Alienware’s CRAZY upgradeable laptop

Alienware’s CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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62 Responses

  1. derricksjones says:

    Linus is so good at what he does, that lady wanted to applaud him at the end lol. AND then he rode off on his imaginary horse xD

  2. Wow hola Daw says:

    I don’t know I feel like half of the people who watch LTT also watch *pewdiepie*


  3. Nigel says:

    Linus is a celebrity now, isn’t he?

    • Edelian says:

      Well, his channel is among the biggest (if not the biggest, honestly no other comes to mind) tech dedicated ones in YouTube; JayZTwoCents, Bitwit, Gamers Nexus… None of them have the coverage and reach Linus has achieved (largely due to its own company, the LMG) so, yeah, you could say he’s something of a celebrity ^^

    • Soap A says:

      Almost 8 million subs for a “tech” channel. So… yeah.

    • ateb3 says:

      he is the biggest hardcore tech youtube channel so yeah. he can get away with lots since a video on linus is pretty much the biggest ad to the excact right audience

    • clive lambert says:

      no no no he is not a celeb his car is the celeb he would be no where if it wasnt for that pink bad boy car he has

  4. Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:


  5. Hafiyyan RG says:

    Are you always carrying your tool?

    • Yoon Kim says:

      why i dont upload a video named whats in my bag

    • Tawé Lo says:

      Imagine if he was black with this tools controlled by the Police. ?

    • Manoj Varughese says:

      lol…good question. I kind of thought it was like plug and play…

    • Fool's Requiem says:

      When you go to CES, why wouldn’t you?

    • Mr R0b0t Dund33 says:

      +3 Arc to the point of you can’t install apps other than apple, and locked down security 😀 plus you are using a form of android anyway when you use an iPhone. Everything is based off linux, jailbreak your iPhone and install terminal and a lot of the commands are linux 😀 I think you need to do your homework on that! so apple fans, yes you bought linux based OS using an apple shell and display lol

  6. Xander Kakris says:

    Level 1 Linus mic.
    Level 399 TechLinked mic.

  7. *EAGLE* a c e says:

    Buys the alienware laptop for gaming
    Downgrades to pentium like a boss!

  8. Bob Builder says:

    YOu left a frame in at 1:29 bud

    • CodeAsm says:

      I dont see it, did they fix it? or do I just dont see it? (used the slowmo mode and used the frame by frame skip but still cant find the frame you and others talk about

    • Fabulous Restore says:

      +CodeAsm start at 1:28 on .25x speed and it will pass by very quickly

  9. GrixTRG says:

    Is that Porky from Looney Tunes? ?? (5:44)

  10. Shivam Mhaskar says:

    2:50 That’s what she said.

  11. Airoah says:

    Editors did an *OOPSIE* 1:29

  12. Szabolcs Mate says:

    When Dell allows you to take apart their latest $$$$$ gadget “live”, on camera… It kind of shows what a great reputation you built not only in the eyes of the manufacturers, but also in the eyes of the customers. They don’t mind the “inconvenience” as they know they will get a fair opinion that the customers will take seriously. Well done Linus! Honestly.

  13. SilentFrost says:

    Imagine if Linus accidentally breaks this thing……

  14. Shadow Storm says:

    10:10 people found that sponsorship so unbelievable they were gonna give you a round of applause.

  15. Can this channel get 1000 subscribers by 2020? says:

    10:10 me when I try to start an applause

  16. Never Mind says:

    The lady at the end was ready to start clapping lmao ???

  17. Tom5tom Entertainment says:

    So? My laptop is upgradable too. Granted, it is a desktop and my knees really hurt. Send halp.

    • pr0xZen says:

      CRT laptop’ing FTW

    • Vagabundo DeVaughn says:

      I carry my mini itx case everywhere from Silverstone in a suite case and my monitor separate. Full graphics card. Take that laptops

    • BRIGGSandSTRATTONguy says:

      I love how everyone is like OMG A DESKTOP CPU IN A LAPTOP!!! UPGRADABLE GRAPHICS!!! Old news… Had a Dell Inspiron 1100 in Silver and Blue back in the day, and I took it apart and removed the Socket 478 Celeron and Factory GPU card and upgraded to a Northwoods Pentium 4 @ 2.8Ghz and an old Nvidia Mobile card from an XPS laptop.

    • Garfsuke themostbeautuful DUWANG says:

      +Vagabundo DeVaughn how portable is that?

    • pr0xZen says:

      +BRIGGSandSTRATTONguy I’m guessing for those excited by this prospect, the point is that the industry has mostly done away with those things a good while back (depending on what solution). Seing it bought back is great – even if it should happen to not go further. The concept might not be brand new, but its been dead for a while and is now looking somewhat revived.

  18. Feelox says:

    ok this laptop is just outright a dream for me,

  19. Lordz Drag says:

    What is the chair to the right? It looks raw af

  20. na nu says:

    Now you just have to hope that Dell holds their end of the bargain and keeps producing the upgradable Graphics cards… I’d guess it’s 50/50 that it last more than 2 years

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