Alien: Isolation Review

Alien: Isolation Review

Alien Isolation is an immersive survival horror game about avoiding both a xenomorph and the Amazon Basics version of people.
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00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Issues & Fixes
02:07 – Game Premise
03:45 – Visuals
08:35 – Music & Sound Design
13:50 – Gameplay Mechanics
29:45 – Story & Pacing (SPOILERS)
34:35 – Conclusions
35:38 – Credits
36:50 – Express Elevator

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49 Responses

  1. MandaloreGaming says:

    Alien Isolation 80% Off –
    Alias Isolation –
    It’s a dark and smokey game which YouTube compression does no favors for, but it eternally looks recent to me.

    • stinkybean says:

      Ah, I understand now. The alien in this game is a scissorman! This is basically part of the sub genre of horror of slasher villain/immortal pursuer. If the alien got a hold of a pair of garden shears, then that would make this game perfect all things considered.

    • s says:

      anyone know how to use alias isolation on gamepass I keep getting requires permission to use the AI exe

    • Pigroach Man says:

      Hey Mandalore, you gotta check out an old PS2 game called “Drakan The Ancient Gates”. It’s basically what would happen if Vivendi tried it’s hand at making Skyrim 10 years before Skyrim. Don’t see many reviews for it and I know you like obscure gems.

    • Qeshen says:

      Just a thought, but the dog-walking section with Axel?

      The thought occurs that maybe it’s publisher interference and they were worried about the game not really having anything blatantly handholy to the point of demanding the devs throw something in there?

    • Thicc irl says:

      Nieve collab when

  2. Brother Coa says:

    Fun little fact: story was written by Dan Abentt. For those who do not know him he is one of the best Warhammer 40k writers.
    His most famous 40k novels are Gaunt’s Ghosts and Eisenhorn. If you wondered why story is this long you just need to read one of his books to see.

    • jackieDaytona says:

      @MandaloreGaming * Mandalore brushing his teeth in the morning and sees the new Gaunt’s Ghosts in the reflection. He spits out his toothpaste responsibly into the sink, only to see in horror, he spat out a new Gaunt’s Ghosts book. He throws his hands into the heavens and tries to scream, but he cannot. Mandalore is the new Gaunt’s Ghosts book, he has no mouth and he must scream. *

    • Arch Crawley says:

      Are there any mentions of “wet leopards” in alien isolation?

    • Kodesuper says:


    • JayXdbX says:

      @MandaloreGaming I think there are 13 main line Gaunt books. I think there’s a spinoff series. Lets not forget about Cain’s adventures by Sandy Mitchel.

    • nutleyoleo says:

      ironically, the story and length are probably the two things i liked least about A:I. it’s by far the best game i’ve ever played, but not finished, and that is due entirely to the pacing of the campaign.

  3. Ricky Vega says:

    Like Mandalore says, there’s plenty of things the devs just barely missed the mark with, but what you get in game has a level of polish I’d love to see in the majority of games coming out now. It’s a triumph of horror gaming and I hope future development teams look at this game for how to make interactive systems of conflict integrate with an immersive experience.

  4. Athrielle Viera says:

    Let’s celebrate these devs! Only through genuine love and passion for the franchise could they have made such an incredible game starting on the 360 TWO CONSOLE GENERATIONS ago.

    • Xenon says:

      The funniest part is that you can play this game on a phone nowadays and the graphics look actually really on point. Like; they look hella good for something running on a smartphone

    • Bell Drop says:

      Celebrate the devs whose names we don’t know, yay!

    • Ammanus says:

      @goose chaser and where do you get this information? Because the initial reveal trailer is identical almost.
      Honestly stop using folklore as fact

    • goose chaser says:

      @Ammanus it was rebooted mid development. The shadow of mordor that was shown back then was nothing like the one we ended up getting.

    • Ammanus says:

      @goose chaser aand yet a simple glance at magazines from 2 years prior when it was announced reveal it as a last gen game…

  5. Philip Babb says:

    Marlow’s encounter with the space-jockey was also key to resolving a plot-hole in the original film series. The crew of the Nostromo visited LV-426 because a signal was detected. Decades later, LV-426 was colonized without finding the derelict until it was too late. So between the two events, the signal was deactivated. Marlow turned it off.

    • Mr. Clean says:

      Ooooh, that’s interesting. In the world of Alien, always leave it to humans to fuck everything up beyond all comprehension.

  6. neocore says:

    i never managed to finish this game myself, although due to no fault of its own- its just that when the alien first shows up and is hunting you, i was so utterly terrified that i turned it off and never played it myself again. hearing that sound of the alien running and chasing you in this video activated my fight or flight. its the only horror game that ive never been able to go back to, they really nailed it.

    • Kodesuper says:

      I just stopped at the end bits bc the alien is just annoying

    • Max Florschutz says:

      It says a lot of how GOOD this game is that your experience is a common one. There are both Steam reviews AND professional reviews that amount to “Total time played: 6 hours. Couldn’t finish it. Best horror game ever.”

      So scary it beat the players.

    • Jimmy Little says:

      I was fine till the facehuggers appeared. Absolute nightmare fuel haha. Got it finished but not keen for a replay.

    • Cho says:

      LOL me too, after the first major Alien encounter I stopped playing and was scared to for more than a month, where I finally got the courage to finish the game in 2 weeks.

    • UseR MaRon GoAnY says:

      Yeh, its kinda of a weird feeling when you cant read what the monster is doing. In games like outlast and amnesia you usually figure it out. But when you literally take away that learning factor, you know you are in true horror territory.

  7. Bagfoot Bandit says:

    In college, I remember watching a friend of mine throwing out his shoulder playing this game while drunk and eating pizza because he was startled by a Working Joe. He catapulted himself backwards out of his seat.

    Good times.

    • domino2515 says:

      I used to play this game with friends and we’d switch controllers when one of us died. One of our friends, while playing, went to hide in a vent; we were unaware the alien could go into the vents you can go into. So when the alien went into his vent as he was checking the radar, he got scared so bad he literally screamed at the top of his lungs as if he was literally getting killed by the alien in real life. Like straight up “AAAAH AAAAAAAAHH AAAH!!” It was the funniest shit ever lmao

    • Acer says:

      One of my little brother and I’s favorite shared memories is when we rented this from Family Video. As I was playing on our Xbox 360, I tried to mess with him, going “oooo It’s right there!” every so often randomly. This backfired when I climbed into a vent to hide from the alien, unaware that it could hide in vents.

      “Oooh it’s right there! Hahah- OH SHIT IT’S RIGHT THERE-“

  8. Old Whovian says:

    I had no idea it was this studio’s first run at a first person game. They really knocked it out of the park in a way I didn’t think was possible. This will eternally be my favorite survival horror game and I am heart broken that we will likely never see a proper sequel.

    • Aden James Sharp says:

      There are some comics that lead on after the game events if that’s your kinda thing too

    • Michael Andrei Palon says:

      It has a sequel or two: it’s just the fact that they’re movies named Aliens and Alien 3: Assembly Cut.

    • Rame_mac says:

      It reminds me about how fallen order from respawn was their first attempt at a third person non shooter game, it has some jank but its a damn solid piece of work overall for a first attempt at a new style.

  9. James says:

    Sseth and Mandalore have such inconsistent upload schedules that they’ve somehow finally gotten in sync

  10. Brian H says:

    One thing I always thought about with the computers and controls used in the world of Alien – in space the more simplified approach would actually make sense. Complex electronics could be more easily damaged by electro magnetic fields. So in some strange way that actually seemed more realistic to me than the hyper complex control systems I’ve seen in other science fiction. I do realize they were using 70s tech for the movies so that wasn’t their reasoning – but it didn’t feel to me like the tech was outdated if you get what I mean.

    • Space Bassist says:

      @Daddy Sempai Chan Holy shit the future really is huge. I can’t wait to ding one millionth of a gpu and rest assured that I lost barely any performance

    • Daddy Sempai Chan says:

      Another thing is that in space it’s really hard to get rid of heat, as there’s no atmosphere to absorb the heat, it has to radiate the heat like the Sun. So using shitty, low power, low heat computers would be ideal as opposed to, say, a 3080 setting the ship or station on fire or eats up all the electricity that’s being generated. Sure they might take up a lot of space, but well, you’re in space, there’s so much room to build a big o’l computer. Not to mention it’s probably cheaper to build a factory producing these weaker computers than getting all the tech and expertise to build a stronger computer. Also no gravity means less stress on components means you can cheap out on things like durability and general toughness.

    • Space Bassist says:

      @wsp233 imagine playing alien isolation in space with a computer room the size of a gym

    • wsp233 says:

      I’ve heard also that miniaturization is really costly process, so maybe solution for them is to throw all those cheap resources from space minning into big sturdy cheap computers.

    • Lt.David Pulsar says:

      The ISS runs on fucking IBM ThinkPads. You are absolutely correct.

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