All 12 boys, coach rescued from Thai cave

All 12 boys, coach rescued from Thai cave

The last remaining member of the Wild Boars soccer team and his coach have been pulled out of a flooded cave in Thailand, bringing an end to a near three-week ordeal that prompted a huge international recuse effort.

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74 Responses

  1. kalbs89 says:

    An amazing story of heroic proportions, well done Thailand!

  2. Mary Anne Kain says:

    Awesome!! I’m so happy. Thank God, and many kudos to all the rescuers for working together to make this happen. So nice to hear good news once in a while!

    • The Exceptional Piece of Bacon says:

      Jason Johnson what the crap is that supposed to mean? You know who will cry though? YOU the day before you stand before the true Messiah.

    • The Exceptional Piece of Bacon says:

      M Will I will say it again, God didn’t kill the diver, OK?

    • M Will says:

      The Exceptional Piece of Bacon you’re right cause god had nothing to do with it

    • Ben Cooper says:

      The Exceptional Piece of Bacon As someone there on the ground i can tell you the monks were out the front chanting 24/7 so the way i see it its Buhdist monks prayers 1 and crazy christians 0 on the scoreboard for saving people. Crazy religious mumbo jumbo aside what really got the kids out was the amazing work but all rescuers and support teams combined. Dont subtract from what they did by thanking imaginery beings. Also give a minutes thought to the thai navy seal who didnt make it out. A true hero who gave all

    • ShionShinigami says:

      Had nothing to do with God or Jesus. Just the hard work hundreds, who can be proud of themselves.

  3. ๖ۣۜLǝgiƬkɨłłzᎵrσ『ђeяø』 says:

    Thank god they’re okay

  4. axx012 says:

    I just wish EVERYBODY, made it out. Sad that, the one diver didnt make it.

    • Johnny Wynn says:

      Dave Medina Seriously? You are fucking stupid mate who even puts that type of comment on someone who tired to save lives? He died a hero and your comment is shit and and shameful. Do us a favor and don’t come back you dumb shit. If his ppl were to read that shit you put how do u think they’d feel? FUCK YOU go kys
      You are nothing in society. I hope someone fucks You up

    • broly says:

      axx012 it was becouse he did not want to take 1 of the air tanks he was taking to the kids .

    • Brandon R says:

      Dave Medina … i can see you have never lost anyone. Pathetic little kid you have seen nothing.

    • Rainbow Panda says says:

      Dave Medina Fuck You

    • Rainbow Panda says says:

      Silence DoGood you still dont understand ? Bless your heart.

  5. Alan Parker says:

    Names of the cave divers I’ve found so far:‬
    ‪Saman Kunan🇹🇭 (RIP)‬
    ‪Arpakorn Yookongkaew🇹🇭 ‬
    ‪John Volanthen🇬🇧 ‬
    ‪Rick Stanton🇬🇧 ‬
    ‪Mikko Paasi🇫🇮‬
    ‪Richard Harris🇦🇺 ‬
    ‪Ivan Karadzic🇩🇰‬
    ‪Alain Rachet🇫🇷‬
    ‪Ben Reymenants🇧🇪 ‬
    ‪Nick Vollmar 🇩🇪‬
    ‪Rafael Aroush🇮🇱

    • Haurqermer swartz says:

      Donald Chump has done Jack shit! “Nobel Peace Prize my bollocks” he gets the Nobel hate prize! That’s where he owes them a million dollars!

    • Bee Cee says:

      Mr. Parker thanks.Thanks to those Real Super Heroes and anyone missed.⭐⭐⭐⭐💜💜💜🌎👏

    • Haurqermer swartz says:

      American girl
      This has nothing to do with Americans! It was the British that discovered the children! The seal divers were Thai! So stay out of the subject and bugger off!

    • Dead End says:

      Well done ‘murrkans. Even in a good news story that has fuck all to do with you or your country, you still managed to somehow make it about you. How about you take your entire population into a fucking cave and choke there.

    • Bee Cee says:

      Dead End ✋Much love for you🙏Always💜

  6. Savi You says:

    This was an amazing and valiant effort for everyone involved. I hope the divers are given the spotlight that they deserve. They pulled off the impossible. Get them on Oprah!

  7. Janet Serrano says:

    God blessed the diver and that wanted to rescue the kids and died my prayers for you and your family You’re a hero in my eyes

  8. DreamingTata VeganMama says:

    The power of humanity ❤️❤️❤️ The concept of, if you were the one who was in danger, no matter who you are, loving and caring people will come together and try their best to save you! Thank goodness for the loving humans in this world!

  9. Ask Nathaniel says:

    God Is Great

    • Nena W says:

      Roedy Green What a moronic perception.

    • Nena W says:

      chokinonashes61 You should read the Holy Bible and try to prove that God doesn’t exist…good luck.

    • Nena W says:

      Jock Young The arrogance of humans will always baffle me…you think you have it all figured out…when in reality you don’t know anything about anything.

    • edyvegy MX says:

      The Exceptional Piece of Bacon Save our butts every time we do something wrong? Soooo.. if a child is being raped and killed by a madman… and he or she prayed to God to save their life… and God didn’t answer. .. it was his or her fault? What the actual fuck??? You see how senseless you sound?

    • edyvegy MX says:

      The Exceptional Piece of Bacon And I’m sorry but before believing in ANYTHING else- I’M A REALIST. Ohhh… that was the child’s destiny.. to get raped and killed. Hell no!!!! God should have helped the kid or whoever it was … I don’t need to believe in a God to be good. I know the difference between right and wrong- regardless of who I believe or don’t believe in.

  10. Alain Vincent says:


  11. NASH NASH says:

    Thank God

  12. Icefyre Dragon says:

    YESSS thank you god for saving those innocent children, finally a good news, was sicking tired from all the negativity lately, also thanks to all international divers and rescue team, was sending prayers and good thoughts their way and i think that we all put in enough effort that god noticed and intervened, saving those innocent souls, i am so happy !!!

    • defkon 7777 says:

      Mythical bearded man in the sky didn’t save anyone. HUMANS SAVED THEM.

    • defkon 7777 says:

      The Exceptional Piece of Bacon wow such a good Christian. Go fuck yourself asshole.

    • Stephanie Juste says:

      No, I’m Buddhist.Thank WHO or WHAT you like.This was a world-wide prayer bomb and it worked.

    • Marcus Burnett says:

      The Exceptional Piece of Bacon me 2

    • Stephanie Juste says:

      You are uninformed. You are missing something.
      It doesnt matter WHO or WHAT you think your source is, thanksgiving for how things came out is a mark of civilization. So ,chill.Let people get their God on.No one came here for a debate.

  13. Pui Fly Fishing says:

    Good luck everybody Rip one Navy seal Saman Kunan

  14. Nevermore says:

    Good job to all nations that came together to save these boys.

  15. Chuck Keough says:

    Thank God!

  16. Nevermore says:

    Why are people thanking a Christian/Jewish god for saving people in a Buddhist country? Aren’t Buddhists seen as heathens in the eyes of their god?

    • Nena W says:

      Nevermore Your ignorant opinion would never be enough to destroy any Christian belief. It’s obvious that you’ve never opened a Bible… you’re just regurgitating the exact same rhetoric that the media brainwashes you with. It’s okay, as true Christians, we know that persecution is something we’ll have to deal with for now. God’s existence does not depend on your willingness to believe… you’ll be judged by Him either way.

    • Stephanie Juste says:

      I am Buddhist.
      First and foremost we value all human beings.
      You, my dear, have label-itis.

    • Stephanie Juste says:

      Yes, we should definitely thank them.
      But who/what provided the timing, the resources, the volunteers…the people with real know how?

    • Stephanie Juste says:

      Because they dont believe in anything.And instead of asking questions, they insult and mock.
      That’s their way of trying to learn.Subconsciously.

    • sam says:

      Nevermore well, the jewish god and muslims god is the same god the almighty.

  17. REAl REAction says:


  18. Ray Mak says:

    Such a wonderful news!

  19. Ray Mak says:

    Time for some delicious fried chicken for the boys, coach and volunteers

    • defkon 7777 says:

      Ray Mak Not the coach. He gets no chicken. He’s responsible for this.

    • MJ says:

      defkon 7777 no he isn’t, and he’s the one suffering from malnutrition the most because he rationed off whatever food was available for the boys

  20. Nadia Nadia says:

    Amen! Finally! God bless them. So happy they’re out

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