote

  4. thekingchrissyg says:

    just proves trump is a good judge of character

  5. Alan Johnson says:

    Ha ha Clinton’s are scum magnets ,Anthony wiener, Debbie Wasserman, and the
    mall shooter all attracted to the criminal magnetism of the Clinton’s

  6. ben kennedy says:

    They should revoke her citizenship before the election if she was aid in
    abetting a murder.

  7. Jose Gonzales says:

    How did she admit? She clearly said it’s was a speculation because she is
    famous a speculation i.e. Not true and she was proven innocent

  8. M. Strain Jr. says:

    She didn’t admit anything. She was saying that the accusations were from 20
    years ago. She said that she wasn’t a saint and she had a past, sure, but
    she didn’t exactly admit to doing it.

  9. lancekosty says:

    The Orlando shooter’s father, the shopping mall mass shooter, and now this.
    All in for “her”. Grandma.

  10. ninjakillz12 says:

    lmfao fits right in with crooked Hillary.

  11. Elizabeth Bambo says:

    Lol! She is a joke, her credibility does count. She has none.

  12. Blazer says:

    Welcome to Clinton News Network

  13. Juan Blanco says:


  14. Jesus Peña says:


  15. NewsBall TV says:

    The US Government is so messed up, how do we allow SCUM like this to get
    citizenship here???? She helped kill someone. She threatened the judge. She
    has a slew of charges that would put her away for life. & yet, she was just
    granted citizenship???? Beyond belief.

  16. Cardshistory says:

    I love it when liberal hit pieces blow up in their faces…

  17. Lover Boy says:

    she’s just your typical Clinton voter.

  18. gothmoth64 says:

    I don’t think that counts as a confession i think she was referencing that
    the case brought against her was 20 years ago

  19. Kara Lee says:

    Wow she is Hillary’s adorable?

  20. Joey says:

    I’d still eat her taco.