All 24 Types Of Males Explained

All 24 Types Of Males Explained

This goes way beyond beta.

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20 Responses

  1. Elia Funk says:

    100% Eta lol

  2. KaanTech Crazy says:

    you suck

  3. truhb4sho says:

    I came here because I saw the thumbnail and thought jake and amir

  4. Kieren Dale says:

    porfo laptop?

  5. gonatrollya says:

    I’m gamma

  6. scratchscratch12 says:

    Come on guys you are really letting me down these days… most of your shit
    is going down hill from the good witty sketches you used to make.

  7. IshOPops says:

    I fell asleep during the video

  8. April Jackson says:

    The funny thing is, people call feminists a whiny and irrational bunch, but
    look at all the dim-witted men who took a video about Greek puns seriously.
    Some of y’all acting like you’re ready to riot in the streets. Get over

  9. SugarGliderDude says:

    was this meant to be funny?

  10. Holy Devil says:

    Bull fucking shit (That’s nasty).

  11. Kemono33 says:


  12. Wopeltinger says:

    What!? D:<

  13. Mahdi says:

    I think I’m Gamma..specifically the last part :/

  14. Vinnythebro says:

    I guess I’m a kappa then! Thanks Collage Humor!

  15. Michael Moran says:

    I’m an omega male then

  16. sirfullofhimself says:

    Wow that actually pissed me off.

  17. chedruid says:

    Mi = Malaka male

  18. JKFallen says:

    Clicked this thinking it was gonna be a humorous but informational video
    but I left with shit.

  19. Wsdfg Mandibuzz says:


  20. Angela Belcamino says:

    I’m so HAPPY i’m lesbian…